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Free Storage Units For Homeless

What If My Belongings Are Already In Storage Or Being Auctioned

Homeless community now has free storage for belongings

If your belongings are already in storage, HRA may not approve your request for storage payments. However, in emergency situations , HRA will pay to help you collect these belongings and/or prevent them from being auctioned. For these cases, HRA will make a one-time payment, which you can receive by filling out the One-Time Approval of Storage Fees Grant for Storage Space Exceeding Limit Form.

After the emergency payment is processed, you may continue to apply for payment for the original storage unit as long as your space meets HRAs size guidelines. If your space does not, you must move into a new space within the approved guidelines so that HRA will continue making storage payments for you.

Agency Can Help In Time Of Need

HRA, in part though a state-run grant program, often pays storage fees for New Yorkers facing housing instability. About 9,000 households, on average, have received such assistance annually since 2010, according to the agency.

To qualify, applicants must prove theyre homeless or at imminent risk of eviction, and have no other storage options. Theyre also required to be below a certain income threshold, based on household size.

The agency asks applicants to come up with three estimates from different storage units to show theyve secured the lowest price.

For clients in homeless shelters or who live in temporary housing and receive cash assistance, HRA continues payments until they secure permanent housing. Otherwise, the person has to reapply for the grant each month.

Storage Facility Helping Vancouver’s Homeless Get Off The Streets

Imagine having to carry your belongings with you at all times. You would not be able to go to a doctor’s appointment or job interview, fill out a housing application, or even use a restroom without risking the loss of all your possessions. That is the reality for people living on the streets.

It’s impossible to fully understand the hardships faced by the city’s homeless population. Some wonder why they struggle to find employment and housing, yet few realize the barriers they face, including carrying their belongings wherever they go. In Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the First United Church recognized this and developed a storage facility- the only facility of its kind in the Metro Vancouver that provides 200 units of free storage to homeless people living in the Downtown Eastside.

First United Storage Facility user speaks about it benefits for the indiegogo campaign video

“Our storage facility is often the first step to getting off the streets,” said Heather Forbes, Communications and Resource Development Coordinator for First United Church. “Having a secure place to keep their belongings gives folks the ability to access services, address their health concerns, seek apartments, and go to work. It is a low cost and truly transformative service for people in need in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.”

Of those currently using the storage facility, several have already successfully found employment.

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Safe Storage Options Present Opportunities For The Homeless

LOS ANGELES â Tiffany Beyâs bags are full of books: “The Hare with Amber Eyes” by Edmund de Waal, “The Dangerous Book for Boys” by Jill Footlick and “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad.

Bey also has science books, biographies and childrenâs books. Sheâs a bookworm and spends as much time reading as possible. âI like nonfiction better than fiction, because Iâm a heavy researcher,â Bey said.

But Bey, who is homeless and lives in a tent in downtown LA, doesnât have a safe place to store her books. So recently she signed up for The Bin, a storage facility on Towne Avenue.

What You Need To Know

  • The Bin, a storage facility in Downtown LA, is run by Chrysalis, an organization that helps homeless people connect with resources and jobs
  • Each client at The Bin receives a 60 gallon container to keep their personal belongings in, and it’s kept in a safe warehouse
  • Council member Nithya Raman recently passed a measure to create more locations like The Bin throughout Los Angeles
  • The storage is free and can help homeless people have more flexibility to seek out social services, apply for jobs and move into shelters

âItâs great, Iâm happy I found it because it really helped me out when I needed it. I store the items that are most valuable to me in here,â she said while unloading books at the facility.

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Storage Auctions Are Not As Common As You Might Think

Large Safety Storage Cabinets

If you watch TV at all, you’ve probably seen shows where people go to self-storage units and bid on their contents. They often find a lot of treasures in them, and then they make a lot of money off of those treasures. For some of these people, the storage auctions are a fulltime business and their main source of income. Those shows may seem interesting, but they aren’t as realistic as many people think. Storage auctions aren’t really that common, and they usually aren’t conducted with cameras all around. The idea of finding treasured, expensive items in them isn’t really too likely, either.

Most people who do completely abandon their unit to the point that their items are auctioned off or disposed of leave those things behind because the items don’t have any value.

The idea that they would leave expensive antiques in a unit and just quit paying isn’t nearly as likely as many of the storage auction shows make it appear. However, that doesn’t mean that auctions never take place or that items aren’t sold or otherwise disposed of. People can and do buy storage units, and anyone interested in doing that can find information about it online or from their local storage facility. That way they can get their questions answered, and might have the chance of finding something worthwhile that has been abandoned.

