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Do People Live In Storage Units

Running A Small Or Growing Business

I lived in a storage unit, until this happened…

Numerous people today own and run their own small businesses, many from the comfort of their homes. Often, though, they run out of space as their business grows or need extra space for inventory and stock. Some run their entire business from out of a storage unit, coming and going frequently. Then you have those who store their tools and materials with us, like contractors, lawn maintenance services, and so forth.

For these types of uses, electricity in a self storage unit can be a blessing. Extra light from a lamp to see things better, for example, or to plug in a computer, printer, or smart device. Some may have electrical tools with batteries that need to be recharged, also. Weve even seen some set up a desk to use occasionally in their storage unit, which is perfectly acceptable. Attorneys and medical professionals store their files with us, too, and extra light can be very helpful.

How To Find A Storage Unit

The easiest way to find the best storage units for rent in your area is to use Moving.coms Storage Center. Just type in the zip code or your city and state of residence and click the find storage button. will pull quotes from the closest storage unit facilities near your new home to compare.

For a list of full-service and self-storage options to consider, check out these popular options below:

Items In Storage Are Typically Decreasing In Value

If youre storing possessions to sell them at some point, the longer you keep them in storage, the less money youll likely get for them. The sooner you can get your stuff listed for sale, the more youll make on it, and the less youll pay for the storage unit.

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Do Storage Units Have Power

Most self-storage units do not have electricity, but some facilities may have one. It depends on the services given by the management. Based on a statement, there are some companies which give false commitment saying that they have electrical outlets though they dont have it. Thats why customers must store their things in trusted storage unit facilities. Storage units that have power are more expensive and have higher charges though. Some worthy companies have a safe protocol like turning off the power in their place to avoid the wrong usage of electricity of the storage units. The majority of the storage units dont have electricity, but you can request an installation of electrical outlets with an extra cost charged to you. For more convenience, it is more appropriate to visit storage units in daylight. But if it cant be helped, you can still use a flashlight during your night visit. Though there are reckless people who illegally connect electrical outlets on their own, do not be worried because there are security cameras that will monitor your area. So, in case someone steals electricity from you, your case will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Signs Someone Is Living In Your Self Moving Blog

Guest | Dec 04, 2014

Reprinted with permission from “The Storage Facilitator” blog.

Countless numbers of self-storage facilities deal with people living in their units. Sadly, it goes with the territory. When can you tell someone is living in one of your units? Here are six signs.

1. You see a tenant a lot. You should be suspicious if you notice the tenant on a regular basis and he isnt moving items in or out of the unit.

2. A tenant asks about electrical outlets in a storage unit. This means he could be seeking to use a heater, microwave oven or other appliances in the unit. Watch for any surge in electrical bills.

3. You notice a spike in the amount of toilet paper, paper towels and soap being used. If this is the case, someone might be using your restroom to clean up. At the very least, be sure your facilitys restrooms are locked so you can hand out the key and know whos coming and going.

4. You spot footsteps in the snow before your facilitys grounds are plowed.

5. A tenant wants to rent a unit at the end of building or out of sight of the office.

6. You come across cigarette butts on the ground or more trash than usual. Are you seeing beverage bottles, food wrappers or leftover food in trash cans or dumpsters? This could indicate that someone is living in a storage unit and generating ordinary household trash.

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Storage Units Enable You To Store Things You Dont Want For Longer Than You Need

When you first put your items in storage, you probably expect theyll be there for a limited time only. However, many people often go on to keep them there much longer.

Once possessions are out of your home and out of sight, especially if youve put your monthly storage fee on autopay, it can be easy to forget what you have stored. Dont be surprised if you find you dont want or care about half the stuff in the unit when you finally get around to cleaning it out.

Even if you think about cleaning out the unit every time you pay the monthly bill, its often easier to pay the bill each month than to clean out the unit. This is a case where procrastination can become costly. Unless youre storing valuables, if you wait too long to clean out your unit, the cost of the storage unit will likely exceed the sale or replacement value of your stuff.

Storage Units Arent Climate

While USTOREIT does have climate-controlled units, they are not on the level that would be required for people to live in the space full time. We live in Alberta and the temperatures can fluctuate from -30°C in winter to +30°C in the summer. A self-storage unit would not protect you properly from the elements and changing seasonal temperatures.

