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Army Surplus Waterproof Storage Containers

Who Uses Permanent Or Temporary Storage Containers

JUMBO ammo can for $5.00?!

We work with companies in every industry and of every size to provide solutions to their storage needs. Examples of the kinds of organizations we work with include:

  • Construction Companies
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Commercial and Industrial Organizations, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • Retail Establishments

Uses For Ammo Cans And Boxes

Ammo cans and boxes are built to last. Most of them are made from 30-50 caliber steel and are designed to be weatherproof, waterproof, and fireproof. This makes them appealing to the army for ammunition storage, but many people have found other uses for them as well!

Because there is so much ammunition in the world that needs to be transported, theres no shortage of ammo cans and boxes. More are being made all the time, and they arent always reused, so they can sit around empty until theyre given another use.

Many enterprising people have found great uses for ammo boxes outside of the intended one: storing ammunition and flammable or hazardous materials.

Bury Emergency Stash

Another use for ammo cans is to bury important items. This can be done to protect sensitive documents, food, water, money, or other emergency supplies. Sometimes people like to bury ammo boxes in their yard for a nearby emergency stash.

Others may designate a certain spot in the woods or wilderness where they might keep hunting gear or other outdoor supplies. These containers are designed to hold up well under pressure, so burying them isnt an issue.

If the ground is wet and flooded, thats okay too! After all, they are waterproof and will keep the contents dry no matter what.


General Storage

Finally, ammo cans and boxes are commonly used for general storage purposes. Its easy to see why when you think about it! These are sturdy metal boxes that latch securely and are easy to get ahold of.

Us Gi 30 Waterproof Storage Tube

U.S. G.I. 30 Waterproof Storage Tube


This unique storage tube was originally used by the U.S. Military to store and transport ordnance. The locking, airtight lid makes these tubes perfect for storing firearms, ammo, valuables and more. Geocaching pros will love this tube! Also makes a great display piece. Made of heavy-duty steel. These tubes are used, good condition. NSN# 8140-00-003-1418. MADE IN USA. Measures approximately 30” x 7” x 7” with a 6.5” interior diameter. Weighs approximately 18lbs.

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Whats The Difference Between A Storage Container A Shipping Container And A Conex Box

You may hear people talk about storage containers using a variety of terms, like shipping containers, sea containers, conex boxes, and cargo containers. Whatever you want to call them is fine with us.

All of our units are:

  • 14-Gauge All-Steel Containers Equipped with Cam Rods and Wood Floors.

If safety and security are important to your organization, for an additional monthly fee, we offer virtually indestructible rod locks to provide additional security.

Not only does Pac-Van solve your permanent or temporary storage container needs, but our team can customize your container to best meet your needs. Our container storage units can be so much more than just a hard-shelled space by simply adding features like:

  • Other Custom Options/Colors

As a proud member of the National Portable Storage Association , we make sure all of our units are tested for wind and water tightness, are fully cleaned and refurbished inside and out and are ready for delivery as quickly as 24-72 hours

What Are Military Storage Boxes Made Of

U.S. Military Surplus Hardigg Waterproof Transport Case, Like New ...

Some boxes can be easily assembled, while others are made of clear plastic, wood, etc. For a more eco-friendly option, some military storage boxes are completely waterproof, and the materials used to protect them. Some plastic storage boxes are completely waterproof, some of which are used for durability.

They are also made of sturdy, durable, or metal. Some plastic storage boxes are designed to a sturdy, durable metal, and others offer durability. A plastic storage tray is a favorable option when looking for a bulk, or even bulk, that can be used as a military storage container.

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What Does First Article Inspection Mean

First Article Inspection or FAI is the first step of approval in many industries. For military containers, First Article Inspection involves the initial inspection of the first purchase order for the contract. Here, an inspector ensures that container quality meets specifications, that blueprints are accurate, and that all specifications are correct. Depending on the contract, the FAI may include an inspection of the first order, or an inspection of a random sampling of containers from every order. Essentially, First Article Inspection is quality control. However, its not necessarily representative of every single item in an order.

Buy Or Rent Military Shipping Containers

Whether youre looking for a Conex/Milvan, Seacans, dry shipping containers, military crates, or containerized housing, units are most likely readily available for purchase or rent. While both are valid choices, the best option likely depends on your needs, duration of use, and location. Subsequentially, you have to research your options.

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The Conex Depot Story

Conex Depot® was founded in 2009 when a group of independently operated container depots joined forces to make a national brand. We believe in providing a friendly local service to our customers while giving access to shipping containers both nationally and internationally. Our commitment is to bring quality shipping containers to you at the lowest possible prices.

