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Garage Storage At Home Depot

In H X 105 In W X 105 In D Yellow Fabric Cube Storage Bin 2

DIY Custom Display Case Part 1 – Garage Shelf

RiverRidge Home Products 2-piece folding storage kit features 2 large-capacity storage bins for toys, games, art/craft supplies, clothes and more. Place in your childs room, family room or any room in the house that could use extra storage: fits on a closet shelf, bookshelf or table. Each set includes 2 red bins with open handles when not in use, garbage cans fold flat. Made of non-woven polypropylene and cardboard.

Fedmax Storage Cabinet With Doors And Shelves

  • MULTIPURPOSE – This metal storage cabinet with doors and shelves…
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELF HEIGHT – Four shelves in these lockable garage…
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – Sturdy and reliable – each shelf in this tall…
  • LOCK AND TWO KEYS INCLUDED – Prevent unauthorized access using…
  • ASSEMBLY – This unit comes unassembled. We’ve included step by…

Our top pick for the best storage cabinet is the Fedmax Storage Cabinet with doors and shelves. This cabinet is great for garage storage but can also be used in an office. It is a freestanding storage cabinet with shelves to help you keep your tools and materials safely.

Four out of five shelves can be adjusted to accommodate a range of items. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that can hold up to 180 pounds each. Although this cabinet only weighs 105 pounds, it has a total weight capacity of 900 pounds. It measures 70.86 inches by 31.5 inches by 15.75 inches, and so you can pack a lot of tools in there.

The cabinet has two easily lockable doors. It has a pre-installed lock with two keys for security purposes and legs levelers to ensure this storage cabinet remains stable even on an uneven surface.

Why Use Cloth Bins

Cloth storage bins have a myriad of benefits that make them an increasingly popular option amongst homeowners that want to relocate their residence. These lightweight boxes can be used in a variety of ways but are also the perfect storage container to use when facilitating moves.

Lets discuss some of the benefits of using cloth storage boxes, bins, and bags.

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Garage Storage Buying Guide

The garage is an essential space that you use for storing everything from holiday decorations to camping gear. You probably use your garage for bike storage, tool storage and as a workspace as well. Useful as this utility space may be, garage clutter can get out of control in a hurry.

Use this guide to pick up a few easy-to-implement garage storage ideas for your home. You’ll learn how to use and install shelving, cabinets, tracking systems and more so you can regain control over your garage for good.

Resin Freestanding Garage Cabinet In Platinum

NewAge Products Inc. Bold Series Red Garage Cabinet Set with Slatwall ...

Suncasts Mega Tall Storage Locker shatters the notion that garage tissue must be metal to be strong and durable. The multi-wall resin panels are carefully designed to add strength and stability while resisting scratches, dents and rust. With 31 cu. yds. ft. of storage space, this is the largest option in Suncasts line of garage storage solutions. Equipped with 3 adjustable metal reinforced shelves, each holding up to 75 lbs.

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Suncast Bmc3000 Garage Cabinet


12 x 30 x 30.25 inches



  • Has internal dimensions of 27 ¼ x 9 ¾ x 27 ½.
  • Boasts of double-wall resin construction for added durability and to support the weight of stored materials.
  • Sleek design and a space-saving garage cabinet.
  • Space-saver and can be mounted on walls.
  • Offers easy locking system.
  • No concrete anchors for the mounting screws.

Final Take:

If you are not into typical garage cabinet designs that occupy large spaces in the garage, Suncast BMC3000 Garage Cabinet is the best choice to have. Its mounting feature doesnt just save you space, but it also prevents the cluttery look in the garage. The neat design makes it visually appealing that further improves the appearance of your space. Also, great metal-reinforced shelving! It allows the cabinet to hold as much as 50 pounds on each shelf. Most of all, it is worth mentioning that it has an excellently impressive material as it can tolerate days of cold winter. No brittle parts at all and no signs of deterioration.

Gladiator Galg36kdyg Gearbox Steel Garage Cabinet


36 x 18 x 72 inches


  • Has dimensions of 36 x 18 x 72 inches.
  • Boasts of 225-pound weight capacity, with each shelf capable of holding 45 pounds of weight.
  • Has two adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf.
  • Can be mounted using the optional bracket kit.


  • Easily accumulates dents and scratches when not treated properly.

Final Take:

Beyond its beauty that adds beauty to your garage, Gladiator GALG36KDYG Gearbox serves its purpose excellently. With its overall weight capacity of 225 pounds, it can store a large number of garage materials like bottles, tools, boxes, and even pieces of equipment. Each shelf is thick enough to give you a level surface to put your things on. Furthermore, it features incredible leveler legs. So, whether your garage floor is even or not, it wont be a problem at all. The weight of the cabinet is properly distributed, as well. All in all, great balance, great stance, great material. A true bang for your buck.

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Keter Garage Storage Cabinet


26.77 x 14.96 x 67.32 inches


  • Has dimensions of 26.77 x 14.96 x 67.32.
  • Offers 4 shelves with each one having a capacity of 44 pounds.
  • Compact design, making ideal for small spaces.
  • Easy assembly with just a single screwdriver no pushing as everything slides and snaps together.
  • Can be padlocked shut.


