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Black L Shaped Desk With Storage

What Does That Mean

Work More Efficiently With This Corner Desk

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How To Choose A Desk Shape

Your desks shape can contribute to your unique office design, but the shape is also important when it comes to functionality.

A corner desk or L-shaped desk can be used to maximize space in compact areas while a U-shaped desk is perfect for providing more surface area. Plus, U-shaped desks are great if the desk will be shared by a few people in a larger area. If you have small kids around the house, you might want to consider a desk with curved edges. This also brings a softer design element as opposed to harsh, sharp corners.

What To Look For

Corner desks are just like any work desk, except designed to fit into a corner. They may be a lot larger and they may have extra features. But generally speaking they all have similar structures and theyre built with similar materials.

These are some things to keep in mind when looking through desk options:

  • Top hutch extension
  • Slide-out keyboard tray

Corner desks can fit many more drawers and extra features compared to regular office desks. Because of this extra space youll want to measure your room to get a solid idea of how much space youll need.

A corner desk usually feels spacious provided you have enough room in your home office. Even when tucked into a corner a larger desk can span 5 feet or even more. When you add in a modern office chair youll see why measuring your space is crucial.

Weight limits may also be a concern if you have dozens of books or devices or office supplies. But the vast majority of desks can handle 100+ lbs or more so this shouldnt be a concern. Feel free to email the manufacturer if weight limit is an issue.

But corner desks offer the most versatile working space with tons of storage and a true office feeling at home. If you find a design you like on a desk that fits in your price range then dont hesitate to pick it up.

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Ease Of Assembly And Maintenance

Work might already be eating a chunk of your time, so choosing a ready-to-assemble L-shaped desk for your workstation might save you more time than working your way out of a laborious and lengthy instruction manual. Other than that, you can opt to try a piece of low-maintenance furniture so that youll always be ready to hustle any time of the day.

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How High Should A Computer Desk Be

The standard height for a computer desk is between 19-27 inches. Within this range, most people should be able to find a height that fits.

Depending on how tall you are, and what kind of desk chair you use, you can determine which height is most comfortable for you. A few general guidelines for a good desk height are:

  • When sitting down, the desk should reach up to your elbows. You should be able to comfortably rest your arms on the surface in a roughly 90-degree angle.
  • Underneath the computer desk, you should have roughly 13-15 inches from the top of your knees to the bottom of the desk. And from the bottom of the desk to the floor it should be roughly 23 inches.
  • Remember that your height and your sitting position might influence your optimal desk height, but since ergonomics can go a long way in supporting your body and warding off fatigue, its worth spending a little time on
  • Try sitting by a desk or dinner table and measure the height to make a calculated choice.

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    Why Choose An L

    The number one reason why an L-shaped desk is a perfect table for your corner workstation needs is that it saves a lot of space. Normal tables can eat up a chunk of your floor area and only give you about a single work surface aspect. On the other hand, L-desks can instantly help you reorganize your home office since it offers you a suitable working area with enough capacity, drawers, and shelf space.

    While it is also a necessity to designate a corner office at home as we are amid the pandemic, remote workers like you would assuredly benefit from using an L-shaped desk as it allows you to focus and get the job done.

    For instance, having a computer, laptop, and printer together with other knickknacks can make an ordinary work table look cramped. But with an L-shaped computer desk, you get to have a designated place with an ergonomic feature for posture for you to stay productive and sane.

    What Are The Ideal Materials For Construction

    IKEA Desks & Office Makeover

    Solid wood, metal, veneer wood, and laminated tops are all popular materials used in the construction of desks for home offices. If youre looking to splurge, glass tops, marble, and exotic finishes can bring unique design elements to your workspace.

    An essential part of shopping for a desk for your home office is checking the quality and durability of the materials, joinery, and hinges. Drawers should move smoothly without noise or getting stuck and the table shouldnt wobble in the slightest. Built-in shelves should be able to hold a fair load including books or a printer without warping.

    If you want a desk that is easy to move around you might want to look for one on wheels. Ensure that the wheels have locking mechanisms so the desk doesnt start sliding around while youre working.

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    L Shaped Desk With Storage

    What Will The Desk Be Used For

    Consider whether you need a desk just for yourself or whether it will be a shared space for a child doing homework or for meetings with colleagues. You and your laptop may not need much space, but the addition of a few school books, crafts, files, or extensive paperwork requires much more surface area.

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    What Type Of Desks Can I Find At Ikea

    Everyones work, hobby and study are slightly different. Our computer desks reflect that very diversity, designed for different needs and preferences. At IKEA youll find gaming desks optimized for a gamer set-up, ergonomic office desks, space-saving corner desks and everything in between.

