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Garage Storage Shelves Home Depot

What To Consider When Shopping For Garage Shelving

How To Install Wire Shelving | The Home Depot

Garage shelving comes in many different shapes and sizes, but the most notable variation between different shelving options comes in how they’re mounted — or if they’re even mounted at all. Some options can be attached to your garage ceiling, while others can be attached to the walls. These mounted models free up more space on the floor of your garage, which can be used for activities or even more storage. Freestanding shelving units are also available, both with and without wheels. Typically, a freestanding model will have a higher weight capacity than a mounted model, but the weight capacity will decrease drastically if the shelving unit is on wheels.

There are also many different options when it comes to the material from which the shelving rack is built. Plastic units are typically lighter and easier to move than metal ones, but some wire metal units are actually quite light as well. Other shelving materials like particle board or medium-density fiberboard, also known as MDF, are also lightweight, although they have lower weight capacities than metal. They also may stain if a can of engine fluid or motor oil leaks on the shelves — although with a grated metal or plastic shelf, that same fluid might leak down to lower shelves and ruin other items.

Is Particle Board Or Mdf Good For Garage Shelving

Both particle board and MDF can be good options for garage shelving. They offer less support — and therefore a lower weight capacity — than metal shelving, but for garage owners who don’t plan on storing heavy items on shelves, particle board and MDF are lightweight, easy-to-move options. Particle board and MDF are harder to clean than metal and plastic meaning spills on their surfaces may cause permanent staining.

Hanging Garage Shelves Home Depot

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Best Garage Shelving For 2022

Storage racks, freestanding shelves, wall shelves and overhead shelves for garage storage.

A garage can be a sanctuary — if everything is neatly stored. Whether you use your garage as an auto workshop, a gym or even just a storage space, you want to make sure that your odds and ends are in place and easily accessible. If they’re not, then your garage is more likely to be a headache than a productive, calm space.

The key to making sure that you can store all your garage goodies — but still reach them when you need them — is the right shelving solution. Shelving allows you to store items in multiple tiers in your garage, effectively increasing the surface area of your storage space. The only question is, which shelving system is right for your needs?

Here are some of the best garage shelving options across a variety of categories, based on expert opinion and customer reviews. After the list, read on for more information about how to select the best garage shelving option for you.

Is Wire Shelving Good For Garages

Husky Black 5

Yes, wire shelving is a good choice for garage units. Wire shelving provides much of the stability and strength of metal while maintaining a weight light enough to move relatively easily. Many wire shelving units also have wheel options, which reduces their weight capacity but provides more mobility options. It’s also work noting that if a liquid spills on a wire shelf, it will seep down to lower shelves.

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What Is The Strongest Shelving Material

The strongest material for garage shelving is metal. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plastic shelving units that offer high weight capacities, but the absolute sturdiest shelving units — ones capable of holding 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per shelf — are made of metal. It’s also worth noting that wheels are inherently less stable than flat feet, so units with wheels have much lower weight capacities than those that sit on the ground without moving.

How To Install And Use Garage Shelving

Each garage shelving unit will come with its own installation instructions, whether the unit is mounted or freestanding. Many freestanding units can actually be fitted together with just included materials — some plastic shelving units simply snap together, while many metal shelves come with pins or other fasteners designed to hold shelves in place. Mounting a unit is harder — you’ll need to make sure that your wall or ceiling is strong enough to support the load you’re planning on shelving and you’ll need tools if you’re doing the mounting yourself. If you’re concerned about the balance of your freestanding shelving unit, you can anchor that to the wall, as well — just make sure not to anchor a shelving unit with wheels!

There are also many different ways to keep your garage shelves organized. It’s best to place the items that will be needed most often in the most accessible places, while items that are rarely used can be placed more out of the way. If you’re keeping automotive tools on your shelving unit, you may want to put them on a low shelf so they’re accessible while you’re working on your vehicle. You might also want to keep heavier items on lower shelves, so there’s less of a chance of them falling off and causing damage. Finally, if you have small children, it might be good to keep dangerous items on higher shelves that are harder to reach.

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How Do You Clean Garage Shelving

The instructions for cleaning a garage shelving unit will depend upon the material from which it’s built. Metal and plastic shelving units are relatively easy to clean — just use all-purpose cleaners or degreasers and scrub them the way you would anything else. Particle board and MDF shelves are more likely to stain permanently if they’re subject to spills. For that reason, it’s worth covering them with plastic sheets or contact paper than can be easily replaced when they get dirty.

What Are The Different Options For Garage Shelving

Husky Steel Garage Floor Cabinet | The Home Depot

The main way in which garage shelving units differ is based on whether they’re mounted or freestanding. Mounted units can be attached to a garage wall or ceiling, depending upon the unit’s specific configuration. Freestanding units sit on the ground, though some have wheels and can be moved around easily.

Garage shelving also differs based on construction material. Many shelving units are metal or wire, but there are also a wide variety of lighter plastic shelving units that fit well in a garage. Some of the actual shelves are made from particle board or MDF. Ultimately, the one you pick will depend upon your preferences regarding weight capacity and the cleaning process.

Additionally, garage shelving is available in a wide variety of sizes.

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Garage Shelves Home Depot Plastic

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