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Most Storage Units Dont Offer Electricity

Heres a fact most storage facilities, and most storage units, do not offer electricity. A select few do, but most dont. Also, the storage facilities that do provide electric access in their storage units charge more for this valuable extra service. So, if you find it, expect to pay more based on your need and usage.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Living out of a storage locker for 2 months, in style!

Many people who rent a storage unit from Moove In like to organize it well. They may have collections, a hobby, or theyre a stickler for organization. In their case, some extra electricity while they organize is a big benefit. That way, for example, they can plug in a fan or play some music while they organize away. If you need electrical access once or twice to organize, Moove Ins on-site manager can often arrange it.

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Do People Still Live In Storage Units

Yes, people still live in storage units at traditional facilities regardless of the legality. There are a number of reasons for this, but the primary one is cheaper rent.

You can rent a large storage unit for under $200 per month, while an apartment usually costs 4 or 5 times this. This makes it an attractive choice for those who have fallen on hard times and lack other options.

While the low monthly rent may be tempting, living in a storage unit isnt a good idea for a number of reasons. First of all, its not legal so you will get evicted. You may get away with living in your unit for a little while, but eventually, you will get caught.

Facilities take several measures to make certain that no one is living in their units. This includes the use of gates that lock after a certain hour, 24/7 security, and security cameras that monitor the premises. Additionally, storage spaces arent safe places to live and people have died while staying in their units.

Is Living In A Storage Unit Legal

Have you ever wondered if living in a storage unit was legal or not? Find out if you can hang out in a storage unit and spend the night.

If you found yourself suddenly without a home due to financial hardship or natural disaster, where would you go? For some, that could mean living with family or friends. For others, that could be living in a storage unit where they keep their belongings. While a storage unit might seem like a viable option, its not sustainable or safe.

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A Problem Thats Hard To Gauge

Its pretty much impossible to determine exactly how many people are living in storage units in the U.S., but there are some indicators: media reports, as well as data from shelters and other organizations that help homeless people. At any given time, about 610,000 people in the U.S. are homeless, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

For our survey, we contacted 100 homeless services organizations in the countrys 50 most populated metro areas. We received 41 responses from nonprofits in 30 of those metro areas. The organizations that responded to our survey serve more than 120,000 people a year. Most provide emergency shelter, and many also provide transitional and long-term services, such as job training and health care.

The survey results: Five organizations responded that current or recent clients had lived in a storage unit and reported 14 such cases within the past three years. Five more responded theyd heard about people doing this, but had no specific reports from current or recent clients. The remaining 31 had not heard about people living in storage units.

Keep in mind that many homeless shelters and other service organizations dont track such data, so our results probably underestimate the true number of people living in storage units. Prohibitions against this behavior also mean most people who engage in it do so secretly, Stoops said.

Can You Live In A Van

Want to Run a Business Inside a Storage Unit? Read This First

A house on wheels? Yes, living in your car or van has become a bit of a thing in pricey-but-young areas like Silicon Valley. But doing so requires some fancy maneuvering.

There are certainly modifications that youd want to make to a typical van. But if you dont run up against vagrancy regulations, there are plenty of Wal-Mart parking lots around for you to call home, says Pellegrini. Id suggest a safe deposit box and better-than-average auto security, but this is definitely doablejust ask all the baby boomers driving around the country in their RVs.

The trick is to find venues that dont consider van living illegal.

Many jurisdictions do not allow people to sleep in public, and this has sometimes been interpreted to include sleeping in a vehicle, says David Reiss, academic program director for Brooklyn Law Schools Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship.

For example, in Beaverton, OR, you cant park a vehicular residence in a commercial lot overnight, but in Boise, ID, you can as long as you have permission from the owner.

To check the status of where you are, do an internet search for public sleeping + and see what comes up, or look at this report from the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty .

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Can You Live In A Self Storage Unit

Its a thought that crosses the minds of many people who visit a self storage facility I wonder if you could live in one of these things. While most people laugh the idea off after imagining the massive inconvenience, some people have turned it into a reality.

All across the world there have been instances where storage facility staff have been tipped off or stumbled across people living in their storage unit. For example, a man in the US managed to live in a storage unit for two months before being evicted,documenting his intricate setup on his YouTube channel.

