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Cheap Storages In My Area

Adams Selfstore Liverpool Is Conveniently Located For Your Domestic Business And Student Needs

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We are located just outside Liverpool city centre, on Bridle Road in Aintree, which means we are easily accessible from all over Liverpool and Merseyside including great access to motorway connections. For convenient, reliable self-storage in Liverpool, make an enquiry today.

Well get busy working on your quote for the best value and the best storage option in Merseyside.

Here are a few other locations that you can easily access us from:

Birkenhead, Aigburth, Ainsdale, Allerton, Anfield, Belle Vale, Birkdale, Blundellsands, Broadgreen, Bromborough, Canning, Childwall, Clubmoor, Cressington, Crosby, Croxteth, Dingle, Dovecot, Edge Hill, Everton, Fairfield, Fazakerley, Formby, Garston, Gateacre, Grassendale, Great Crosby, Halewood, Heswall, Hoylake, Hunts Cross, Huyton, Kirby, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, the Knowsley area, Litherland, Liscard, Maghull, Melling, Moreton, Mossley Hill, Netherley, Netherton, New Brighton, Norris Green, Old Swan, Orrell Park, Prescot, Rainford, Roby, Seaforth, Sefton, Skelmesdale, Southport, Speke, St Helens, Stoneycroft, Tranmere, Thornton, Tuebrook, Toxteth, Wallasey, Walton, Waterloo, Wavertree, West Derby, West Kirby, Whiston, Woolton, and Upton.

How Does Seasonality Affect Markham Self

Storage prices in Markham can fluctuate due to seasonality. Prices are usually highest from April to September and lowest from December to March. Worth noting is that freezing temperatures and humid conditions can be harmful for many stored items including antiques, furniture, and electronics. If you are storing items that could be damaged by cold or humid conditions, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. It will come at a premium, but is often worth the extra cost.

Whether you are a university student needing cheap storage for the summer holidays, or a business owner requiring a climate-controlled unit for those humid summers, FindStorageFast can help you find a convenient and secure storage facility in Markham today!

Discover The Most Popular Self

Self storage units are incredibly diverse and have been designed to address your specific necessities and demands. Here are a few of the most popular self-storage options that you should consider before renting your first unit.

Climate controlled storage: these units are become particularly useful when it comes to storing valuable possessions that could be damaged by temperature/humidity variations. By preserving an ideal level of temperature and humidity, these units can help you keep your goods in excellent condition for the longest period of time.

24 hour access units let you profit from unlimited visits to your self-storage units. In other words, while renting this type of unit you can access your goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without compromising the security of the site. A modern access control system enables clients to come and go when they want and how often they want, based on their own schedules, even outside of the regular working hours. No notice of your visits is required, so this type of self-storage option gives you all the freedom and flexibility that you may need when you have to leave your goods in storage.

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Preparing Items For Storage

We don’t recommend just willy-nilly throwing household items in storage. Instead, we recommend storage unit customers familiarize themselves with proper packing techniques and safety precautions to ensure that their items hold up well while inside the storage unit. A few recommendations for preparing items for storage include creating an inventory list, researching storage restrictions, cleaning belongings beforehand, investing in sturdy boxes or plastic bins, labeling all boxes, ensuring that all items are dry and disassembling furniture to save space.

Should I Go With The Cheapest Storage Near Me

25 Astonishing Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas /

There are storage facilities that offer specials based on demand all the time. As long as the storage company is a reputable one, there is nothing wrong with picking the cheapest storage nearby. Renting cheap storage if you can find it is a smart move to save on moving expenses.

Another popular search to find low-cost self-storage options would be cheap storage units near me or the cheapest storage units near me.

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Compare 10 Cheap Storage Places Of 2022

Our team rated cheap storage unit companies that offer size guides, weather-control options, storage calculators, and 24-hour access to be the top.

Our price comparison is focused on the monthly cost of a 10 by 10 self-storage unit. Higher rates may be charged in areas with increased average rents.

Below are our picks for cheap storage unit companies you may consider for a great deal:

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Storage Liverpool: At Adams Selfstore, we operate throughout Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area, providing expert storage solutions. These include tailor-made and off-the-shelf solutions that are perfectly suited to both domestic and commercial needs.

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How To Compare Local Self

Are you looking to find self-storage nearby? Maybe you are planning for an imminent move? Storage units near me is a heavily searched term and with good reason.

When you are prepping to move to a new home, it can be helpful to know where you can find self-storage near your location and the cost of that storage. The thing with self-storage prices is that they are changing all the time, and they can vary significantly by location.

Here are some helpful pointers for your storage search so you can get the lay of the land including the basics of self-storage and what the general price points tend to hover around.

