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Landmark Moving And Storage Reviews

Never Would I Recommend This Company

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Never would I recommend this company for your long distance move. Scammers… contracted for a move in Sept of 2021 for a move from PA to FLA. They talk a good game. Paid my $900.00 deposit and was all set. Had to cancel the move, so I followed their cancellation protocol in order to get my deposit back. Called, no answer..wrote response. 6 mos. later still trying to get my deposit back… Warning !! if you plan to use this company for your move, you are giving them a NON-Refundable deposit , even if you cancel in the contract guidelines.

These guys are Tetris masters. Very happy to have gone with this company, especially after poor past experiences with other moving companies. I am delighted with Landmark Moving and would recommend them to others.

The Absolute Worst Moving Company

Reply from Landmark Moving and storage

I am sorry you had such a horrible experience Amanda. Our company is called Landmark Moving and Storage we are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we did not service your move Nor do we store Customers’ items in Norcross, GA. We do not have anyone named Tim or Kasey working for us.

This Is Not A Moving Company

This is NOT a moving company which sell you off to another ripe off company. They are ripe off con-artists. They will lie to get your money and sell you off to another company which will hold your belongings and extort you for more money before you get your belongings. They need a class action lawsuit to put them out of business and/or have law enforcement get involve.

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How Do I Find The Best Movers In Landmark

In general, there are four main factors to consider when choosing a mover: Transparency, Pricing, Services Offered, and Overall Reputation. In order to be able to compare different companies, you would need to put in countless hours scouring every resource possible, cleaning and evaluating all the content and information you obtained, and then and plugging the data into top-notch models in order to truly compare all moving companies. Our system is designed to help with that, as we have spent a very long time compiling and understanding thousands of data points in order to serve the best results to put it simply, look at the rankings near the top of our page.

Worst Company Ive Ever Encountered

Landmark Moving and storage Reviews

Worst company Ive ever encountered. Wouldnt recommend even to my enemies. Broken items, missing items, difficult to get ahold of, manager is inappropriate and should be fired for how he communicates/more like yells to customers, I had to unload my own furniture and haul it up the stairs bc the mover had a bad back and showed up by himself, did not show up on time. Showed up 4 weeks later despite paying for expedited delivery within 4 days. Id give a negative 5 stars if I could. DO NOT USE.

They turned up on time.

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More Customers Say Movers Vanished With Their Belongings Feds Now Investigating

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – The list of customers who say that a moving company disappeared with their belongings is continuing to grow. Now, a federal investigation is underway.

We havent received anything yet, Loperena said. Now we cant get in touch with these people, not even over the phone, nothing.

Live 5 Investigates previously reported on Landmark weeks ago after being contacted by Sanchez, who recently moved from Summerville to California. Sanchez said that Landmark picked up important possessions such as memory books with pictures of deceased family members at her Dorchester County home on July 10 and that she has not seen them since.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy, Sanchez said.

The Dorchester County Sheriffs Office confirmed that there is currently a multi-state, multi-jurisdictional investigation underway.

Why arent these guys arrested? Sanchez said.

In the time since the initial Live 5 Investigates report, other moving company customers described having an experience with Landmark that was similar to that of Sanchez.

Melissa Swanson said that she hired Landmark two months ago to move her belongings and those of her young son from Georgia to her new home in South Carolina. She said the movers picked up her items late one night in the Peach State and never brought them to the Palmetto State.

Swanson said that she has tried getting ahold of the movers and has been in touch with law enforcement, but has not had any luck locating her stuff.

When Is The Best Time To Move In Landmark

Since Landmark has a relatively warm climate, we suggest moving in the cooler months when you dont need to worry about as much heat. Another consideration for when to move is the number of college students. Since the area has a large number of college students, you can expect a huge number of students moving during May and August, which means that you definitely want to avoid moving in those months.

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Dont Believe Jack What This Company

Dont believe jack what this company tells you. They lie the rep Ryan hustled me. They make it seem like they are this perfect company that makes all deliverys. No not the case they pawn your stuff off to another Company that delivers your stuff. They said my stuff would not be stored anywhere its getting on the on the way asap. No three weeks later and giving me attitude that they have 21 business days to deliver it. They are all liars, never use this company or MAP MOVING the moving company they pawn my stuff too. Second they lie on the quote, I sent him a list of all the things in my house and he BS that as well. Do yourself a service and dont use any of these crap ass services. All they do is lie lie lie , Im going to repost this all over yelp, google I will make sure this company gets the rating they deserve A big fat 0!!!!