Origins Of Army Conex Boxes

Military Surplus ‘Score Box’ – Item 1 – The Outdoor Gear Review

The military Conex box was designed in 1952, eventually replacing the standardized shipping used during World War 1. The Conex dates back to a rigid corrugated steel container measuring 86 x 63 x 610. This crate, the Transporter, was mounted on skids with lifting rings and could support 9,000 lbs. The Transporter was used by the military as part of a trial for shipping goods from Japan to Korea. However, in 1952, the Container Express was built around the premise of the Transporter. Transportation Corps built the new units around the needs of air, land, and water travel, for faster movement between ships and trains.

Today, Conex boxes are extremely popular for transport and shipping,most boxes eventually only ship once. Instead, they are used on location for long-term storage. Unlike the Transporter, Conex is modular, featuring half-size units , offering more versatility. It also features lift rings and may have pallet bottoms for easier lift and transport by forklifts.

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Where To Buy Ammo Cans And Boxes

Military ammo cans are constantly being manufactured and distributed, so theres no shortage of them. If youre interested in buying a few, for whatever purpose, there are a couple of ways you can get ahold of them.

First of all, you can check a military surplus store. These often have military-issue equipment, including ammo cans and boxes, as well as items like backpacks, boots, and coats.

Empty ammo boxes should be available in many military surplus stores, but if you cant find one, you can also check a variety of online retailers. For example, Amazon offers multiple brand-new models of ammo containers.

Armysurplusworld.com also has a selection of ammo cans that can be delivered to your home.

What Is Tare Weight

Tare weight is the unladen weight of the shipping container, or the empty weight. This weight is important because it impacts the maximum gross weight of the container. For example, if your max gross weight is 55,126 lbs. and the tare weight is 5,071 lbs., the maximum load weight is 50,055.


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Military Shipping Containers: 2022 Army Surplus Buyer Guide

Francis Locknear Business

Military shipping containers are ISO standardized containers manufactured for the U.S. or another military. These military shipping boxes are made for army, navy, marines, etc., under IDIQ contracts. However, they are also typically available to civilians through army surplus. Therefore, any military storage box or container you choose has been manufactured for or used by the military. Here, purposes range from storage and transit to temporary dwellings and drill boxes. Most importantly, any government surplus shipping containers will be manufactured under an ISO standard. In short, it allows for complete uniformity and standardization of parts and quality. Essentially, one military metal box is exactly the same as another of the same model, no matter the year or manufacturer.

This military shipping containers buying guide will cover everything you need to find and choose the right solution for your needs.


  • What Does First Article Inspection Mean?
  • Military Shipping Container Services

    U.S. Military Surplus Hardigg Waterproof Shipping Container, Used ...

    The U.S. military orders shipping containers to meet numerous needs across its organizations. However, US Military Container Specifications mandate standardizations based on container type and usage. This means you can purchase containers for different uses, such as containerized housing or refrigerated units, knowing that every option is exactly the same as the other. However, separate standards are maintained for cargo containers, refrigerated units, and other forms of transport. All military shipping containers meet ANSI ISO standards for containers with some allowable variations. Once you understand the variations, you know exactly what youre getting every time.

    MILSPEC covers:

    • ISU-60, ISU-90, ISU-96 cargo containers
    • Pallet containers
    • Tank Containers

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    Military Surplus Storage Containers

    Our military surplus storage containers will keep all your military gear safe and secure. They have the versatility to store all types of military surplus, including army and military footwear, survival kits and more.

    Military storage containers have a genuine, rustic appearance that is ideal for any army enthusiast. If youre looking for more military surplus to add to your collection, check out our military clothes for sale.

    What Is An Idiq Contract

    IDIQ contracts consist of contracts between the Department of Defense and/or Defense Logistics Agency. Here, the government grants the IDIQ contract to an approved supplier. Once the supplier has the contract, they can respond to and fulfil tasks or delivery orders to the military. In most cases, IDIQ contracts extend for 5 years, after which they must be renewed. This allows the military to incorporate quality control and vendor review as part of process. Only suppliers with an IDIQ contract can supply military orders. However, theres no limit to the number of orders the supplier can fulfil during this period.

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    Incredible Army Surplus Waterproof Storage Containers 2022

    Incredible Army Surplus Waterproof Storage Containers 2022. Sportsman’s guide is home to a ton of ammo cans, and other military surplus storage containers. 4.1 out of 5 star rating quick view.

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    Source: www.sportsmansguide.com

    Metal ammunition storage box, medium £37.95 view. Military aluminum pressurized case/ night vision goggles storage case.

    Source: www.sportsmansguide.com

    Military surplus waterproof food grade 58 gallon barrel, used. Sportsman’s guide is home to a ton of ammo cans, and other military surplus storage containers.

