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How Much Storage Does Iphone 12 Have

Ram And Beyond: The Benchmarks Of The Iphone 12 And 12 Pro

iPhone 12: Is 64GB Storage Enough? How Much Storage Do You Need?

As per the website MySmartPrice, the AnTuTu scores recorded are as follows:

Starting with the iPhone 12, the device being tested has 4GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage and is running on iOS 14.1. The iPhone 12 has managed to score 564899 on the AnTuTu test, 167894 on the CPU test, 201085 on the GPU test, 105677 on the MEM test, and 90243 on the UX test.

The iPhone 12 Pro, on the other hand, has 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage and has scored 572133 on the AnTuTu test, 167437 on the CPU test, 196812 on the GPU test, 114462 on the MEM test, and 93422 on the UX test.

Iphone Photos Raw Files

You may have heard photographers talk about shooting in RAW. When you snap a photo with your phone or digital camera, it is saved as an image file, such as a JPEG, TIFF, or RAW.

A JPEG is a processed, compressed image thats ideal for everyday use. These images dont take up much storage space and are easy to share via text, email, and social media.

On the other hand, RAW files are huge by comparison and can eat up a ton of storage space. RAW files are just that the raw photo data. Your camera stores the photo as it was taken, without processing or compression.

Are you suffering from photo-overload?Listen to this podcast to learn the best ways to organize, share, and store photos.

The result is a much larger file than a JPEG, but that comes with greater control. You can edit a photo’s white balance, color, and exposure much more precisely with a RAW file.

Where RAW really shines is saving your under- or overexposed photos. Say you underexposed your subjects face and he or she is just a shadow theres no saving it. If you shot in RAW, youll most likely have enough data to bring out the details in your subjects face.

What About A 512gb Iphone

Beyond 256GB of storage, we have Apples top-of-the-range storage option: 512GB which is just over half a terabyte of internal storage. This is a huge amount of memory it is more than some laptops. But you will pay top dollar for this amount of storage around $1399/£1399.

Who needs 512GB of storage on their iPhone? Honestly, Im not too sure. Even forum discussions on the subject seem to point to 512GB being complete overkill, meaning all the storage most people will ever need is 512GB.

I mean, look at it this way: with 256GB of storage, youll have enough room for 13,000 photos, 1000 songs, and 1400 videos on your phone. And even with all that, as well as all your apps and games, youll still have around 50GB of room left over.

The only upshot of having 512GB of storage is that youll have enough room on your iPhone to carry ALL your media with you at all times. That means all your , all your ebooks, all of your podcasts, and all of your apps and games. And even then, youll still probably have plenty left over.

Most iPhone users seldom break the 256GB threshold, so, yeah you probably dont need to fork out for a 512GB iPhone any time soon.

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Who Should Get The 64gb Iphone 12 Series

If you are heavily invested in the iCloud environment, and you would just store a few files and documents, stream most of the content, not shoot a lot of 4K content, and have limited third-party apps, 64GB should be enough for you. While it would be the worst value for money on paper, it might just be enough for you.

iPhone 12 mini 64GB

The iPhone 12 mini is smaller and lighter than the iPhone 12. It weighs just 133 grams, and Apple is calling it the smallest and lightest 5G-ready phone out there.

Iphone 12 Review: Design

iPhone Memory vs. Storage: Ram, GB, Whats the Difference &  How Much Do ...

Apple rarely alters the physical design of the iPhone from generation to generation, and thus any change no matter how small is typically received with enthusiasm. You can chalk up the iPhone 12s new flat-edge aesthetic as one of those more modest revisions.

Sure, the flat edges look nice enough and offer a much appreciated change of pace from the last several consecutive years of rounded iPhones. Whats more, they improve the iPhone 12s durability in tandem with Apples new Ceramic Shield material, as the rounded frames of previous iPhones actually made them more fragile.

We will be conducting our own drop tests, but the Ceramic Shield display held up well in EverythingApplePro‘s torture test on YouTube. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro did not crack at hip or shoulder height when dropped, and the display on the regular iPhone 12 didn’t even crack from 10 feet, though the back did.

All that said, I cant say my hands have really taken to the sharper design. Few smartphones employ flat sides these days, and the iPhone 12 reminds me why. The edges dig into your palm, and make the entire device a bit harder to grip. For example, the iPhone 12 measures 0.29 inches thick which is perceptibly identical to the 0.31-inch-thick Pixel 5. However, the Pixel 5 feels more slender in the hand, because it naturally fits the curvature of your palm.

