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Large Metal Storage Box With Lock

Metal Garden Storage Boxes

Book Safe Metal Box with Combination Lock Large

We have a large range of metal storage boxes available. These are offered in various colours, styles, sizes, storage capacities, and specifications. These boxes can be used to store a vast range of outdoor items including barbecue tools and equipment, cushions, garden equipment, garden toys, golf clubs, tableware, tools and so much more.

Some boxes have walk in access. Others are low horizontal storage boxes with lids.

Our Lockable Site Storage Boxes Are

  • …all made by us, here in the UK
  • …available up to 890h x 1200w x 1200d in size
  • …available with forklift pockets and castor wheels
  • …available with rodent/vermin proof options

Since 1995, our Metal Cages & Pallets engineer team has manufactured bespoke storage and steel stillage solutions for businesses throughout Greater Manchester and the UK. Designed and fabricated in-house, our new large lockable site storage boxes are a great secure storage option for your construction site, factory or warehouse.

The lockable site storage box design provides large capacity for open sites where power tools and accessories, batteries and chargers, hand tools and other electrical or valuable equipment can be secured and stored, whether temporarily or longer-term.

This high-quality, bespoke lockable site box is manufactured in Great Britain by a team with over 25 years experience in the design and fabrication of metal and steel pallets and stillages. Enjoying an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and expertise, Metal Cages & Pallets is an industry-leader in the engineering of stillages and solutions such as large lockable site boxes.

Other Garden Storage Solutions

There is a range of other metal garden storage solutions to browse and shop for on this page including:

  • Wheelie bin store improve garden aesthetics by securely storing wheelie bins out of sight
  • Gas cylinders store UK manufactured to LP Gas Association Codes of Practice and can store up to 4 x 47kg butane or propane gas cylinders

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Metal Storage Lock Box

What Accessories And Optional Extras Are Available

British Army Large Metal Box Heavy Duty Lockable Storage Case Land ...

Depending upon the exact metal storage solution you provide, there will be a number of accessories and optional extras available. Click individual products for full details, but these include:

  • Anchor kit
  • Colour options
  • Hasp and padlock
  • Installation service with some metal storage solutions Shedstore can install the product
  • Padlock set
  • Plywood floor and

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What Are The Advantages Of Buying Metal Garden Storage Boxes

There are numerous advantages of buying metal garden storage boxes compared to plastic and wooden alternatives, we discuss some of these below:

  • Affordability metal storage is more affordable than wood. If budget is a priority this could be a telling factor, for the same price you will usually buy a larger storage solution
  • Durability metal does not rot like untreated wood does and is highly durable in numerous ways including extreme weather conditions . Expected durability is backed up by a generous and lengthy guarantee of up to twenty five years. Modern metal storage will not blister, crack, or become warped and is treated to prevent rust
  • Fire-resistant wood is naturally flammable, so if you need a fireproof alternative, garden metal storage is a sound choice. Additionally, metal storage is a perfect place to safely store combustible products away from the home
  • Maintenance-free most metal storage boxes are manufactured with galvanized steel. This is steel with a zinc coating and other layers and coatings that provides excellent protection from rust and corrosion. This means you will not need to rust-proof or apply paint. There is no need to apply creosote or other treatments as with some wooden storage and
  • Rodent-proof metal storage boxes are 100% rodent-proof as they cannot gnaw through metal!

Our Range Of Large Lockable Site Boxes For Your Business:

Supplying direct to end users, the new lockable site box by Metal Cages & Pallets makes an excellent choice for builders and construction sites where tools and other valuable materials need to be easily accessible but securely stored at the end of a shift. The large lockable site box design is durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing, ideal for busy sites, factories, warehouses and workshops.

1. Large lockable site storage box

Featuring solid sides and lid, manufactured from quality steel, our large lockable site stillage is available in a range of sizes, and can be customised to include forklift pockets or castor wheels for easy movement around your site. The lockable site storage box is supplied with 1 padlock and 2 keys.

Available in a range of sizes, the versatile half-drop front of this lockable storage box allows for easy access to valuable tools, equipment and materials during the shift, with a secure lockable lid when not in use. Customisable to include stackable feet or castor wheels and forklift pockets, the half-drop front allows for materials to be accessed even when stillages are stacked. Product is supplied with 1 padlock and 2 keys.

3. Lockable Site Stillage With Half-Drop Front & Mesh Inserts

4. Large Site Box

5. Rodent & Vermin Proof Large Lockable Site Box

6. Double Width Lockable Site Stillage With Half-Drop Fronts

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