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Fuel Storage Tanks For Farms

Single Wall Farm Skid Tanks

Sludge Remover for Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks | Farm Repair & Maintenance | Successful Farming

TrueNorth Steel has been the trusted source of farmers for fuel storage tanks for 75 years. Our tanks are all custom fabricated of 12 gauge heavy duty steel and mounted on full length support skids and are made to last in the harshest of elements.

Standard sizes range from 300 gal to 4000 gal these standard sizes are always available.

TrueNorth Steel also provides a complete line of accessories with Pumps, Nozzles, Hoses, Gauges, Fill Caps, Filters and Vents for any application. Standard accessory packages including pumps and hoses are available as requested.

Standard Kits Horizontal Tank Pump Kits

Heating Oil Tanks For Farms

Farms are often off the gas grid and rely on heating oil to heat their homes, agricultural premises and sometimes oil-fired Agas. Depending on factors including the capacity of the tank, which UK country you reside, whether the tank is used to heat your home or agricultural buildings, and the proximity of your house to water sources, you may require a secondary containment with your tank.

We manufacture single skin oil tanks and bunded oil tanks in plastic and steel available in domestic sizes from 900 to 2,500 litres and commercial sizes up to 86,000 litres. We are also the only UK manufacturer of plastic and steel integrally fire rated oil tanks that allow regulation-compliant installation of oil tanks adjacent to buildings and boundaries. Check out our Expert Guide to Fire Rated Oil Tanks for more info.

If you require bulk liquid storage and dispensing for your farm or agricultural business, then our team can help. We work with the UKs major farming groups but can also offer advice, great prices and delivery to all farmers. Contact our Sales team for quotes and advice by calling , emailing or enquiring on our contact page.

Risks Of Underground Tanks

  • As underground tanks are out of sight, out of mind, maintenance can often be forgotten about
  • Maintenance can be costly and time-consuming
  • Environmental contamination and damage if leak occurs
  • Must be constructed of non-corrodible materials, which can incur further costs

Bulk Fuel Australia offer fuel tanks, which are fully compliant with Australian Standards AS1940, EPA, and OH& S regulations. We also safely deliver bulk fuel Australia-wide, to help reduce farm down time and ensure a positive return on investment. BFA bulk fuel can be used independently or as part of a comprehensive on-site fuel management solution. Contact Bulk Fuel Australia today on 1300 579 990 to discuss your farms fuel tank storage needs.

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Single Wall Horizontal Tanks: Sti F081 Meets Ul

Single-wall horizontal tanks meet a variety of fuel holding needs and will meet the requirements of your local fire codes for the storage of gasoline, diesel, and other flammable liquids. Horizontal tanks range in size from 1000 gal to 12000 gal. To ensure we meet all your needs, we offer an accessory kit for your tank and standard tank pump kit.

Our single wall horizontal tank designs meet or exceed all UL 142 standards for installation in accordance with a variety of installation codes, including NFPA 30, NFPA 30A, NFPA 31, NFPA 37, NFPA 1 and the International Fire Code.

Single Wall Horizontal Tank Accessories

Tanks Structure And Safety


Your tank should:

  • be well maintained, free from rust and damage and painted if made of a material prone to corrosion
  • have no major dents or cracks
  • be stable with a minimum of four legs on the support structure that are braced and in good condition
  • be well secured to the support structure
  • have footpads of sufficient size on the support structure and be level with the ground and not buried
  • have a sound and secure access, such as a ladder
  • have a proper nozzle with trigger valve mechanism
  • have a hose in good condition with no leaks
  • have an isolation valve on the tank outlet before the dispensing hose
  • have a fill point clearly visible from the ladder
  • have an air vent that is clear and not obstructed
  • have a label identifying its contents
  • have the manufacturers name on the tank if it was manufactured after 2004
  • be in a clear area that is not used to store material or machinery.

Figure 7 shows a safe above ground fuel tank.