You can use this excellent tool from Sparefoot to give you the pricing of local self-storage facilities near you. If you are in the market for self-storage at the moment, use this to compare the prices of multiple facilities nearby. You will be able to find a storage unit and save money easily!

Convenience, of course, is a significant factor in picking a storage unit. Lots of folks want something close by to where they are living.

Lets take a deep dive into everything you need to know about renting a storage unit.

What Company Has The Best Cheap Self

Public Storage Video

CubeSmart has the best cheap self-storage units, according to In addition to a low price of around $160 per month, CubeSmart also has more than 1,250 locations and offers tons of perks like moving trucks, storage unit shelving, and free Wi-Fi.

If you want an even cheaper option, Neighbor.coms storage spaces cost about $140 per month on average, though they often arent as professionally maintained and managed as Cubesmarts.

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A Better Way To Search For Self

Type in the zip code or city where you need self-storage to view available self-storage units near you. Quickly sort and compare your results by price, amenities, distance, ratings and more. Need to hit a certain price point in your self-storage search? gives you the ability to expand your search radius to find the perfect storage unit prices for your budget.

Do I Need To Rent A Storage Unit

No one wants to spend more money than they have to, so you may be questioning whether renting a storage unit is necessary. The answer is, It depends. Your circumstances are unique to you. If any of the following apply to you, it may be a good idea to rent some storage:

  • You are moving and need to store your belongings temporarily. Organizing your things for storage is smart to do.
  • You are showing your home for sale and need a place to put your things to stage the house better.
  • You are downsizing your home and need a place to put your prized belongings, automobiles, or boats.
  • You are a collector, such as a wine collector, and need a climate-controlled space for your collection.
  • You want a place to put your seasonal belongings, such as holiday decorations, winter clothing, or sporting equipment.

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Typical Uses For Self

Storage companies have become so successful due to the simple fact that there are a large number of uses for storage units. Below we’ve listed some of the most common.


Perhaps the most common reason people need storage is a part of a move into a new home or apartment. The process of moving is never fun and the logistics can be difficult and tedious, which is why self-storage offers a stable, safe solution to an otherwise painful process.

Renovating or remodeling

Restoring or refurbishing your home can go a long way toward improving your quality of life. In the short term, however, it can be a major source of pain. When remodeling a room, you’re often forced to find additional space for your items, which can be quite inconvenient – if you’re remodeling your entire home, you won’t even have that option available. A storage unit can solve all of that by absorbing all the furniture you’re having to relocate.


Relocating into a smaller home has become a trend in recent years, as people either attempt to save on rent, or live in a more desirable location. But this trend presents a problem: How do you fit all those things that once filled a much larger space into a new, smaller home? Though the best way to deal with this is to get rid of the things you don’t need, there are some things that can be kept in a personal storage unit.

College summers

Are you a college student looking for storage?Sparefoot has you covered


Storage lockers

Storage sheds

What Sets Cubesmart Apart

31 Cheap Workshop Updates for the Ultimate DIY Space

Low prices

CubeSmart has some of the lowest prices around. Its going rate of $160 per month is about 10% lower than the industry average. CubeSmart also claims to have the best discounts in the industryand we agree. The companys low prices get even better when you apply one of its many deals:

  • Military. Active members of the military get a 5% discount. CubeSmart thanks you for your service with low prices, whether youre on a temporary duty assignment for only a couple of months or receive a permanent change of station .
  • Referrals. Refer a friend, save $25. Its that simple.
  • Truck rentals. CubeSmarts discounts arent just for storage units. The self-storage company also partners with Penske Truck Rental, meaning you can save 10% if you need a truck to move things from your house to the storage unit.

Storage unit companies have strict rules about what you can keep in a unit. Read our guide on what you can store in a storage unit to make sure your items are in the clear.

Useful perks

CubeSmart has tons of perks to improve your storage experience. The company is like a fancy hotel concierge: it can get you all kinds of things that most places dont have. Free perks include Wi-Fi, workstations with printers, and a lounge area with fresh coffee. CubeSmart even provides a free rental truck if you need it for two hours or less .

Do you love low prices?

Rude reps, long wait times, fee disputes

Virtual size estimator tool

Want the very best customer service?

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Why We Recommend Extra Space Storage As Cheapest Storage

You definitely will expect a company that offers lower prices as Extra Space Storage to not ensure security, pest control, or customer service.

However, Extra Space Storage offers the best varieties of services and features unlike its competitors in a similar price range.

The companys facilities have electric gates, on-site managers, and video surveillance, and each location is treated often for pests similar to insects and rodents.

You may find all of these impressive, but what about what other customers feel about Extra Space Storage? We discovered from our customer survey on Extra Space Storage that the previous customers would work with the company again anytime they need self-storage.

