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Bathroom Vanities With Storage Towers

Benefits Of Bathroom Vanities With Tower Storage

Building Alder Bathroom Cabinets – Storage Towers for a Vanity

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Bathrooms are naturally small spaces with little room for storage. In many bathrooms, the drawers and cabinets under the sink are the only place where clutter like shampoo bottles, soap, toothpaste and more can fit. Homeowners looking for more storage often turn to cabinets that go up, filling the space near the mirrors.

These cabinets, sometimes called towers, have many uses and benefits. Whether your bathroom is too small and cluttered, or you’re just looking for a new look for your home’s smallest room, we’ve outlined the many benefits of tower storage below.

For over twenty years, Litchfield Builders has been helping homeowners like you devise creative storage solutions for their bathrooms. We make and install custom bathroom vanities, and help customers pick out semi-custom or pre-made cabinets for their needs.

In this article, we will cover the top benefits for using a bathroom vanity with tower storage.

Increase Your Storage With Bathroom Cabinets That Fit Perfectly In Your Space

You can never have too much bathroom storage. Since space may be limited, it’s important to choose the right bathroom cabinets during renovations. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets give you more room to store toiletries without taking up floor space. They also open up extra counter space. A nice shelving unit can add a bit of style to your bathroom with practical use. You can also use stylish bathroom cabinets and other storage solutions to tie your entire bathroom together.

There are plenty of effective storage options for your bathroom renovation or refresh. Taller shelves work as convenient towel storage, while bathroom wall cabinets offer space for toilet paper, bath toys and more. These are ideal for when you have more space to work with but they can also help your bathroom look bigger. Bathroom mirror cabinets or medicine cabinets offer more visibility and a secure space for items, so you can keep dangerous medications away from children. Whatever your storage needs are, you’ll be able to find options that work.

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Bathroom Vanities Vanity Cabinets Bathtubs Linear Drains

Virta is a Canadian wholesale bathroom furniture company with facilities in Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie and Vaughan. Virta offers exquisite bathroom vanities, bathtubs, market leading linear drains, elegant storage cabinets and more.

Virta is a Finnish word meaning to flow, stream, energy and vigor and is part of the inspiration in our design.

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+ Most Stunning Bathroom Counter Storage Tower Designs Inspiration

There is almost no end when we are talking about the bathroom storage ideas. We never get enough of adding the extra storages here and there since our daily dose of toiletries keeps gaining day by day.

One thing that mostly becomes an obstacle in providing the storages inside a bathroom is about the space. This kind of room is commonly built inAa narrow space which makes you have to think several times how to appropriately build some storages.

Therefore, you will always find some creative storage spots which are so useful to keep your bathroom look as neat as possible. Then, of course, those storages dont take up much of your bathroom space a lot.

Today, bathroom counter storage tower is almost everyones favorite since it provides huge space to store your toiletries and ideal for every bathroom size. Moreover, this kind of bathroom storage also brings the decor of the room into a whole new style.

As the name implies,Abathroom counter storage tower is installed on top of your bathrooms vanity counter. Therefore, it doesnt take up even an inch of the floor space to keep the bathroom look and feel inviting.

Though theAbathroom counter storage tower is ideally built during the remodeling or newly constructing process, you can still install one to your beloved existing bathroom. There are a lot of contractors which are professionally capable toAadd aAbathroom counter storage tower everytime you need to.

Bathroom Cabinets Maximizing Storage

Custom white double vanity with center tower and Led Mirrors. We love ...

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the home and it is often one of the most challenging spaces when it comes to proper storage. When youre trying to maximize both the style and functionality of a small powder room or a large master bathroom, consider shopping our selection of bathroom cabinets, towers, and storage solutions.

Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions

Bathrooms of any size can lack proper storage. Give everything you need for the area to function properly a stylish space by shopping for an over the toilet bathroom cabinet. These pieces are easy to add to any existing space and can offer closed storage, open storage, or a combination of the two. The out-of-the-way design means you wont lose valuable floor space in a small powder room or water closet.

Once your over-the-toilet cabinet I in place, load it up with things you and your guests may need. Add extra rolls of toilet paper, a container of cotton swabs, a few magazines, and maybe even a bottle of air freshener. If it is a first-floor powder room or guest bathroom, this is also a great place to stow a first-aid kit.

Showcasing Towels Stylishly

Towels are absolutely essential to every bathroom design, but they can be bulky and difficult to store. Make a bathroom of any size seem more like a spa oasis when you select a linen tower or linen cabinet with a combination of open and closed storage.

Double Storage with Bathroom Wall Cabinets

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Double Sideabathroom Counter Storage Tower

Another inspiring side bathroom storage tower and this one comes with double doors which provide lots of space to store your bathroom stuff. The doors are attached to its side and front side, so you can use it conveniently.