How Much Would It Cost To Complete A Move In Landmark For A One Two Or Three Plus Bedroom House


With an estimate of about 5, 7, and 10+ hours for one, two, and three bedroom dwellings, we estimate that you would expect to pay $624 for a local one bedroom move, $937 for a local two bedroom move, and $1,405+ for a local three bedroom move when using one of our top-rated professional movers in Landmark, AR. These estimates account for most other expenses you might incur in addition to the hourly charge.

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Weather Information For Landmark

If youre thinking of moving to Landmark, its good to know as much as possible about the weather in the area. One measurement of weather is the climate zone. In Arkansas at large and Landmark, you can expect a Mixed-Humid type of climate, as designated by Building Americas climate classification. Dont worry about letting your moving carry into the night! It will likely be plenty warm in Landmark during the night with an average low temperature of 53 The local area around Landmark, including the village itself receives nearly 3.41 mm of rainfall per day. It gets an above-average amount of sunlight, with a median sunshine hours percent of 59%.

Update 11/20/21 This Company Is Fraudulent

UPDATE! It is NOVEMBER 20th and I still dont have my refund! They are now holding my money because I wrote reviews on my experience with this company. The reviews and a call from the local authorities is what got me any traction for MONTHS. They bank on people not knowing the laws or their rights. THEY ARE ILLEGALLY HOLDING MY MONEY TRYING TO SAVE FACE OF THIS COMPANY. AS I STATED I WONT STOP UNTIL I GET WHAT IS OWED TO ME! NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH FRAUDULENT PRACTICES!! PEOPLE WORK TOO HARD FOR THEIR TO BE SCREWED OVER BY A COMPANY WITH BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!!This company is FRAUDULENT!! They called themselves veteran owned and they should ashamed of their business practices!!! Their salesman Jerrid sells this company TOO WELL. I hired them to do a cross country move in August, WAS CANCELED THE DAY OF MY MOVE, and treated rudely, because their movers didnt want to work with the HOA restrictions of my building. Instead of trying to work with me, they just offered a REFUND, I accepted. After many ignored calls, emails, and texts, I still dont have a refund. EXCUSE after EXCUSE is given. I just want the refund of my deposit for a SERVICE YOU DID NOT RENDER WHICH IS ILLEGAL!!

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Things To Do In Landmark

Theres a lot to like about Landmark one of them is the number of things to do. Heres some info about the city that might spur some ideas. The city houses 7 full-service restaurants and 4 fast-food restaurants. This means it has a large number of eating places than 47.8% of other locales with relation to its population. In addition, it has a good number of tea shops relative to its population with a total of 7 of them.

How Are Movers In Landmark Rated

Photo Gallery

The professional moving companies in Landmark are scored according to four key metrics: Transparency, Pricing, Services Offered, and Overall Reputation. For local movers on which there is limited data, pricing is replaced by accessibility and distance. So if a mover is close to your location, then they will be awarded a higher score. For large moving companies, scores are compiled manually and through exhaustive use-testing. Local movers are scored according to their presence online, website content, reviews, accreditation, services, and distance. All of these data are compiled from publicly available sources by leveraging advanced data models and programs.

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Absolutely Do Not Work With Them

Absolutely do not work with them. They lie to you about price – I was charged over double what they quoted me – they contract you with a terrible moving service called M A P Moving and Storage, and they lie to you about timeline. I was told by Landmark that if they picked up my stuff Sunday the average delivery time frame is 4 days and I could expect it Thursday, but it is guaranteed within a week. After the movers picked up my stuff , we were expecting a Wednesday or Thursday arrival. I heard nothing all week after calling and emailing Landmark several times – they finally responded once saying they spoke with a woman from MAP. I tracked her down and she told me my things would be there 3-10 days after my first available delivery date, meaning 3-10 days from the Thursday I was told my stuff should be here. This was absolutely NOT what Landmark had told me and is leaving us in an unfurnished apartment for a week and a half. I will never work with this company again and would highly recommend against it. To be seen whether my stuff gets delivered within the 3-10 days and if things are broken. Based on the reviews of MAP, I’m expecting a disaster.


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