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How To Purchase Storage On Iphone

How To Buy Icloud Storage With A Debit Card

PTCI 101 How to Buy More Storage on iPhone

Whenever you get an iCloud account, you automatically have a free 5 GB. However, 5 GB isnt enough to accommodate all storage files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. For most people, after many years, they will need to purchase additional iCloud storage.

Purchasing a new iCloud plan is simple and can be done straightforwardly on your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It can also be done on your Mac computer or any other PC and smartphone browser.

To purchase a new iCloud storage with your debit card, you must register your card information on your Apple ID account. Afterward, you will select the storage plan you want and click confirm. All these will be done on the settings of your Apple ID account.

This article will show you how to register your card information on your Apple ID. After that, you will see how you can use your debit or credit card to purchase a new iCloud plan.

Upgrade Your Storage Plan To Get More Icloud Storage On Iphone

You can upgrade your iCloud storage by using one of the following iCloud storage plans offered by the Apple:

  • 5 GB: A new iPhone comes with this plan pre-installed at no additional cost. Even if you switch to a different plan, you can always return to this one.
  • 50 GB: This plan costs $0.99 a month and is usually sufficient to back up an iPhone as well as an iPad on the same Apple ID.
  • 200 GB: This package, which costs $2.99 a month, may be used by the whole family’s devices.
  • 2 TB: For $9.99 per month, you may have access to this service for your whole family.

To understand how to upgrade your storage plan to get more iCloud storage, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings, and select the tab containing your name.
  • Step 2: Go to iCloud and click on Manage Storage. After that, click on Buy More Storage.
  • Step 3: Now, choose the storage plan that meets your requirement and click on Buy to enter your credit card details.

Delete Old Videos And Music:

You probably have an embarrassing amount of videos and music stored offline in multiple apps on your phone, and fortunately, theres an easy way to find those files and delete them.

In the settings app, you can search for individual apps that are taking up a lot of space on your phone and delete their files. There will be a section called Offline Content. You can then delete individual videos or the entire app.

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Is It Worth Paying For Icloud Storage

Apple& rsquor s iCloud storage is a great option for those who are fully invested in the Apple ecosystem. It integrates seamlessly with all of your Apple devices and makes it easy to access your files from anywhere. However, it doesn& rsquor t quite measure up to the competition from Google and Microsoft. Google Drive offers more storage for free, and Microsoft OneDrive offers a more comprehensive set of features.

How To See Icloud Storage:

How To Purchase Storage On iPhone
  • The amount of iCloud storage used will be shown there

Plans of iCloud Storage:

There are four plans available for iCloud storage. They are:

  • 5 GB: This storage plan is free of cost as it is inbuilt in your device. You can downgrade to this plan whenever you want, even after subscribing to another plan.
  • 50 GB: The cost of this plan is $0.99 monthly and is enough for the backup for iPhone and iPad on the same ID.
  • 200 GB: The cost of this plan is $2.99 monthly and can be shared with other devices in a family.
  • 2 TB: The cost of this plan is $9.99 monthly and can be shared.
  • Tip: If you have upgraded to a plan that allows sharing in a family, you can add family members to your plan on your iPhone from the Settings option.

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    Clean Your Iphone To Reclaim More Storage

    On the other side of the coin, you can also add more space to your iPhone by cleaning the existing storage from unnecessary things that clog the space. One tool that can help you to do that is the free iCareFone Cleaner.

    This free clean master for iOS is able to thoroughly clean any unwanted files, greatly accelerate your iOS running speed and protect your privacy security in every single way so that bring you a safer, faster and better iPhone experience.

    The app is also able to protect your data privacy, enhance info security, compress images, boost speed, expand storage, erase clean your sensitive data, and many more.

    Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for iPhone Tips

    How To Manage Your Icloud Storage

    Thankfully, its easy to manage iCloud storage directly on your iPhone . To check whats taking up so much space on your iCloud account:

  • On your iPhone, open Settings.
  • Tap > iCloud > Manage Storage.
  • At the top of the screen, youll see whats taking up space on your iCloud account based on categories. And then, further down on this screen, youll see how much storage space each app specifically is using.

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    What Do You Do When Your Phone Storage Is Full

    When your phone storage is full, there are a few things you can do in order to free up space. One option is to back up your files to the cloud. This way, you can access them from any device and they will take up less space on your phone. Another option is to move your files to an SD card. This can be a great way to free up space, especially if you have a lot of photos and videos. You can also optimize your photos so that they take up less space on your device. Additionally, you can clear your cache and delete old files that you no longer need. Finally, you can pare down your apps so that you only have the ones that you use regularly.