    Many of our computer desks are height-adjustable, meaning you can switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. Other desks have collapsible tabletops, allowing you to adjust the surface space if your project gets messy with papers and stationery. Small desks for children are designed to inspire creativity and help with homework, while storage desks with drawers make organizing a breeze.

    From rustic wood to glossy white, theres a computer desk for every style, purpose and project. Productivity has never felt more comfortable.

    How To Set Up An Ergonomic Desk

    Tribesigns L

    In addition to the desk, the chair you choose will also affect the ergonomics of your working position. When seated your feet should be placed flat on the floor with a 90-degree bend at the knees and hips. Your elbows should be bent at approximately 90 degrees next to your body with your hands stretched out in front of you to reach the keyboard. This is the ideal ergonomic positioning to reduce back, neck, and shoulder strain as well as minimize wrist strain.

    If there is any obstruction or not enough space under the desk for your legs, you may start to twist your hips, which will cause your body and spine to move out of alignment. This can cause backache.

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    Buying Guide: Choosing A Premium Desk For Home Office

    If youre working or studying from home, having the right desk is essential. When working mainly from a laptop with few other accessories, a smaller desk might just do the job. But if you work with two or three screens, or have extensive paperwork and files, you will need something bigger to meet your needs. To make sure you choose the perfect desk for home office use and spend your budget well, consider the following factors when making your purchase.

    L Shaped Desks With Storage

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    What Size Desk Do You Need

    Once youve pinned down what the desk will be used for and how many people it needs to accommodate, you can start looking at your size requirements. Consider all the items that need to be kept on the desk including computer monitors or laptops, your keyboard, mouse pad, stationery, files, chargers, USB hubs, craft supplies, document organizers, and books.

    Measure the room size you have available for the desk. Keep in mind that the work area is often wider than the leg width, so make sure you take the widest part of the table into account when determining if it will fit your space. Make sure there will be enough space to add one or two chairs as needed and that you will have access to power outlets.

    Lastly, remember that the desk will also need to fit through doorways and passages to get it to the right spot.

    Best Corner Computer Desks For Your 2022 Home Office

    Top 10 Best L Shaped Desks in 2022 Reviews

    Corner desks offer a spacious work area with plenty of storage space. But theres a lot to consider before buying one.

    In this guide Ill share the best corner desks you can get covering size, shape, build material, and space used for shelving. If you want a corner desk and dont know where to start then I promise this guide will help.

    You can browse our top picks for the best corner desks in the above pricing table, or you can skip around to different desks using the table of contents below.

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    Factors To Consider When Buying An L

    Whether you want it to be a multiple-purpose small corner desk for home or a well-appointed L-shaped desk with smart and space-saving features, identifying the factors first will determine a good match. With that, here are some of the necessary points to consider before purchasing an L-shaped desk for your home.

    Like Architecture & Interior Design Follow Us

    Are you looking to improve your work-from-home setup by upgrading to a spacious L-shaped desk? This compilation has you covered! We’ve collected our favorite L-shaped desks from across the web, in styles to suit every interior decor theme. Maximalists will love the storage-heavy desks we’ve selected and modernists will love the smart minimalist selections. There are even beautiful solid wood desks for the serious investors, and budget-friendly selections for young students. Make your workspace look and function just the way you want it with these fantastic L-shaped desk options.

    Minimalist White L Shaped Desk: Pure minimalism defines this premium desk by Matthew Weatherly. This piece is constructed from sturdy powder-coated steel for sturdy wobble-free stability. A hidden cable management trough keeps cords tucked neatly away. Choose from three colorways. An optional file cabinet is also available.
    Rotating L Shaped White Desk: This uniquely adjustable desk can transform from an L-shape into a linear desk simply by rotating the return table, conveniently equipped with wheels to make movement a breeze. Need to save space? The lower tabletop can even rotate inward to tuck beneath the main desk. Two storage drawers are located at the pivot point.

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    Why Buy A Corner Desk From Rooms To Go

    Looking to create a productive work spot but short on floor space? Our convenient corner desks are a smart solution. Ideal for small home offices and bedrooms, these desks sit perfectly in a corner to conserve space and keep walkways open. Best of all, a corner desk provides plenty of surface area so you can stay on task and organized.

    Showcase your eye for style with a corner desk from the Rooms To Go collection. These versatile additions enhance everything from traditional themes to contemporary spaces. Go sleek and minimalist with a gray corner desk featuring clean lines and an angular metal frame. For something a bit more eye-catching, browse corner desks with rustic wood tabletops and neutral brown frames.


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