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Free Storage Units For Homeless Near Me

Storage Services Homeless Services Public Assistance/HRA Testimonials Contact. 718.349.3114 Email Facebook Google Plus Qualify for Free Moving and Storage. Home » Qualify for Free Moving and Storage. Are you in need of emergency moving and storage services? … Wall Unit: Printer: Bar: Scanner: Stools.

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Third Center Bolsters Program That Now Provides The Opportunity For Over 1400 People To Safely Store Belongings While They Work To Turn Lives Around

Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 – NEWS RELEASE

San Diego To help people turn their lives around and keep neighborhoods clean, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer today joined community leaders to open the City of San Diegos third storage center where homeless individuals can safely store their belongings while they access supportive services to improve their health, job and housing situations.

Located on Lea Street in the El Cerrito neighborhood, the new Storage Connect Center opens following extensive community outreach and several public forums that resulted in the City committing to several proactive steps to ensure the facility is a good neighbor to the community.

This is all about trying to eliminate the hurdles that keep homeless individuals from accessing the help they need to get their lives back on track, Mayor Faulconer said. This new storage center will give them the ability to safely store their personal belongings while they work to regain their independence by going to work, to class or to the doctor. Were also making the commitment that the surrounding neighborhood will be cleaner and safer as a result.

Combined, the three storage centers have capacity for 1,130 bins and 304 lockers, with the ability to serve over 1,400 individuals at any given time.

The City and MHS have taken several proactive steps to ensure the facility is a good neighbor, including:

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Can I Still Get A Furniture Allowance If Hra Pays My Storage Fees

Once you move into permanent housing, HRA will not pay your storage fees. However, they may provide a furniture allowance to help you buy furniture for your new home, as long as you dont already have furniture in your storage unit. You can apply for this allowance on ACCESS HRA. To make sure you receive a furniture allowance, you should send HRA photos of your unit in your online application.

Why Support The Library

MINISTER ENDS UP HOMELESS I Bought Abandoned Storage Unit Opening Mystery Boxes Storage Wars

The Los Angeles Public Library serves the largest most diverse population of any library in the United States.

Through its Central Library and 72 branches, the Los Angeles Public Library provides free and easy access to information, ideas, books and technology that enrich, educate and empower every individual in our city’s diverse communities.

With more people than ever before using the librarya record 17 million last year aloneyour support helps the Library provide people with the resources they need to succeed and thrive.

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What Size Of Unit Do I Need

We want to help you select the unit that fits your needs perfectly. These illustrations might help you. Keep in mind that all units are 9 feet high so you can stack things in boxes, stand furniture and mattresses on end or edge, etc. If you need more detail about any unit size and what might fit into it, then click here to see our Storage Unit sizings! Or, just call us, and we would be happy to help you sort out your needs, and give you tips on saving storage space.

Lockers For Homeless Open Up Inside Denver City Facility On Colfax Avenue

DENVER – The City of Denver has opened a new facility for people with no place to go to safely store their belongings.

The new storage space is inside of the Minoru Yasui building on Colfax Avenue. There are currently 200 lockers available to anyone who can provide an ID and contact information. The lockers, which are about 12 inches deep and about the size of a high school locker, were made possible due to a class-action lawsuit settlement that happened back in September 2019.

Part of that lawsuit required that homeless people be given a notice before they were essentially moved and a place for them to collect their possessions.

Currently, the facility is open between the hours 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. It’s inside of the Minoru Yasui Municipal Building, however, the space is managed by the St. Francis Center, a nonprofit organization that runs shelters as well as helps men and women get off the streets. Users have 30 days to use the lockers and at the end of that term they simply have to re-up with the center so they can still have access.

“I think storage is something that really is quite necessary, people who are obviously struggling in this town with not having enough affordable housing, people need a place to keep their things if they find themselves unhoused, this gives them that opportunity for a safe place, to keep their belongings,” said Andrew Spinks, St. Francis Development Director.


First published on March 5, 2020 / 1:01 PM

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Just Over The Bridge A Transitional Storage Facility For San Diego Homeless Offers Lasting Benefits

A college student. A struggling Hollywood actor. An out-of-work attorney. A mother of four. Theyve all passed through the gates of the Transitional Storage Center, a facility in downtown San Diego where homeless people can safely store their personal belongings.

We get lots of people here, all types, says Danny McCray, facilities supervisor for Think Dignity, a non-profit dedicated to helping the homeless, just a five-minute drive over the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in downtown San Diego. You cant stereotype homelessness. Its not just the people you see on the streets.