    Icloud Storage Full: How To Free Up Space On Iphone

    Increase your iPhone iCloud Storage from 5GB to 50GB (All iPhones)

    iCloud is a helpful and easy-to-use service offered by Apple to help keep all of your devices in sync with one another. It automatically and securely syncs your content like your contacts, photo library, and notes. And the best part is that anyone can create an iCloud account for free. But before you get too excited, its worth noting that free accounts offer just 5GB of storage. That means youll see the iCloud Storage Full popup the minute your sync all your photos.

    If youre starting to run out of space on iCloud, the obvious answer may seem like paying to upgrade your account. Keep reading to discover how to free up space on iPhone and to learn about what else is stored in your iCloud and what might be taking up a lot of storage without you realizing it.

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    Iphone Storage Size Guide

    128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB

    iPhone Storage Capacity By Model

    If youre looking for an iPhone with the most possible storage, youll need to go with either Apples iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both of Apples 2021 Pro models now support 1TB of storage, the highest amount of storage ever used inside a commercial smartphone.

    Prior to the release of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Maxhad the highest amount of storage you can get in an iPhone, topping out at 512GB.

    These models are very pricey though, as you can see here. And for most people, 512GB is not essential. Case in point: Ive had several 128GB phones over the last few years and I havent run out of storage once.

    For this reason, I think only a very select few users would ever require more than 128GB. If you like to carry around A LOT of media on your phone, or you shoot and edit a lot of videos, sure, 256GB or even 512GB makes sense.

    But that isnt most people most people listen to music via the cloud, use iCloud storage for their photos, and dont run that many apps. My advice? Go with the least amount of storage you can. Apple really dings you for storage, so it makes sense to keep it as low as possible.

    Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

    If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is set up to access iCloud email, you can delete messages from any mailbox, then empty the Trash to free up space:

  • Swipe left across any message to delete it.
  • Go to your Mailboxes and choose your Trash folder.
  • To delete messages one at a time, swipe left on each message. To delete everything, tap Edit, tap Select All, and then tap Delete. Tap Delete All to confirm.
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    Why Is My Iphone Storage Full If I Have Icloud

    When you enable iCloud, your iPhone automatically backs up its data to the cloud. This includes things like your photos, contacts, and app data. Over time, these backups can start to take up a lot of space, especially if you have multiple devices backed up to the same account. If you& rsquor re trying to free up some space on your iCloud account, you can delete old backups from your iPhone storage.

    Can I Get More Icloud Storage For Free

    How Do You Get More Gb On Your Phone

    The only iCloud storage that you can get for free is the default 5 GB. There is no way to get more iCloud storage for free.

    If youve been seeing that iCloud Storage Full message, its time to clean things up. Hopefully, one of the tips above will help you free up enough space to keep using your free iCloud account. But if thats not enough for your pictures and videos, you can always upgrade to get more storage.

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    Why Is Icloud Important

    When choosing an iPhone, there are three things youre going to want to consider size, color, and storage on iPhone.

    Even if you decide to max out your phone and select the largest option available, its still worth it to get the best iCloud storage plan.

    With iCloud, you can access your files from anywhere and use them from your computer or iPad.

    With iCloud, your backups and restores are a snap too.

    Europe The Middle East And Africa


    200GB: 590002TB: 199000

    1. For countries and regions where the local currency isn’t supported, such as Argentina, storage upgrades are billed in U.S. dollars . Learn more about countries and regions that bill in U.S. dollars .

    2. iCloud+ upgrades for Albania, Armenia, Belarus, and Iceland are charged in U.S. dollars , with prices slightly higher due to the Value Added Tax . 3. Taxes are included in all prices for these countries and regions: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China mainland, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

    4. Residents in some U.S. states have tax added to the monthly payment due to state laws.

    Accepted payment methods for iCloud+ upgrades include credit cards, debit cards, and your Apple Account balance. If you don’t have enough available funds in your Apple Account balance to complete your upgrade, you’ll be charged the remaining amount. Apple Store gift cards aren’t accepted as payment for upgrading iCloud+. Learn how to manage the amount of storage you’re using.

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    Transfer Via Flash Drive

    You need to have a Flash Drive Stick for iPhone before you can start migrating your data. This kind of flash drive is easily and directly connected to your iPhone without the need for a computer.

    This kind of flash drive stick has its own data transfer app that you can install on your iPhone to establish the connection.

  • Install the app required by the Flash Drive
  • Open the Transfer Data option that pops on your iPhone
  • Select the files you wish to transfer to the Flash Drive
  • Choose Copy to USB for all the files you need to transfer
  • Disconnect properly
  • How Do I Get More Storage On My Phone

    How To Buy More iPhone Storage

    If your phone is running low on storage, there are a few ways that you can free up some space. One way is to delete any unnecessary files or apps that you no longer use. Another way is to move files such as photos and videos to a cloud storage service like Drive or Dropbox. Finally, you can try using an SD card to expand your storage space.