There Are Easier Ways To Find Self

Finding the right self storage unit is important. Even the best units can be wrong for you, if they don’t fit the criteria you need for your stored items. When you need to find a good storage facility, you can drive around looking for one, but that’s time consuming and still might not really tell you what you need to know. Rather than do that, use the power of the internet to locate storage facilities that are close to where you are or where you want to be. Then, take a look at what they offer and the reviews they have, and, you can accomplish this in one place,

For example, if you need climate controlled storage, you want to make sure you get a facility that’s reliable and offers a fair price. Gated facilities that have controlled access can also be good choices to protect the items you’re storing, so make sure you find one that’s safe, good quality, and reliable. It’s well worth the time and effort to locate a facility you feel good about, and using to do that will help make your search much easier than it would be otherwise.

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What Are The Exact Prices Of Storage Units

One of the more frequently asked questions is how much are storage units to rent. It really does depend significantly on where you are renting your storage. Some locations offer self-storage for as little as $12 a month, while others will charge a minimum of $100 per month.

Most smaller storage units are available for around $50 a month, with larger units costing more. You can expect to pay 25-50 percent more for a storage unit that is climate-controlled.

The average cost of a standard unit is $60-$180 per month. The average cost of a climate-controlled storage unit is $75-$225 per month.

As you can see, the cost to rent storage units per month can vary quite a bit, so it makes sense to do some price shopping in your location.

Storage For The Stratford Area

5×10 Size Guide: Self Storage

If you live or work in Stratford, opt for either our convenient click+store service or choose to store at our Southwark branch, which offers a wide range of unit sizes in a secure and clean facility. We have a wide range of unit sizes from a small 10 sq ft locker that provides a convenient place to keep seasonable clothing and items, all the way up to a 200 sq ft space that can store the contents of your home or business inventory. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you choose a size that meets your storage needs and budget.

Very good service, friendly staff!

Reasonable costings ,helpful staff clean accessible uniits.Would recommend.

Fantastic easy and painless form filling. Would recommend

Great Service – team performed a miracle

Team was very helpful in getting my storage sorted. I initially rented a locker which was not the right fit for my furniture, I had started in moving late afternoon and they stayed late and rang around to find me a new locker on site with pretty specific requirements. They performed a miracle and I successfully moved my furniture in the next day. The team were really accommodating. Premises kept clean and feels secure.

Fantastic service

Tracey and the team have been brilliant. Always friendly and fantastic customer service and nothing is too much trouble.

Excellent location, first class service

Would definitely recommend this company.

Absolutely amazing service.

Extremely helpful team

Call us on

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Frequently Asked Questions Cheap Storage Units

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

The monthly rate of your storage unit will be based on the season, size, location, and availability of the storage unit. That is why there is no general answer to this question.

However, you can generally determine how much you pay from the number of square footage you rent, so the higher the square footage, the higher you will pay. Use the companys self-storage estimates map to catch a glimpse of how much you are likely to pay for a storage unit.

What does a climate-controlled unit mean?

There are many types of storage units. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps the temperature of its interior heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. There are other features available in some climate-controlled units, such as air conditioning, humidity control, and enhanced heating. This unit is ideal for storing things that are sensitive to temperature.

How long before you need to pay for storage?

Your storage rental agreement will contain both payment obligations and non-payment consequences. Usually, your account will switch into default once your payment is 30 days late.

That is when local lien laws will figure out its duration before they take action on the storage unit. This process will be completed by a store manager within 30 to 90 days.

Can I access my storage unit as I wish?

What is required for storage unit rental?

The following will be required to begin the rental process:

Is insurance required for my items in storage?

Find The Best Facility For Your Storage Needs

If someone rents a storage unit for 12 months, then renting a space that has a 20% lower price could end up being hundreds of dollars in savings. Similarly, for business storage, since businesses usually rent storage space for 2+ years, those savings could add up to thousands of dollars. Finally, for RV or other vehicle storage such as boats, since those vehicles are stored for long periods of time and the cost for interior vehicle space rivals the cost of a business-sized unit, the savings could add up to thousands of dollars as well. A simple comparison using our site can yield a lot of cost savings for both consumers and businesses. In summary, Storage Seeker believes that the following is true about different renter profiles:

  • Household Storage: average savings over 12 months can be hundreds of dollars
  • Business Storage: average savings over 2 years can be in the thousands of dollars range
  • RV or Other Vehicle Storage: average savings over 2+ years might also be thousands of dollars

Knowing all the available options for self-storage near you has never been easier using Be sure to compare facilities by price, discounts, amenities, and location in order to save you the most money over time.

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