    Source: dekoryma.com

    Our military surplus storage containers will keep all your military gear safe and secure. Container equipment container skid storage container show all types.

    Source: www.sportsmansguide.com

    New heavy duty plano military storage trunk, olive drab. Equipment & truck auction thu, jun 16.

    Source: www.sportsmansguide.com

    Based in west lancashire, with a huge warehouse brimming with genuine military surplus gear! Hardigg military surplus storage container case tool.

    Source: www.sportsmansguide.com

    We are offering these cases at a fraction of the original retail price. Pelican & storm cases on sale.

    Government Surplus Shipping Containers

    Authentic Military Surplus Storage Container on GovLiquidation.com

    Government surplus means a product is used or secondhand. In this case, it can be in various conditions depending on type of surplus. For example, tan surplus cargo containers are normally one trip containers. These are shipped from one location to another with cargo. In most cases, its more expensive to make the return trip without cargo than to buy a new container at the point of origin. Here, one-trip cargo containers are sold as new and tend to be in mint condition. These are ideal for containerized housing and transport. In addition ,buyers who might want the original CSC plate to remain valid prefer new containers. Because military surplus sells off everything from simple crates to heavily modified Conex housing, surplus auctions offer something for everyone.

    Army surplus also offers used cargo containers, surplus crates, and surplus storage boxes. In this case, they might have been used for 3-10 years but are in good condition. Even secondhand containers with some damage can last for a decade or more. Storage containers are made of highly durable COR-TEN steel. Essentially, even very old models will remain durable. Therefore, you can save money by purchasing an as-is or handyman container, which has rust spots and may no longer be waterproof. At the same time, the large majority of used containers for sale will be in good condition so this might not be an option.

    • Surplus cargo containers

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    Military Conex Storage Boxes For Sale

    Big Blue Boxes has done a considerable amount of work with government and military personnel. Our storage containers have been used by the military to house Americans abroad since they can provide safe housing within U.S. compounds. Aside from that, our military storage boxesare used by Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Space Force personnel as excess storage for items that need to be kept safe and dry.

    When looking for military conex boxes for sale, choose the most secure, durable, and reliable option around luckily with Big Blue Boxes, you get all that plus on-time, friendly service! Our new and used military storage containers offer secure steel and weatherproof construction to keep any theft, storm, or critter from harming your expensive supplies and equipment. By ordering from Big Blue Boxes, you can trust youre getting the highest quality military storage containers on the market and service you can count on to be flexible and supportive of your needs.

    When it comes to military storage boxes for sale in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Chicago area, and throughout the Midwest, nobody does it better than Big Blue Boxes. Check out our feature list below.

    • Rugged COR-TEN steel construction
    • Available in sizes from 10L to 40L x 8W x 8.5H
    • Contact us for pricing

    Dont see what you want? Reach out to our teamfor your custom military storage container needs!

    Design Elements Of Ammo Cans And Boxes

    Ammo cans and boxes are key elements of the U.S. military. Transporting ammunition can be a dangerous task, so its important they have a strong, safe container to store it in.

    These ammo cans need to be strong and fortified for everyones safety. Luckily the design has been refined and perfected over the years, so modern ammo cans can stand up to a variety of hazards without any issue.

    First of all, these ammo cans and boxes are completely waterproof when theyre properly sealed. For most models, there is a simple latching mechanism connecting the lid to the box. This just needs to be properly aligned and firmly closed.

    After that, an airtight rubber seal will keep the container sealed. This can stand up to water and a great deal of pressure, so sealed ammo cans can even be fully submerged underwater without issue.

    Over time, its possible that the seal could crack or the metal sides of the container could rust, but that would take years. As long as you keep an eye on the condition of the ammo box, you should be able to spot any signs of degradation.

    In addition to being waterproof, ammo cans are also fireproof! This is a necessity because of the flammable and explosive cargo that these boxes frequently carry. It would be a pretty big issue if the ammunition exploded while it was being transported.

    They may be fireproof, but you still need to use common sense!

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    Uses Of Military Conex Boxes

    HousingMany U.S. compounds use our conex military boxesto provide safe and easy housing for those stationed overseas. Conex military boxes are spacious enough to provide comfort, yet they are also durable and provide peace of mind to those using them.

    StoringExcess equipment and supplies are easy to come by in government and military institutions and it all must be stored somewhere secure and dry. Our available military storage container sizes can fit even your largest surplus military storage needs!

    ShippingWhen shipping overseas, you want to make sure that your possessions are stored somewhere safe and secure. Big Blue Boxes provides custom military storage container solutions for those who are looking to ship important military equipment and items nationally or internationally.


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