Then, below the doors, an open shelf is also available for a more additional storage space.

Single Bathroom Counter Storage Tower

Installing the counter storage tower in the center position is not a problem if you have a large vanity. Here, the tower is built on the side of vanity, creating a seamless look which is so inspiring.

The tower doesnt only work as an extra storage space, but also a divider between the sink and toilet area. Its totally a simply great inspiration to try.

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Wide Openabathroom Counter Storage Tower

An inspiring idea for you who need aAbathroom counter storage tower only for decorative purpose. A wide sleek tower counter-to-ceiling storage with glass shelves and mirror back which looks absolutely stunning.

The tower indeed doesnt provide a lot of space to store your toiletries since its designed to display some decor items. It creates a wide impression to this bathroom gorgeously.

Chubby Bathroom Counter Storage Tower

DIY Bathroom Countertop Vanity Tower Cabinet

As an additional storage, aAbathroomstorage tower is commonly built in sleek and slim design so it can cope with the limited space available in a bathroom, yet in this idea, such rule doesnt work.

Here, the tower is built in much wider design which makes it look chubby. Inside, the space is definitely spacious enough to keep your toiletries in place.

With its wide style, this tower still looks beautifully neat with its single mirrored door and elegant finish. This idea can be a solution for you who have a short bathroom.

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Sideabathroom Counter Storage Tower

This one is aAbathroom counter storage tower which is built in particular position. Its not only installed on the side of the vanity, but the doors are not the front facing ones too.

The design totally benefits the space available around the bathroom, a great inspiration for you have the bathroom with a very limited space.

Bathroom Counter Storage Tower With Double Doors

If you are kind of person who needs huge space to store your bathroom stuff, this counter storage tower can be your top choice. Its designed in large size with double doors for more convenient access.

Below the door, you can find an open storage which you can use to display some of your toiletries.

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Fit More In Your Bathroom

Tower storage can easily double or triple your bathroom storage space with one simple installation. Now you can fit more shampoo, more towels, more toothpaste, more of everything in your bathroom. This is especially important if you live in a small house where you have little closet space, but even in a larger home with lots of storage space, it’s convenient to have a tower cabinet where you can easily reach what you need.

Create A Natural Division

White Bathroom Vanity with Tower

A well-placed tower cabinet set on the vanity between two sinks serves as a natural divider in the bathroom, giving couples their own space and section of counter. If you and your spouse, partner or children have ever found yourselves in a fight for territory in your bathroom, the tower cabinet may serve as a landmark, creating a clear division between what is yours and what belongs to the others who use the bathroom.

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Multiple Bathroom Counter Storage Tower

Building a bathroom tower cabinet with multiple storages is always a great idea in which you can put a lot of your toiletries in one integrated spot. But you have to make sure that it looks neat and doesnt take up the space of the vanity.

This storage tower can be your ultimate inspiration to build the one with multiple spaces to store your bathroom stuff. It has some open shelves on its front side and the covered ones on its two sides.

With such design, the tower still looks nice on a double vanity which also divides its area.

So those are some inspiringAbathroom counter storage tower designs that you can try to copy. They dont only increase the space for you store your toiletries but also create a very mesmerizing touch to your bathrooms overall look.

Choosing theAbathroom storage tower as the extra space to store your stuff is always a great idea, they are adorable yet so affordable to build. With such design, theAbathroom counter storage tower will become a catchy focal point in every bathroom.

The main consideration in deciding theAbathroom storage tower to install in your bathroom is by determining the design of your vanity. Its important to match theAbathroom counter storage tower with your existing vanity to create a nice harmonious look.

Keep in mind to choose the cabinets finish which also flows well with the vanitys color. Or, pick the shade which can go well with the color of your existing vanity.

Well, happy remodeling your bathroom then!

Bathroom Vanities: Styles And Design

Our bathroom vanities are a luxurious line with standout elegance and functionality for generous storage and panache. Virta Bathroom vanities come as single sink vanities or double sink vanities. We offer collections of freestanding vanities, wall mount vanities, and vessel sink vanities in popular designs including shaker style, Queen Anne, modern and classic European Italian design.

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Shabby Chic Furniture And Decor Ideas

For the decor enthusiast who strives to use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without, Shabby Chic is your cup of tea. Whether you prefer a terraced house in a misty London borough or a whitewashed cottage tucked into a rural hillside, this type of decor is beloved for celebrating the beauty of aging objects that transform a house into a well-loved home. It’s all about a collection of the things you love in a space you adore.

Mini Bathroom Counter Storage Tower

How To Install a Bathroom Vanity

A small bathroom storage tower is just enough of you already have lots of spots to keep your toiletries. Here, a mini tower is placed in the center of a double vanity which looks so chic.

Though the size is quite small, the tower has two doors and one drawer, convenient enough for easy-to-access bathroom storage.

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