  • Though easy to assemble, the instructional manual is purely visual with no words included.
  • Since it is vertically long, it could easily tip over when placed on an uneven surface.

Final Take:

Unlike most cabinets in the market, the Keter Garage Storage Cabinet is made of durable polypropylene resin. This gives it a sturdy property that can withstand peeling, denting, and rusting. Also, with its dimensions, it is spacious enough to cater to almost all sorts of tools in your garage. Despite this, it saves you horizontal space in the garage. The adjustable shelves of the cabinet are also a big plus. This lets you customize the layout of your cabinet depending on your needs. So, whether you need a space to store your small tools or average-sized power tools, this ones a great choice.

Where Should Jewels And Other Valuables Be Packed

GARAGE ORGANIZATION 101: reclaim your garage!

If youre worried about valuable items, such as antiques or collections, let your movers know ahead of time so that these items can be handled with special care.

Any irreplaceable belongings should be packed separately and carried with you during the move so that they are safe and sound. If you prefer your movers to handle these items, you should consider insuring these items and declare their value to your moving company.

Getting all of your items ready to go before the date of your move can be difficult. However, your move can go smoother than ever before by keeping these clothing storage tips and suggestions in mind. If youd like to take some of the hard work out of packing and unpacking, use cloth storage bins and keep these guidelines in mind.

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The Best Home Depot Husky Garage Storage Deals Are Going On Now

Its time to get organized.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you never have enough storage space in your garage. Inevitably, you find yourself with boxes and tools thrown everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your garage doesn’t have to look like an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive. It can look pristine, beautiful, and ready to rock on all your home and automotive projects. That is if you start building out your storage solutions, like with these amazing Home Depot deals below. They’re honestly the best deals we’ve ever seen on some seriously large storage equipment and they’ll help you get your garage organized and ready for all your winter and spring projects. But act fast, these sales won’t be around forever.

Tip : Dont Be Afraid Of A Large

You can combine many of the products above to create a custom storage system in your garage, but The Home Depot also sells larger, comprehensive storage setups that give you plentiful shelves, drawers, and lockable cabinets so theres a spot for everything. If youve got a huge garage, a large family and tons of supplies that need organizing, then one of these solutions might be your best bet.

Weve included two options below, but there are plenty of customizable solutions on The Home Depots website. We recommend measuring your space and browsing before making your purchase. You can also save up to $730 off select storage systems now at The Home Depot.

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The Home Depot: Home Improvement & Hardware Store In Markham

The Home Depot #7004 is located at 3155 Highway #7, Markham in Ontario, Canada and offers all of Home Depots signature products, tools, and services.

At each and every one of our Home Depot store locations in Ontario, youll find friendly staff members eager to assist you in any way possible. Whether you’re looking for appliances, bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas, patio furniture, power tools, BBQ grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, or ceiling fans, our team of experts will take your style, budget, and product requirements into consideration.

Whether you’re looking to buy, or get inspiration for your next home project, visit our store today.

Tip : Make The Most Of Vertical Storage Space

Proslat Wall Storage Solutions Steel 6

Its impossible to maintain a well-organized garage without a set of sturdy shelves. So if you want to find a space for all of your assorted tools, gardening supplies and holiday storage, youve got to think vertically. Using vertical storage space is not only space-saving, it makes it easier to see and find your belongings easily. Plus, you can categorize the shelves based on seasons or activities like sports, tools or ski gear and grab some weatherproof storage bins to keep everything not just organized but protected at the same time.

Here are a few of our favorite shelves and storage solutions from The Home Depot, perfect for re-organizing this winter. Theyre also currently offering up to 25% off garage shelving.

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Garage Storage At Home Depot

Save on ornaments, mugs, dinnerware, and miniatures.

  • Pictured is the Department 56 Mickey’s Holiday Express Miniature for $29.08 .

Get a variety of deals throughout the month of December, including buy one food item, get one free, and OG prices. Shop Now

You’ll find coupon deals from $.99, plus over 100 sale items marked up to 50% off. Save on tools, storage, and accessories. Shop Now at Harbor Freight Tools

Seville Ultra Garage Storage Cabinet


47.99 x 23.98 x 72.01 inches


  • Made of powder-coated steel plates.
  • Impressive shiny, mirror-like appearance that is aesthetically outstanding.
  • Offers 4 shelves.
  • Has a load capacity of 600 pounds.
  • Has dimensions of 47.99 x 23.98 x 72.01 inches.
  • Includes assembly tools.
  • The casters are sold separately.
  • Can be subject to bending and creases if not treated properly.

Final Take:

Seville Ultra Garage Storage Cabinet is a stunning garage cabinet model that can offer you both aesthetics and functionality. Nonetheless, the stainless steel material of the body also offers a good unfailing feature to secure content inside. Each shelf measures 22″ x 48″ but they are also adjustable. So, if you have equipment that you need to protect against moisture or any other elements, it is for you. The heavy-duty leveling feet are all reliable and thanks to the cabinets weight of 144 pounds, it can maintain stability wherever you store your materials, be it on the top shelf or on the bottom one.