Homeless people arent allowed to take all their belongings with them to job interviews, healthcare appointments or on public transportation, according to Mitchelle Woodson, executive director of Think Dignity. If the person has to go somewhere, they can hide their belongings, or ask someone to watch their stuff for them. Often, it gets stolen, she says. Usually, its everything they own.

The importance of storage is underestimated, says Woodson, who also works as an attorney after graduating Thomas Jefferson Law School in 2015. What if you had to carry all your belongings with you everywhere you went?

Serving about 400 people a day, the Transitional Storage Center, located at 252 16th Street, offers 434 lockers and storage bins, all secured with combination locks, according to Woodson.

Do not hang those up, McCray says emphatically. We honored her when she was alive.

What Can I Store And How Much Space Do I Get


If you are eligible, HRA must pay for space for you to store your belongings. You can only store furniture that you need for a standard home and a reasonable number of personal belongings. You will be asked to complete a Storage Inventory Sheet at the time of your first application. It is important to make sure your belongings will fit into the size of the storage unit allowed by HRA. HRA limits the storage space based on your household size .

If you do not think your belongings will fit into the allowed space, you can request and complete the One-Time Approval of Storage Fees Grant for Storage Space Exceeding Limit Form online at HRAs site.

To be approved for a larger space, you will need to explain why you require more space and if your belongings are being auctioned.

HRA will only pay to store furniture and belongings that you owned at the time you asked HRA to help pay your storage. HRA will not pay for a larger storage space if you obtain additional items later.

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Auction Notices Piled Up

Alsbrooks storage dilemma began in March 2018, when CubeSmart suddenly threatened to auction her familys belongings after claiming it hadnt received payments, she said.

After receiving auction notices from the storage company, Alsbrooks said she went to HRA and asked why the bill wasnt being paid. HRA officials printed ledgers showing CubeSmart was indeed cashing the agencys checks, some of which THE CITY reviewed.

I felt very hopeful when HRA gave me the proof. I said, Oh, the proof is in the pudding and I have the pudding, Alsbrooks laughed. But it didnt help.

After more calls and letters from CubeSmart during the last five months of the familys time in a shelter, HRA stopped paying for their unit, Alsbrooks said.

Alsbrooks recalled an HRA agent telling her, if CubeSmart was going to cash the checks and then claim never receiving them, then the agency would not continue to pay.

The Alsbrooks family were able to salvage some of their belongings from CubeSmart before the rest were auctioned off.

Courtesy of Chanz Alsbrooks

I was a little mad, but, I said, do you blame them? Who wants to give anybody extra money? Alsbrooks said.

Lourdes Centeno, a spokesperson for HRA, declined to comment directly on Alsbrooks case, citing confidentiality rules.

CubeSmart did not respond to multiple emails and calls requesting comment.

’empowering’ And ‘peace Of Mind’

Client Engagement Specialists Melanie McAllister and Ixya Caraveo man the storage program several days per week. They claim it’s been extremely popular with clients.

“I think if we increased this from 175 to 300 bins, they’d all be used,” McAllister said.

She said people use the bins for a variety of reasons. Some use it to help organize their laundry, others store their medications and other important items they are fearful of losing.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when the city conducts street cleanups, the program is especially busy, she said.

“People are constantly getting their belongings stolen, and I think this helps with a peace of mind for them that we’re going to keep it safe,” McAllister said.

Caraveo said she thinks the program is “empowering” because it allows people to stop worrying about keeping their possessions safe and start looking for employment and housing.

“I’ve had two clients tell me within the past two weeks that keeping their stuff stored makes them feel prepared to start packing in order to find housing,” she said.

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Why You Cant Live In A Storage Unit

Update /Storage for Homeless and Homeless encampment removal in Venice Beach

Aside from being against the law, there are many really good reasons why living in a storage unit is a horrible idea.

  • No running water. Storage units do no have running water, which is needed to maintain sanitary living conditions.
  • No natural light. Storage units do not have windows, and many do not have any kind of lighting whatsoever. Most storage units do not provide electricity either. An extension cord going from your unit to the hallway is a dead giveaway.
  • It is a fire hazard. Speaking of extension cords, rigging a storing unit for electricity or heat could lead to a fire. Fires have been started by storage unit dwellers trying to stay warm in the winter or heating food in a toaster oven. Even a climate-controlled storage unit will not maintain temperature for human levels of comfort.
  • Proper ventilation is non-existent. In a standard storage unit, there are only four walls and a door. Without proper ventilation it is hard to breathe. Throw in a kerosene heater and you have a recipe for a fatal accident.
  • You will be caught. You might get away with living in a storage unit for a while, but eventual you will be caught. Most facilities have security cameras everywhere, and storage facility staff are trained to sniff out stowaways.

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