While it may make for interesting viewing, its definitely not something wed recommend at Flexible Storage Solutions. Not only is living in a storage unit illegal, it clearly compromises the security of the storage facility, as well as presents serious health and safety risks.

Consider Renting That Can You Live In A Storage Unit

Living in a storage unit to save money is officially out of the question.

But obtaining one so that you can downsize your apartment or home and save some money on rent? That sounds more like it can you live in a storage unit. Its an excellent way to start setting more money aside so that you dont even have to entertain the idea of moving into a storage unit again.

Read our law section blog to learn other ways to start saving more money.

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Can You Live In A Toolshed

This one is a big maybe.

Have you watched Tiny House Nation? As long as you retrofit your shed to meet a few building codes, this is acceptable, says Pellegrini. Do you have insulation? Easily done. Electricity? Simple to add this. Two means of egress? Probably.

The trouble may come with plumbing and seweryour new home must meet sanitation codes and a port-a-potty might not cut it. But if the propertys owner allows you access to his or her bathroom, this one might fly. A shed without the proper residential requirements, however, will absolutely be deemed uninhabitable.

Storage Units Often Have Hidden Costs

Living in storage units is illegal, owners say

Actual storage unit fees often arent the numbers a storage facility displays on its website. Many storage facilities charge extra for things like climate control and security. Some have mandatory insurance you must purchase through them. Then there is the sales tax. These costs can quickly add up.

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How Do You Save Space In A Storage Unit

Did you know that simply packing your belongings more efficiently may mean you can rent a smaller storage unit? This is one of the easiest ways to save on storage unit costsso knowing how to pack is key.

  • Stack your stuff. Storage units typically have high ceilings. Use stackable bins and arrange furniture to fill the space all the way to the top.
  • Disassemble bulky furniture. Remove chair and table legs to stack and store furniture in less space.
  • Fill er up. Dont leave hollow spaces empty. Fill dressers or wardrobes with smaller items to maximize space.
  • Leave an aisle. The last thing you want to do is have to unload your whole storage unit whenever you need something. Leave space to get at your goods easily.

Follow our time-tested packing tips for loading your storage unit.

What Its Really Like Living In A Storage Unit

Living in a storage unit is neither safe nor legal, but it does occur, for a variety of reasons. According to a SpareFoot survey of nonprofits that help the homeless, its unusual but not unheard of.

If you are caught living in a storage unit, you will mostly likely be evicted immediately. That means you, and your stuff, will be kicked to the curb. You could also face potential criminal charges, especially if you have children, as storage units are not consider fit for human habitation.

Being homeless, according to a friend, is like being a turtle, said Michael Stoops, director of community organizing for the Washington, DC-based National Coalition for the Homeless. Youre carrying everything you own on your back.

Homeless people often rent storage units for the same reasons the Youngs did: to keep their most precious belongings safe and to preserve what they can of their former life, Stoops said.

They also face another challenge. When youre homeless, youre a private person in a public place, Stoops said. The ability to keep their belongings in a secure place gives homeless people a renewed sense of normalcy.

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Why Some People Sleep In A Storage Unit

According to Whalen, the blatant reason for it is because of poverty. There are plenty of homeless people that are deprived of their rights to live a peaceful life. Having no other choices, even though its illegal, its their last resort and that is to secretly live inside their storage units. Some were reported and were evicted immediately some were not easily tracked by shelter homes and organizations. This kind of topic is a huge issue that we are facing. It is almost impossible for an average family to keep earning enough money and sustain the needs of every member, and its much more difficult for the homeless. The major problem for them is to figure out where to find comfortable and affordable housing for their family in a safe manner and for a long-term basis, unlike living privately inside storage units.

How To Get Electricity In Your Storage Unit

Two children found

If you have a legitimate reason to ask, do self storage have electricity we can sometimes help. It depends on the Moove In facility where you rent your storage unit and your reason you need electricity, of course. The best way to find out if its possible is to ask! Calling us is fine, but chatting online with a manager is easier and faster.

Better yet, visit the Moove In facility nearest you and talk to the on-site manager. They can answer the question in person and show you which storage units can get the extra power you need . The manager may ask you some questions about what you intend to do with the electricity. And, as we mentioned earlier, there will be an extra charge for it in most cases.

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