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5 Gallon Buckets For Food Storage

Put Date Packaged And Food Type On The Bucket


Make sure to put the date and type of food on each bucket, or you will forget whats inside. Imagine coming back to a stack of food buckets 5 years from now with no information. You would have to break the seal to find out what food is inside.

I write the information directly on the bucket and the Mylar bag with a permanent marker. I dont trust labels or tapes to last 20+ years.

If you end up using the bucket of food, scratch-out the information and write the new info in another spot.

Tips For Storing Food And Supplies In 5

Big food grade buckets are the easiest and cheapest way to build your familys food pantry providing thousands of inexpensive calories that store for decades.

#1 Food-grade buckets with Oxygen absorbers keep food from being oxidized or spoiling due to Oxygens presence. This storage method also inhibits the growth of bugs, pupae, and bug eggs present in most grains, so you dont have to freeze foods before storage.

#2 Dont store food with a 10% or higher moisture content because bacteria may grow in a low Oxygen, high humidity environment, leading to Botulism.

#3 Store buckets in a cool, dry location with low humidity. Ideal storage temps for your buckets are 75° F or less. Avoid storing food or supply buckets in the garage or a shed. Heat kills food and deteriorates emergency supplies. A good storage environment will maximize shelf-life.

#4 Non-food grade buckets may leach chemicals into your food. Please dont use them to store food. Especially important if you are not lining buckets with Mylar bags.

#5 Food-grade buckets are flexible You can repurpose them for other food-grade tasks like pickling, cider, or mead without having to keep track of food and non-food grade buckets. Down the road, you may decide that your apples need to be hard cider.

#7 Dont stack buckets more than three high, or the lids may crack. You can get away with stacking a maximum of 5 buckets high if you use a board between each column of buckets to redistribute weight.

Dump Your Rice Or Other Dry Goods In The Bag

Pour your food into the bag. As you fill the container, gently pull the Mylar bag up a bit and let it fall back into the bucket to compact the rice, beans, or whatever food you are storing.

If you have some off-size bags of food, you may have more than you can put in the bucket. I remedied this by having 1 gallon Mylar bags handy that I could put excess food into.

Leave about 2 of space in the top of the bucket.

Dont overfill. I filled one bucket with black beans and accidentally mounded beans higher than the bucket edge. I couldnt get the lid on after sealing the bag.

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How Much Do You Need

Now the fun part! You get to pull out your calculator and give your brain a workout. You first need to figure out how much food you want, then you can figure out how many buckets youll need!

Most bulk food you find is in 25 or even sometimes 50 pound bags. So if you needed 100 lbs of oats, you would need 5 buckets & 4 bags of oats. Heres some of the best estimates I could find, so figure out your plan and good luck with the math!


3 lbs 29 lbs

*** Im feeling extra nice so I went ahead and put exactly what buckets I have and how many of each. So if you dont want to bother with figuring out the math right now and just want to get started, you are welcome to copy what I have . This amount of food makes a loaf of bread everyday and compliments my meal plan that has enough food to feed my family of 6 for a year. I ended with 36 buckets total .

Gallon Square White Pail W/plastic Handle P315


Pail Cover Sold Separately

5 Gallon square container or food storage pail, with built-in hand-grips on the side of Pail and a carry handle, allowing for easy transport and stacking. It is made from High Strength HDPE, making it perfect for use in food grade and many other industrial and commercial applications.


Reap significant total cost savings with a space-efficient square container that optimizes pallet, truck, storage and home or retail shelf.

This five gallon square container stacks and stores more efficiently than round ones do takes up less storage space, and stacks securely. It has a removable carry handle with an easy carry grip.

For a lid, we recommend the P311 Plain lid for dry products not needing a gasketed seal, or the P311H hinged, gasketed lid with Tear-Tab for wet or dry contents.

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Find Safe Food Storage Buckets

Some food storage containers are made of plastics that contain harmful chemicals like BPA. These chemicals can leak into your food and get absorbed by your body, causing serious health problems.

It is important that food storage buckets are made of food-grade plastics or BPA-free plastics. This ensures that the food in the bucket is not being contaminated by any harmful chemicals.

The plastic should be thick enough to have a good seal when closed so that no oxygen gets in. It should also be durable so it can withstand dropping and other accidents when in use.

Store In A Cool/dry/dark Place :

Just like everything else, you want to store your food in the coolest, driest, and darkest place you can find. This is sometimes where you have to be creative and maybe even consider storing some under the bed. When storing, you want to make sure theyre off the ground , and Im told you dont want to stack them more than 3 high . I like to be a rebel, so mine are stored right on the carpet, and I stack mine 4 high! The biggest concern is making sure they dont topple over on anyone, especially the kiddos. So whether you decide to follow the rules, or be a rebel, just make sure to be careful!