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    How To Buy Storage On Iphone: An Extensive Guide

    Today we will talk about how to buy storage on iPhone. Well, Each iPhone model has a certain built-in storage space. We cannot quite literally buy the internal space, because we would have to buy a whole new iPhone in order to get more extra internal storage, unlike computers. But there is another storage feature available on iPhone which is called: iCloud storage.

    Pro tip:

    iCloud app syncs all your data, which could include photos, videos, contacts, and personal information. With iCloud storage at hand, you can work from anywhere really, people prefer iCloud storage because it is the most secure. You can also buy more iCloud storage if you like. You can buy a maximum of 2TB and a minimum of 50GB of iCloud storage. Lets get to how to buy storage on iPhone.

    Get Rid Of Old Messages

    You may be wasting space on iCloud if you send many messages, particularly if you send many photographs and GIFs. Use this simple method to see the space you’re taking up with one-on-one conversations:

    Step 1: On your iPhone, open Settings and click on your name.

    Step 2: Go to iCloud and then click Manage Storage. Now, select Messages app and go to the Top Conversation.

    Step 3: Now, select all the conversations you wish to delete and hit the Trash option.

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    S To Buy More Icloud Storage On Iphone

    Performing the following steps will take you to the iCloud+ menu where you can upgrade your basic iCloud account to any of the available storage options via monthly subscription.

    Make sure that youre currently signed in to your Apple ID on your iPhone so that youll be able to access the correct iCloud account to upgrade.

    Feel free to start whenever youre all set to upgrade your iCloud subscription on your iPhone.

    Step 1: To begin, launch the Settings app by tapping on the Gear icon from the iPhones Home screen or App Library.
    Step 2: In the iOS Settings menu, tap on your name .
    Step 3: On the succeeding window, find and then tap iCloud. You will then be routed to your iCloud account menu.
    Step 4: To continue, tap Manage Storage. The iCloud Storage menu opens next.
    Step 5: To purchase additional storage, tap Change Storage Plan and wait for the iCloud+ window to load up next. Here you will see all available storage upgrades you can choose from.
    Step 6: Finally, select the amount of storage youd like to purchase and then tap Buy on the top-right corner. Among the available upgrades are 50GB, 200 GB and 2 TB. Just tap to mark your preferred storage plan to purchase.
    Step 7: After selecting your plan, tap the Upgrade to iCloud+ button and then tap Subscribe on the next pop-up window to confirm.

    Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to apply your new iCloud storage purchase and upgrade your iCloud account.

    How To Buy More Storage On Iphone Xr

    Which iPhone X Storage Size Should I Buy: 64GB or 256GB?

    Índice de contenidos

  • Go to Settings > > iCloud> Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.
  • Tap BuyMore Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  • Choose a plan and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Also know, can you add storage to iPhone XR? The iPhone XR, like all iPhone models, doesnt come with expandable storage via a microSD card. If you decide you need additional storage youll need to add it through Apples iCloud service or via Lightning drive. Apple wont announce additional storage options down the road so youre stuck with these three options.

    Considering this, can you buy extra storage for iPhone? You cannot buy more storage space on your phone. It will always have the same amount it came with. You can buy space in Apples synching service iCloud. The only way to create space on the phone is to delete , messages, apps., etc..

    Subsequently, how do I get more free storage on my iPhone XR?

    Also the question is, how do I buy more storage for my phone?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, make sure that youre signed in to your Google Account.
  • From the Play Store, download the Google One app.
  • In the Google One app, at the bottom, tap Upgrade.
  • Choose your new storage limit.
  • Review the new plan pricing and payment date, then tap Continue.
  • NO iPhone has or ever has had an sd card slot.

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    Deep Clean Iphone To Get More Iphone Free Storage

    Acturally, for these kind of old iPhones, there is a professional iPhone cleaner and iPhone data manager tool to apply. iMyFone Umate Pro is designed to free up more available space for iOS devices. It has 5 modes to get more iPhone storage and can free up nearly 40% space on iPhone, even can wipe the personal data without recovery rate.

    • One Click to Free Up Space: Just one click to clean up junk files and temporary files, compress photos, delete large files and remove apps.
    • Erase Deleted Files: Erasing deleted files can make sure that the files you previously deleted are no longer accessible or recoverable. This can also get more available storage.
    • Erase Private Data: It can delete private photos, browsing history, emails, or other personal information to decrease the privacy leaking rate and storage occupying.
    • Erase Private Fragments: Erasing incomplete private fragments can find out all private traces produced by third-party apps and permanently destroy them.

    Here is the guide on how to get more iPhone storage:

    Step 1: Connect your device to the computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

    Step 2: Choose a clean mode from the left panel and start to scan the iPhone for data analysis.

    Step 3: One – click to erase the junk fiels for iPhone storage releasing.

    That is how easy to get more storage on iPhone and the best thing is that Umate Pro can clean the files for you for totally free!


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