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Use Recommendations To Optimize Storage

In the Storage section of Settings, your device might offer recommendations for optimizing your storage. Tap Show All to see all the recommendations for your device.

Read the description of each recommendation, then tap Enable to turn it on or tap the recommendation to review the contents you can delete.

Iphone 13’s Starting Storage Is Finally One We Can Recommend

Apple doubled the iPhone’s storage and now you can store more apps, more videos, more everything.

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Apple is doubling the minimum capacity of the iPhone 13 and the maximum capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro, the company said at its product event on Tuesday.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will offer 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini feature 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB and 1 terabtye. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max feature 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Apple made the announcement during its fall event, which was held virtually — yet again — because of the pandemic. The company also unveiled the latest versions of the iPad, the iPad Mini and the Apple Watch.

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Iphone Storage Size Guide: How Much Do You Really Need

Apple now sells a bunch of different iPhones across a range of price points. But which iPhone has the most storage? In this simple iPhone storage size guide, well show you how much storage each iPhone has and explain how much youll likely need on your next iPhone

The amount of storage you have on your phone is important, although the requirements for you might be different to someone else you know. If you shoot a lot of video and photos, youll want a good amount of storage.

But if all you do is use the iPhone for browsing the web, using apps, and a bit of social media, then you could probably get away with less. As always, it depends on you, the user, how much to go for. In most cases, however, 128GB will be more than enough for the average guy or gal.

Heres a handy table that shows how much storage each of Apples most recent iPhone releases come with as you can see, the iPhone 13 Pro models are the best by a considerable margin.

Iphone With The Most Storage: A Breakdown By Model & Series

iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Check iPhone Storage Space
iPhone Model
128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB

iPhone Storage Capacity By Model

If youre looking for an iPhone with the most possible storage, youll need to go with either Apples iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both of Apples 2021 Pro models now support 1TB of storage, the highest amount of storage ever used inside a commercial smartphone.

Prior to the release of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Maxhad the highest amount of storage you can get in an iPhone, topping out at 512GB.

These models are very pricey though, as you can see here. And for most people, 512GB is not essential. Case in point: Ive had several 128GB phones over the last few years and I havent run out of storage once.

For this reason, I think only a very select few users would ever require more than 128GB. If you like to carry around A LOT of media on your phone, or you shoot and edit a lot of videos, sure, 256GB or even 512GB makes sense.

But that isnt most people most people listen to music via the cloud, use iCloud storage for their photos, and dont run that many apps. My advice? Go with the least amount of storage you can. Apple really dings you for storage, so it makes sense to keep it as low as possible.

Is Apples 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max Worth It?

Most users, however, will be fine with either 128GB or 256GB models. I have a 128GB phone right now and I am no way near using all of its capacity. And Im a pretty heavy user too.

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Iphone Storage Full How Much Storage Do I Need

How many GB of iPhone storage should you get? Honestly, as much as you can afford. I have a movie on my iPad that takes up 5 GB of space. If you shoot high-definition video on your device, it can use up 150 MB for each minute of video. If you use your camera in burst mode, you’ll be using up about 25 MB for each second the shutter is open. Some games can take up well over 1 GB of storage. Augmented Reality apps and games require even more iPhone storage. I opted for 64 GB on the iPad mini that I bought a few years back, and would probably choose to get more if I were to buy a new iPad.

Top Image Credit: Denys Prykhodov /

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How Much Storage Do You Need On Your New Iphone 13 Heres How To Decide

The new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are finally available, and Apple is again offering a selection of storage tiers. The big question is just how much storage do you need on your your iPhone 13? The company has shaken up its storage offerings, removing the anemic 64-gigabyte option and adding in a positively ostentatious 1 terabyte option. This means that if you want to get a new iPhone, youll need to pick between 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB options. Bigger isnt always better, nor is it always excessive. Only you know how you use your phone, but heres a quick guide to help you pick which iPhone size is the best option for you.

Pink, Blue, Red, Starlight, Midnight Pink, Blue, Red, Starlight, Midnight Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue

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Use Your Device To Check Its Storage

Go to Settings > General > Storage. You might see a list of recommendations for optimizing your device’s storage, followed by a list of installed apps and the amount of storage each one uses. Tap an app’s name for more information about its storage. Cached data and temporary data might not be counted as usage.