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Supersizing Food Storage With Buckets

I was asked to give a class one time on storing food in buckets and I definitely could relate to Brian Regan with his cup of dirt, but instead I was more like Its a bucket, with food in it. I call it BUCKET OF FOOD. Somehow I managed to come up with a few more things to say, and even ran over my 30 minute time limit.

Even though theres not much to it, I get more questions about how to store food than anything else. Its something that anyone who is serious about getting food storage needs to think about, because if youre investing your time and money into food, you want to make sure youre storing it properly!

The last thing you want when the zombies come is to open up a package of food and find bugs all over it )

Our society seems to be so concerned about supersizing everything these days, EXCEPT for food storage. While closets have been expanded to fit every handbag in America, the pantry has been shriveling away, and in some homes its practically non-existent. This is one reason, among many, that I LOVE buckets! They have come to the rescue, and have allowed people the option to supersize their food storage, while at the same time using little space.

You Can Get Buckets Cheaper

Food Grade 5 Gallon Buckets – Long Term Food Storage

A friend of mine recently talked about Covid Scalping. One of the reasons that buckets are so expensive is because the demand for them has gone up exponentially because of Covid. So this in many ways is an example of that Covid scalping that was mentioned.

But there is another alternative to paying exorbitant rates for buckets! You can get buckets for either FREE or very cheap. Today while I was at Wal-Mart, I swung by the bakery. When I was greeted by a bakery worker, I asked if they had any empty five-gallon frosting buckets. They had three. It took her a few minutes to find them and bring them out. Now before today, when I had gotten these buckets from Walmart, they were free. Today, however, when she brought them out, they had a $1 price tag printed for each of them.

What I have discovered to this point is that while you can still get buckets for free at some places, some places have begun charging a marginal amount. In our area, we can still get buckets free at Kroger and Schnucks. Walmart now charges $1, and Costco charges $2 locally.

The best way to figure out if a store charges and how much they charge is to call them. Its also the best way to find out if they have any buckets to sell/give away so that you dont drive there to find out that they dont have any to give you.

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A Household Iron Or Hot Jaw Sealer

To seal a Mylar bag, I use a Household iron. Just set the household iron to the highest setting or temperature, and let it heat up. My wife was worried that the Mylar would melt onto the iron, but this hasnt happened.

If you want to spend the money, purchase a hot jaw sealer used specifically for sealing Mylar bags, or you can use the type of iron used for straightening hair.

Storing What I Eat & Eating What I Store

This is the end result of many experiments of mine to create my own 100% Whole Wheat Rolls recipe without using eggs, most recipes I have seen for 100% Whole Wheat Rolls use eggs. Its not that I have anything against using eggs in bread but I thought it would be challenging, plus I know some of you out there have egg allergies.

I also used buttermilk powder and imitation maple in this recipe. These two items are things that I already store in my food storage. I only used about 1/8 teaspoon of maple but it adds a nice taste to these rolls, any more maple than that would make it taste like maple bread.

Another reason I made these rolls is because I am participating in a WonderMill Rolls Challenge for a chance to win a cash prize. I could always use a little extra cash to get more prepper supplies, if I win the the cash I dont have to get the wifes permission to get it. Now on to the recipe.

  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 5¼ cups freshly ground whole wheat flour
  • teaspoon imitation maple flavor
  • ½ cup canola oil
  • 3 tablespoons vital wheat gluten
  • 4 tablespoons buttermilk powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Quick Soaker: Add yeast, water, apple cider vinegar, and 2 cups whole wheat flour to mixer bowl. Mix till combined and let it soak for 25 minutes.
  • Turn the mixer up to medium speed and let it knead the dough for 6 minutes.
  • Turn off the mixer and let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
  • Turn the dough out onto an oiled counter top and divide the dough into 12 somewhat even pieces.
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    What Is The Difference Between Food Grade Buckets And Regular Buckets

    In addition to being made from different types of plastics, another major difference is the thickness of the buckets. Food grade buckets tend to be thicker, to protect the food better. Other buckets may be thinner, to be lighter weight. Another difference is the types of dyes used to color the plastic. Food safe buckets are typically free from dyes to prevent the colorant from leaching into the food. Yet another difference is that when 5 gallon buckets are being manufactured, there is often a chemical used to release the buckets from the mold. For food grade buckets, that chemical is guaranteed to be food safe, while other buckets may use potentially toxic chemicals for this process.

    Food Service And Food Grade Storage Pails And Buckets At Sun West

    5 Gallon Premium Titan Food Storage Bucket With Rubber Gasket And Lid ...

    The E-Z Stor ® pails at Sun West come in 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, and food grade 5 gallon buckets varieties for your numerous storage needs in terms of capacity.

