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How To Share Google Storage With Family

How To Share Your Google One Subscription With Family Members

How family sharing works with Google One

When you open a Google account, Google gives you 15GB of free storage space in your Google Drive to store your files, pictures, and videos. But what then happens when you exhaust the free 15GB? Thats where Google One comes in. is basically the paid version of Google Drive. It gives you extra online storage to store your files, pictures, and videos across Google Drive, Gmail, Photos, etc. The interesting thing is that it lets you share that storage with your family members . And in this article, were going to show you how to do just that.

How To Share Google One Storage With Family

If you want to , here is how you can do that. It is possible to add family members to Google One and share storage. No matter which plans you use, you can share your storage with others without any problem.

Before getting started, you must know a few things about this sharing:

  • You can share your Google One subscription with any family member or friend. However, that particular person must not have been a part of any other family in the last 12 months.
  • All the added members will start using the shared storage when they have consumed the free 15 GB storage, which comes with all the Google accounts.
  • You cannot share your subscription with someone who has a school, work, or any other organization account. The user must have an authentic Gmail account.
  • When you remove a member, all files will be intact, but they wont be able to store anything new.

How To Share Google One With Family

To share Google One storage with family, you need a and a family group. If you have a family group, skip to the next section.

If you dont, you’ll need to create a Family Group.

  • Head to Google’s Family site.
  • Sign in to your Google account. If you have multiple accounts, ensure you’re using the correct one with a Google One subscription.
  • Click Get Started, and then Create a family group.
  • Invite family members to join your Family group by selecting contacts listed under Suggestions. You can also invite contacts not available in this section by manually typing their email. Family invitations are limited to five, and Google family invitations expire after two weeks.
  • Next, click Send.
  • The invited members will receive an email notification from Google to join your family group. If they accept the invitation, you’ll be notified by Google. If you run into problems while creating a family group, ensure that you’re using a personal Google account.

    Invitees must reside in the same country as you, and should not be in another family group at the moment or in the past 12 months.

    To share Google One storage with your family members:

  • Select Settings > Manage Family Settings.
  • Toggle on the slider adjacent to .
  • With that option enabled, family members will have access to your extra Google One storage once they fill up their free 15GB. Although you have access to the same storage, family members can’t see each others files .

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    How To Share Google One Storage With Your Family

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    If you have a Google One subscription, you can share your space with family members. Each of those users have 15GB of free space as soon as they create a Google account and will be able to use your Google One space after that. This wikiHow will teach you how to add family members and share Google One storage with them. Although you’re sharing your storage space with your family, they cannot access your files.

    How To Set Up Google Family To Share Your Google Services

    ¿Instalar Google Drive como app de escritorio con una cuenta bajo ...

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    If you pay for a book on Google Play Books, your significant other should be able to read it, too. The same goes for movies, music, and even apps or gamesif you make a purchase, everyone in the family should be able to enjoy it. Thanks to Google Family, they can.

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    How To Remove Someone From Google One Family

    To remove someone from Google One family, follow these steps:

    • Open on your browser.
    • Log in to your Google account.
    • Click the REMOVE MEMBER button.
    • Enter your Google account password.
    • Click the REMOVE button.

    Lets check out these steps in detail.

    First, you need to open the website on your browser and log in to your Google account. This account must be the master account you used to purchase the Google One subscription.

    After that, you can find all the family members you added to share the storage. Click on the desired family member you want to remove and click on the REMOVE MEMBER button.

    Then, you need to enter your Google account password and click on the REMOVE button. The member will be removed from your shared storage.

    How Do I Add Family To Google Storage

    To add family to Google storage or Google One, you need to follow the aforementioned guides. As Google offers an option, there is no hidden trick or anything else. Also, you do not need to spend extra money to share or add family members to your Google storage. However, you must have an active Google One subscription to continue having this benefit.

    Hope this guide helped.

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    Adding Family Members With The Google One Mobile App

  • 1Open Google One. The app icon looks like a multicolored “1” that you’ll find on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching.
  • 2Tap the Settings tab. You’ll see this at the top of your screen with Home, Storage, and Support.
  • 3Tap Manage family settings. It’s next to an icon of two avatars under the “Backup and Sharing” header near the middle of the menu.
  • 4Tap Manage family group. This is usually the first listing in the menu next to an icon of two avatars.
  • 5Tap Invite family members. You can have up to 5 other accounts linked to yours.XResearch source
  • To remove a family member, tap their account from the family list, then tap Remove member.
  • Create A Family Group

    How to Upgrade to Google One and Add Family Members to Share Cloud Storage

    The first thing you will need to do is to create a family group. This is where you can add the members you would like to share your storage.

    Time needed: 5 minutes.

  • Go to using your browser.

    This is where you will be able to create a family group.

  • This will allow you to manage your family group.

  • Type the email address of the members you would like to add then click send.

    This will send out an invitation to the person you would like to add.

  • This will allow you to create the family group.

  • Type the email address of the members you would like to add then click send.

    This will send out an invitation to the person you would like to add.

  • This is where you can see and manage them members of the family group.

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    How To Share Google One Storage To Family

    You can share Google One storage to family members of up to 6 in total living in the same country as you. Members will have access to your storage plan but wont be able to access each others files. You can do this by managing the family settings of your account.

    Google One is the cloud storage subscription service of Google that is aimed at the consumer market. The free plan gives 15GB of storage space that is shared between Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. There are various paid subscription plans offering 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, and 10 TB of storage space.