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Envirosafe Farm Fuel Storage Tanks Are Pre

Our bulk fuel storage tanks are available in either Flameshield or Fireguard configurations and can be manufactured as a single tank or in split designs for the supply of two different fuel products. Each system we sell is built in our on-site manufacturing facility and is fabricated in accordance with The Steel Tank Institutes specifications as well as meeting all UL standards.

List of Benefits of Envirosafe Farm Fuel Storage Tanks:

  • 30- year warranty backed by the Steel Tank Institute
  • Our tanks are fully monitor-able interstitial space for leak detection
  • Easy on-site pressure testing
  • Horizontal, vertical, rectangular, and diked models
  • Customizable compartments for multiple fuels, saving space and money
  • Tested to Underwriters Laboratories UL 142, UL 2085, and SwRI 97-04 by Southwest Research Institute

What Is A Farm

In these guidelines, a farm means an area of land at least four hectares in size. The lands main purpose must be agricultural. This includes dairy farms, horticulture, viticulture, and other similar industries.

If your agricultural property is less than 4ha in area, you must comply with the requirements for fuel storage at places other than farms. See Managing your hazardous substances.

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Adblue Tanks For Agriculture

Most modern agricultural machinery now uses selective catalytic reduction technology to meet Euro emissions. Our AdBlue® tanks are perfect for farmers looking to store AdBlue® for the first time or those upgrading from IBCs. All of our AdBlue® tanks are bunded, come with a 10 year warranty and are fitted with easy to maintain dispensing equipment. Our smaller 1,350 2,500 models are available with 12 or 24V options making our tanks suitable for locations with and without mains electricity. For AdBlue® storage information including expected consumption rate, view our Expert Guide to AdBlue Storage.

Rainwater Storage Tanks For Agriculture

Farm Fuel Storage

Harvesting rainwater is becoming increasingly popular with around 10% of farms now benefiting from the free water source. Farms are often ideal for capturing rainwater as sheds, barns and stores have large roofing and provide excellent rainwater collection areas. The properties of rainwater are also typically healthier for crops and livestock than mains water which is treated for safe human consumption. Not only is rainwater free and better quality than mains water, but rainwater harvesting helps with water attenuation and prevents water runoff. This can reduce flooding and the associated problems on your farm. All of our rainwater storage tanks for agriculture are available with rainwater harvesting filtration suitable for roof sizes up to 800m2 per filter. For more information including how much rainwater you can expect to harvest, check out our Expert Guide to Rainwater Harvesting Tanks.

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Water Storage Tanks For Agriculture

Within the UK, agriculture has a higher water usage than any other industry. Arable farming can require supplementary irrigation for hundreds of acres of crops and pastoral farming can require cleaning pens and providing water for livestock. Solely relying on mains water is expensive so many farms use alternative sources such as borehole drilling or storing water from rivers, streams and springs. We manufacture plastic single skin water storage tanks for agriculture usage in capacities from 1,350 to 20,000 litres. However, by using interlinking the working capacity of these tanks can multiply.

Single Wall Vertical Tanks: Sti F081 Meets Ul 142

Single-wall vertical tanks range from 4,000 gal to 50,000 gal. Applications include farm and bulk fuel facilities to store your combustible liquids.

Our tank designs meet or exceed all UL 142 standards for installation in accordance with a variety of installation codes, including NFPA 30, NFPA 30A, NFPA 31, NFPA 37, NFPA 1 and the International Fire Code.

Standard Kits Single Wall Vertical Tank Accessories

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Farm Fuel Storage Tanks

Quality Fuel Storage Tanks

Envirosafe can provide your farming operation with fuel storage from 500 gallons to 30,000 gallons. We can compartmentalize your farm fuel storage tank to your specifications for diesel, unleaded or off-road diesel fuels. Our above ground fuel storage tanks offer reliable, cost-effective, and convenient bulk fuel storage options. Whether your farming or ranch facility is 5 acres or 10,000 acres, Envirosafe can help you with EPA compliant farm fuel storage tanks to fit your operation and keep your equipment moving. From our Farm Fleet tanks to Commercial Fleet tanks, our double wall tanks are of the highest quality in the market. Envirosafe Above Ground Fuel Storage Systems offers one way for farmers and ranchers to cut their fuel costs significantly and save time and money in the process.