In the detailed view you can:

  • Offload the app, which frees up storage used by the app, but keeps its documents and data.
  • Delete the app, which removes the app and its related data.
  • Depending on the app, you might be able to delete some of its documents and data.

If your device is almost full and can’t free up space, you might get a Storage Almost Full alert. If you see this alert, you should check the storage recommendations or you need to offload some less-used content like videos and apps.

Who Should Get The New Iphone With 256gb Storage

Memory storage comparison with all the major phone manifacturers

The 256GB variant is especially recommended for the iPhone 12 Pro Max since it sports the most advanced cameras in the lineup. If you are purchasing the Pro Max, you are likely to use a lot of its camera prowess to shoot 4K content and click a substantial amount of images. It should be enough if you stream content and have limited third-party apps on your phone.

iPhone 12 Pro 256GB

The iPhone 12 Pro is smaller variant of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It gets a slew of camera updates, and support for Apple Pro RAW that offers benefits of multi-frame processing and combines them with a raw format.

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Free Apple Tv+ Subscription

Just like last year, Apple is bundling a free year of Apple TV+ subscription with the iPhone 12 lineup this year. The content on Apple TV+ is still nowhere near as good as that of Netflix or Prime Video but at least you will still be saving around $60 if you like the content that Apple has to offer.

Gb: Enough For Basic Use

With 64GB, you have enough storage for basic use. In addition to making calls and using WhatsApp, you can also store a few social media apps on your iPhone. With 64GB, you also have enough storage to play games. You can use streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify and you don’t record 4K videos. You can quickly remove unnecessary apps and store photos in your iCloud photo library. Was 64GB just enough on your previous device? It’s going to be tight with your new device, since apps keep getting bigger.

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What Storage Size Iphone 11 Should You Get

Best Answer: For the average person, the 128GB should be plenty of space, especially if you are the type of person to not depend on cloud storage services, download a lot of music and take plenty of photos and video. If you do, plan to take advantage of iOS 13’s flash drive support, then 64GB is fine. For those who take a lot of videos, keep original photos on their iPhone, play a lot of games, or have extensive music libraries, 256GB is the best bet.Let’s get colorful: Apple iPhone 11

How Many Gb To Get For Iphone 12 Pro: 128gb Or 256gb Or More

iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Find Which Capacity/Storage Size You Have For Your iPhone

The much anticipated iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are out. These two models have been put on sale at present with the other two still underway. While you may be excited about purchasing the new device, questions like How much GB of RAM will be sufficient for me?, Should I choose the 128GB version or go with the 256 GB option?, and Is the 128GB/256GB/512GB enough for iPhone 12 Pro? can intimidate you. Well, fret not, as we explain what both versions are capable of achieving for you.

Choosing the right memory size can be a heck of a task. Whatever your choice be, well guide you in making the right decision.

How to pick the right memory option?

Apple iPhone 12 comes in three memory options: The default 64GB, the 128GB and the 256 GB upgrade. Whereas, the iPhone 12 Pro is available with 128GB as the base variant and 256GB and the 512GB as upgrade options. Here are some things you need to consider when buying the device:

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We Recommend Over 256gb For Content Creators And Power Users

If youre a content creator who frequently records videos on your iPhone for short-form video platforms like , you should invest in a 256GB iPhone. This would allow you to shoot as many videos as you need without worrying about storage constraints. We also recommend this variant for people who frequently play console-quality games, like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends Mobile, and so on.

Of course, the 512GB model would give you more room to play with, but only consider it if you think its worth spending an extra $200 for that amount of space. And lastly, we strictly dont recommend wasting your money on that coveted 1TB variant unless you plan to exclusively shoot photos and videos in Apple ProRAW and ProRes formats.

Iphone 12 Pro Capacity And Pricing

Before we proceed further, below is a quick rundown of the pricing of the iPhone 11 for different storage tiers.

  • 128GB $999
  • 256GB $1,149
  • 512GB $1,349

The pricing for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is similar, though every model is $100 more expensive.

  • 128GB $1,099
  • 256GB $1,249
  • 512GB $1,449

Apple charges a $200 premium for the storage jump from 256GB to 512GB. While 512GB is a lot of storage, Apple is also charging customers a lot of money for it. Then, with the base storage increasing to 128GB, most users now no longer need a higher storage variant.

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