    Sharing Your Storage Space Using The Mobile App

  • 1Open Google One. The app icon looks like a multicolored “1” that you’ll find on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching.
  • 2Tap the Settings tab. You’ll see this at the top of your screen with Home, Storage, and Support.
  • 3Tap Manage family settings. It’s next to an icon of two avatars under the “Backup and Sharing” header near the middle of the menu.
  • 4Tap the toggle next to “Share Google One with your family” to turn it on
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    How To Set Up Your Google Family

    It probably goes without saying, but youre going to want to be an Android user for this, and unsurprisingly enough the easiest way to set up your family is from your phone. There is a too, but its not as useful. So yeah, just use your phone.

    First, open the Play Store, then slide open the menu and choose the Account option. From there, select the Family setting.

    You must enroll yourself in the Family Library first, which you do by tapping the Sign Up for Family Library option here. It opens a brief look at what the Google Play Family Library is all aboutjust tap the Sign Up button at the bottom.

    Registering for Family Library takes a few seconds, but once its finished tap the Continue button.

    Next, set up your Family Payment Method. Tap through the next couple of pages to continue.

    If you already have a payment method stored in your Google Wallet, it shows up here. If not, you need to add a payment method now.

    Once the payment method has been established, its time to add content to your Family Library. You can choose to Add All Eligible Purchases Now, or just pick and choose the stuff you want to share one-by-one. Do your thing.

    At this point, youre ready to add your family. Tap the Continue button, and then send some invitations. Youll be notified over email when the invitations are accepted.

    Adding Family Members Using A Web Browser

    Use Google Calendar and Google Drive to Organize Your Life
  • 1Go to and sign in . You can use a mobile or desktop web browser to view your family and add accounts.
  • 2Click or tap Invite family member. You can have up to 5 other accounts linked to yours.
  • 3Enter your family member’s email address. If you don’t remember their email address, it may be in the list of suggestions below the text space.
  • 4Click or tap Send. It’s a green button at the bottom of the form. That user will get an email invitation to join your family.
  • To remove a family member, click or tap on their account from the family list and click or tap Remove Member.
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    Managing Your Google Family

    When the invitations are accepted, its time to take a look at Family Management. You can open Family Management settings by opening the Play Store, sliding open the menu, choosing the Account option, and finally the Family setting.

    There are two lone options in this menu: Manage Family Members and Family Library Settings. Lets start with the first one and manage some family members.

    Managing Family Members

    There really isnt a lot to know about this menu, so well be brief. It shows everyone in your Family, including those to whom youve sent invitations but who have yet to accept.

    You can further control each members access level by tapping their entry on this list. Tap the Purchase Approval setting to set the purchase level available to the selected family member. You can remove the member completely by tapping the three dots in the upper right and choosing the Remove Member option.

    Managing purchase approvals is pretty straightforward. Any member between the age of 13 and 17 has three approval options: Only Paid Content, Only In-App Purchases, or No Approval Required. That last option is really for the brave .

    Members above 18 wont require approval of any kind, nor are there any options to require it. Thats just how it is.

    Managing Family Library Content and Settings

    Finally, if you want to remove all your purchases from your Family Library, you can do that by selecting the Remove Purchases option.

    Other Options and Considerations

    What Makes The Best Family Cloud Storage

    When adding anything new to your family dynamic, its nice when it doesnt cause problems. Cloud storage is no different. Your family is going to be storing photos, videos and other files, so your cloud storage should be secure, fast, easy to use and give you a lot of storage for the price. Here are our top five suggestions.

  • pCloud Secure, fast and affordable cloud storage for families
  • Flexible features with many third-party app integrations
  • OneDrive Comes preinstalled on all Windows 10 devices
  • Dropbox Established cloud storage provider with a few privacy hiccups
  • The most secure cloud storage
  • When it comes to security, zero-knowledge encryption is as secure as it gets. Also known as client-side encryption, it gives you sole access to your encryption code, so even the services employees cant unlock your files. Two-factor-authentication requires you to verify your identity each time you log in to your account, making it essential for storing sensitive personal data.

    Families have a ton of photos and videos, so cloud storage services with advanced media features are always welcome. However, its not all about the features the right cloud service needs to be easy to use for every member of the family. Of course, all of this has to come at a price that wont break the bank, preferably with a dedicated family plan.

    More details about pCloud:


    • No productivity features


    • Poor privacy policy
    • No client-side encryption

    15GBOneDrive Basic 5GBFreeFree

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    Activate The Storage Share Setting Of Google One

    After you have created a family group you can now share your storage space subscription to its members.

    • Go to the Google One home page at .
    • Turn on the Share Google One with family switch.

    After performing the steps listed above you will successfully share Google One storage to family members.

    What Is Google Family

    How To Upgrade Google Drive Storage & Share With Family Members Or Other Google Accounts

    Google Family lets families to share content across their Google Play accounts. You can have up to six accounts in your Family, with two primary types of accounts available within the Family. There are family managersgenerally the parentsand then limited Member accounts, which are usually the children .

    With Google Family, anyone in the family can buy contentbooks, movies, games, apps, music, and the likeand then other people in your family have access to it. Each person, of course, has granular control over how their content gets shared: you can have your content shared automatically as soon as you buy it, or pick and choose manually.

    Note: App and game developers have to allow their apps to be shared in the Family Library, so sharing isnt available for every purchase.


    If you subscribe to certain Google Services, like YouTube Red, YouTube TV, or , you can also share those subscriptions with your family . Its pretty all-encompassing when it comes to sharing content with your loved onesGoogle Calendar and Keep also both make it easy to share specific things with the people in your family. Google Family is also required to use app to make your childs Android device just a bit safer.

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