Envirosafe provides quality, the dependable double wall above ground fuel storage tanks that are pre-engineered to meet the unique needs of ranch and farm owners. For detailed information on our farm fuel system, please go here.

The Envirosafe bulk fuel storage tank is fully compatible with a wide range of fuels including:

  • Gasoline
  • Non-ethanol Gas

Storing Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Used Fuel Storage Tanks For Farms

Diesel exhaust fluid 15 is often stored on farms in intermediate bulk containers or other containers.

Keep containers of DEF securely sealed and protected against physical damage and at least 1m from the diesel tank.

Empty containers must be decontaminated in accordance with all label safeguards until the containers are cleaned and destroyed.

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Bulk Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks

Liquid fertilisers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to solid fertilisers in the UK. These water-soluble minerals can include nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Liquid fertilisers can be more effective than granular fertilisers as the nutrients are absorbed by the plant more quickly.

Our above-ground bunded chemical storage tanks make perfect storage for liquid fertilisers. These are available in capacities from 1,350 to 15,000 litres but can be interlinked to achieve higher working capacities. These bulk liquid fertiliser storage tanks is made from polyethylene plastic which are durable, have anti-corrosive properties but are very cost-effective.

Fuel Farm Planning Getting The Basics Right

Craig Cygler says the first consideration for miners planning remote fuel storage farms is consumption getting the capacity right can reduce the frequency of fuel deliveries, which means significant cost savings in remote locations.

The first consideration is what type of machinery will you be filling and how many vehicles, and that will give you an idea of the storage capacity you need and the required flow rate, he says.

For example if youre only looking at 10 vehicles you might only need two to three tanks.

Most fuel farms might have 5-10 100,000 litre tanks, giving them 500,000 to 1 million litres of fuel storage.

The dispensing equipment needs to deliver about 800 litres per minute, because its filling 3000-litre tanks and high-flow equipment means faster refuelling and cost and productivity savings. Therell also need to be separate refuelling points for the lighter vehicles.

Security is another key consideration Cygler says while fully automated and robotic refuelling is probably still 5-10 years away for most sites, advanced fuel management systems have significantly streamlined the refuelling process and dramatically reduced losses.

Having access to real-time data and analytics allows for predictive maintenance processes that reduce vehicle down-time.

Fuel management systems provide an important basis for fuel management and are also an effective way to reduce theft and wastage.

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Delivery Tank Wagon Access To Fuel Storage

You must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the means of entering and exiting your farm are without risks to the health and safety of any person. You must make sure your farm has safe access for fuel delivery. This includes safe all-weather entry and access to your property. The access must also be kept in good repair.

Trim overhanging trees to avoid damaging the delivery tank wagon. Take care with any overhead power lines when trimming trees. For more information, see our guidance Power lines on rural properties.

Discuss the best access and requirements with your fuel delivery company.

Make sure everyone on the farm is aware of the potential hazards when a delivery tank wagon is on-site. Let everyone know when the delivery tank wagon will arrive.

Bridges and culverts

If the delivery tank wagon will need to go over a bridge or culvert to access the fuel storage, they must be able to take the weight of a fully-laden delivery tank wagon.

If there is doubt, you should supply evidence that bridges and culverts can hold the necessary traffic.

Access between the delivery tank wagon and the fuel tank

Plan for turnarounds, so the delivery tank wagon does not have to reverse to the fuel site. This minimises difficult manoeuvring.

Access to the fuel tank fill point

Clear the tank delivery fill-point of anything that could prevent the delivery hose nozzle from completing inserting into the tank.