    • Food grade storage containers that are all FDA and USDA compliant
    • Tamper evident seals are featured on some IPL containers for added safety
    • Some food storage buckets include handles
    • Shapes of food grade buckets available: Rectangular, round and square plastic containers
    • Our rectangular, chemical resistant, and strong wear absorbing EZ Stor® plastic containers don’t leach harmful materials or allow microorganisms to permeate with some featuring a handle for easy carrying.
    • Tamper evident and reclosable hinged lids available and sold separately for our food storage buckets

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    Heat Seal The Mylar Bag

    I use a regular household iron to seal my bags. If you dont mind spending extra money, you can purchase a Mylar bag sealer.

    If you use a Household Iron, put it on the hottest setting. On my iron, that is the setting for linens.

    I fold the bag over a 1x 3 board or some other straight edge.

    Seal the bag once the iron is hot. Push as much air out of the bag as you can.

    Seal the bag towards the top so you can reuse it multiple times.

    You can tell your bag is sealed when you cant push air out of the bag. It may be puffy, but thats nitrogen. Just make sure you cant squeeze the air out. That indicates a broken seal. If this happens, just start over.

    Can You Store Food In Regular Buckets

    Just because you can, doesnt mean that you shouldmany 5 gallon buckets are made out of food grade plastics, but not all of them. If the bucket that you want to store food in doesnt have the proper code on it, then you should not store food in it.

    In addition to the bucket itself, you should consider the lid that you are using. When dealing with food safety, you cant be too cautious! Just like the bucket itself, the lid should be rated as food safe, and have an appropriate seal. A gasketed lid will provide a tighter seal, helping to keep your food from spoiling.

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    What Foods Can I Store In A 5 Gallon Bucket

    5-gallon food-grade buckets are legendary storage containers for a reason. In the world of prepping and long-term food storage, they provide an excellent oxygen barrier and, if properly stored, keep food from spoiling for decades. I hope this post helps you to use buckets for survival food.

    Buckets are an excellent choice if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive way to store lots of calories for decades. Many preppers start with white rice and dry beans because they are inexpensive and provide a whole protein. Not to mention they offer a 30+ year shelf-life.

    Keep on reading if you are serious about getting started with your survival pantry.

    One Gallon Mylar Bags

    Packaging Day! How to Store Food in 5 Gallon Buckets.

    These arent a requirement but I like to have them on hand to put extra dry goods into. I almost never fit one bag of food in a 5-gallon bucket, I usually have a little leftover but not enough to fill another food bucket.

    For example, if I have three 12 lb bags of dry beans, I know a 5-gallon bucket will only hold 33lbs. I put the extra 3 lbs in 1-gallon bags and store them in plastic bins.

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    What Stores Well In Buckets

    A surprising variety of foods can be stored away in buckets. The obvious candidates are dry cereal grains, legumes and nuts. Since 5 gallon buckets are impermeable, you can store liquids a fine grained foods such as oil and spices or even water.

    And with a little creativity you can store whole vegetables and fruits in buckets. This five gallon root cellar for carrots is courtesy of Mother Earth News.

    In colder seasons, a 5 gallon bucket kept outside becomes a 5 gallon fridge. Weve successfully stored apples and potatoes in 5 gallon buckets outside over the winter and spring with no problems.

    Since a 5 gallon bucket can be tightly sealed, they are very well protected both outdoor and indoor pests. Just watch out if you live in bear country! They wont be slowed down too terribly much by your wimply little plastic lids.

    Mylar Bag For 5 Gallon Bucket

    The 18x 28 Mylar Bags are the superstars of my pantry. Look for bags that are 5 mils or thicker. They are a little tougher, and they dont let lite in that can oxidize the goodies in the bag. 18 x 24 bags fit well in a 5-gallon bucket with an excess bag at the top, so you can reuse the bags if you choose to.

    Another typical size is 18x 28.5. also specifically for 5-gallon Buckets, and 20 x 30, which fits 5 and 6-gallon buckets. Personally, I think the 20×30 bags are a little sloppy for 5-gallon buckets.

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    House Naturals Food Storage Bucket

    The House Naturals Food Storage Buckets are highly reliable and sold for an affordable price for long-term food storage. House Naturals’ food storage buckets are made from durable, BPA-free plastic. They have a wide range of sizes for people with different needs.

    Food storage is always a growing concern for many people. The House Naturals original food storage bucket is the perfect way to store your food items, with easy-to-open lids that can be screwed on tightly.

    This food storage container is made of premium quality, BPA-free plastic which will not react with any foods and can be recycled. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to your kitchen decor.

    This set of buckets is sold in a pack of three heavy-duty 90-mil thick plastic with metal handles. This allows you to carry buckets with heavier weight easily around your home. These buckets are also made in the USA from more durable and safe materials.

    This container is made from high-density, commercial-grade polyethylene plastic to withstand high temperatures and weather fluctuations. They are purchased in a set of three with spout lids for versatile use cases.


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