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Best Garage Storage Ideas For The Home

storage bins & totes garage shelving units slatwall panels & accessories
Bins and baskets are used to store a variety of items, including toys, seasonal decorations, camping gear and more.Typically made from plastic materials. Smaller hooks can hang tools, cords, keys and more.Larger hooks can hang bikes and other equipment.Typically constructed from metal or plastic-coated metal. Racks can configure to hold specific items or for more general use. Shelves are constructed from wood, plastics, metal, wire and other materials.Available in freestanding and wall-mounted configurations.Ensure shelving can withstand the maximum load it will bear. Wall panels may be used in conjunction with hooks, shelves, baskets, bins and more.Can easily reconfigure as storage needs change.

Gearloft White Adjustable Height Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Organizing Your Garage Walls the EASY Way!

The Gladiator Overhead GearLoft Storage Shelf adds a new dimension to garage organization. Take an array of items from the floor, from seasonal items and building supplies to full-size bins and totes. Adjustable height allows for up to 25 cu. ft. of storage space and racks can hold up to 350 lbs. Even weight distribution. Assembly is quick and easy with our EZ Connect technology.

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Pegboards & Modular Wall Storage Units

In theory, you can use every inch of your garages vertical surface areas for storage. Pegboards are one of our favorite garage organization hacks, as they let you turn empty wall space into convenient storage for your most needed items. In addition, The Home Depot has a huge selection of modular wall storage panels, which can be used to store everything from hammers to ladders. These garage wall organization systems can be customized to fit your space, and theyre easy to install on your own.

Best Storage Cabinet For Your Garage Space

Having storage space is a bed of roses that some of us lack. We all wish to keep things organized or at least away from the view of the room. This is why a storage cabinet is essential. The garage storage space is an excellent opportunity to increase the storage space of your garage. Instead of leaving your work surface looking messy, get a storage cabinet to store and organize your working tools and materials safely.

Garage cabinets often come in different sizes and types depending on what you’re looking to achieve. Some have locking doors, wheels, built-in workspace, while some may lack such features. Furthermore, some are made with steel, heavy-duty plastic, or wood, and some of them are freestanding while others can be wall-mounted.

With that being said, we have reviewed the best storage cabinets available for garage space, either at home or in a commercial space, and we also have a list of the features to consider before you buy.

What’s On This Page?

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Snow Removal Tools & Supplies

Be prepared for winter months with snow blowers, snow shovels, snow rakes, ice melting supplies and much more. The Markham store on 3155 Highway #7 has snow blowers from top brands at great prices and well price match any advertised price with our Price Guarantee. Youll also find many other tools and supplies to make tackling harsh winter days much easier.

Best Garage Cabinets 2021 Review And Buyers Guide

Husky Black 5

The garage allows us to freely work on various tasks that often entail oil and other dirt. It also sometimes functions as a secondary storage space of our homes due to its accessibility. However, this makes it to be a subject of clutters. And, if you are facing this same problem, having a quality, ergonomic, and spacious garage cabinet is the answer.

Here are some of the best options we rounded up for you together with professional organizers. Considering the conventional garage sizes and tools, we ranked and rated them to make everything easier for you.

Take time weighing on each of them through the help of our Pros and Cons sections. And to have a closer look at their best deals on Amazon, dont hesitate to click on the buttons below.

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The Home Depot: Home Improvement & Hardware Store In Richmond Hill

The Home Depot #PLMR7106 is located at 50 Red Maple Road, Richmond Hill in Ontario, Canada and offers all of Home Depots signature products, tools, and services.

At each and every one of our Home Depot store locations in Ontario, youll find friendly staff members eager to assist you in any way possible. Whether you’re looking for appliances, bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas, patio furniture, power tools, BBQ grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, or ceiling fans, our team of experts will take your style, budget, and product requirements into consideration.

Whether you’re looking to buy, or get inspiration for your next home project, visit our store today.

Garage Storage Cabinets And Workbenches

Garage storage cabinets are available in both freestanding and wall-hanging units, while work benches sometimes incorporate cabinets or pegboard.Tip: Consider the weight of what you will be storing in your cabinets. Make sure your desired cabinet is rated to hold that weight.Certain cabinets feature zero-tolerance doors that allow you to fit them into tighter spaces, hanger hooks for extra storage, and removable or adjustable shelving for maximum versatility.Work benches offer storage through cabinets, pegboard, back walls with hooks, and even storage space in the legs.While you may not have considered the upper walls and ceiling of your garage for storage, you can easily reach them and the items stored there with ladders, pulleys and hydraulic lifts.Here are a few other items to consider:

  • Adjustable feet allow cabinets and workbenches to stay level on uneven floors.
  • Casters allow cabinets to easily move around.
  • Workbench lights make it easier to see what youre working on.

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