Benefits Of Fuel Storage Tanks For Farms

On Farm Diesel Fuel Tank. How We Setup An On Farm Fuel Tank.

It takes a lot of planning, patience, and hard work to run an agricultural business. In order for your farm to thrive, you need to have adequate people and the right equipment that will keep your daily operations running smoothly and productively. And, to continually use your farm equipment, the best thing you can do is to store large amounts of petrol or diesel fuel on the farm. However, storing fuel on-site poses many health and environmental risks. A great solution for avoiding fuel-related hazards is to purchase a safe and efficient fuel storage tank and this is when the benefits of fuel storage tanks for farms come in.

Buying a fuel tank can help you by providing a safe and easy means to access all the fuel your farm requires. It allows you to quickly refuel your tractors, generators, vehicles, and other farm equipment. However, fuel tanks do not come cheap. If you are undecided about adding a fuel storage system to your property, here are its advantages that might help you lock in on your decision.

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Hazardous Areas Around Fuel Storage

A hazardous area is an area where explosive vapours may be expected to be present in such quantities as to require special precautions for the construction, installation, and use of equipment.

For information on hazardous areas and how to manage them, see Appendix 4.

Hazardous areas are not required for diesel.

The Fuel Farm Revolution The Future Of Mining Fuel Storage

Emerging technologies are changing the way mining companies operate with automation and standardisation boosting safety and productivity.

QUT robotics researchers have already developed technology that will equip underground mining vehicles to navigate autonomously through dust, camera blur and bad lighting and will allow vehicle-mounted cameras to track the location of vehicles in underground tunnels within metres.

The Internet of Things technology that networks devices, equipment and appliances through the internet is connecting fleets, equipment and people using radio frequency identification devices and sensor technologies.

Now, innovators have turned their attention to one of the biggest challenges for remote mine sites access to reliable power through efficient fuel storage.

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Foundations For Tank Supports

The legs or cradles of a tank should be mounted on adequate foundations. The foundation requirements for tanks are specific to the:

  • size of the tank
  • volume it holds
  • seismic and wind requirements.

Check with the tank manufacturer for guidance on the foundation that is required for your tank.

Tanks should not be located on dirt if there is a risk that spills will endanger buildings or water bodies, like streams, lakes, or natural water.

The feet should be level, and on top of the ground or concrete. Do not bury the feet or let them get buried because this leads to rapid corrosion of the feet and makes it difficult to check their condition.

Bunded Agricultural Fuel Tanks

HOST Single Wall Farm Tanks

If you are concerned about leakage from farm fuel tanks above ground, a bunded tank is a sound solution. Prevent expensive accidents and protect your environment, livestock or produce from spillage with the dual skin construction of a bunded tank, providing protection should the inner tank or outer layer split.

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Need To Upgrade Your Farm Fuel Tanks

FUEL storage tanks for farms, they can be as varied as the farms themselves.

Similarly, the type of tank you choose will depend on factors including how much fuel you use, the geographic location of your farm, transport how expensive it is, how regularly tankers deliver to your area, the size of your property and more.

We want to give you some insight into the different fuel tanks within the farming and agriculture sector and how they suit different needs. Here are some of the typical options, along with the positives and negatives of each.

The Future Of Mining Fuel Storage

It seems likely increased automation will be the way of the future for mining refuelling.

QUT Professor Michael Milford says automated refuelling technologies trialled in agriculture could have mining applications.

Refuelling is obviously potentially quite hazardous, he says, so thats an area which is under active research in terms of automating it.

The big appeal of robots is in dull, dirty and dangerous conditions, and mine sites often fulfil two or three of those criteria simultaneously.

Bulk Fuel Farms Photo Gallery

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Steel Farm Diesel Storage Tanks

We manufacture steel agricultural fuel tanks in capacities from 5,000 to 86,000 litres. This range benefits from being extremely strong and durable with a design life expectancy of over 30 years. A range of premium ancillary equipment and optional extras makes these tanks suitable for a diverse range of farms.


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