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Lego Storage Box With Compartments

Is This Really The Best Way To Organize Legos You Bet It Is

Adam Savage Builds a LEGO Sorting and Storage System!

We may be biased because were so vested, but we can now take out just the Legos we need, easily grab a series of bins based on color, size, and type, and get to work. Our next project is to see how closely we can recreate one of Legos existing Creator building sets using just leftover pieces! Well need to do some customization for sure, but it should be a lot easier now that we dont have to hunt through a couple of large baskets of Legos to find what we need!

You may be wondering what our entire Lego sorting system costs. Well, it wasnt cheapbut compared to what youd pay for dedicated Lego storage, its a great valueand much more useful. We used the following HART Tools STACK products in our Lego storage rig:

  • Tool Box w/2 Half Stack Low Profile Organizers $39.88
  • 7) HART Tool Box with Removable Organizer Bins $153.79
  • 2) Two Drawer Units $87.88
  • 18 Cantilever Organizer $18.48

For extra credit you can also pick up some larger cases without clear lids for things like large bases and genre-specific Legos. For example, we utilized the middle box of the 3-piece STACK Modular Storage System to hold our kids Minecraft Legos.

Lego Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat


This genius invention doubles as both storage and play mat, offering a simple way to tuck away the Legos when theyre not being used. Whip out the carpet for playtime, then fold it away for easy cleanup.

You can buy your own Lego storage play mat here, or you can try to make your own! If youre a beginner sewer with some time on your hand, this will be a fulfilling and kid-friendly sewing project to try.

Lifesaving Lego Storage Ideas You Need

Home » Organization » 37 Lifesaving Lego Storage Ideas You Need

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Lego all over the place? These little lego organization ideas will save you the nerves, the time and keep your home decluttered! Theyre relatively simple yet super useful.

If you have kids, then you have undoubtedly stepped on a stray Lego before. You will also know that it hurts. These tiny torture bricks need to be safely put away, but kids so often forget to keep them corralled.

Luckily, Ive got thirty-seven storage ideas that will help your kids keep every little piece neatly organized . Browse through all thirty-seven to find one perfect for your home!

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Best Lego Storage Containers To Organize Your Kids Ever

Your feet will thank you.

BySara Goldstein Updated April 11, 2022

If there were merit badges given out for parenthood, “Survived Stepping on a LEGO” would be one of them. After all, once your child becomes obsessed with the colorful bricks and iconic mini figures, they seem to pepper all corners of your home, car and even your yard.

So it comes as no surprise that LEGO storage has become its own category of home organization. From keeping your feet safe to saving everyone the aggravation of hunting down missing pieces, there are tons of clever ways to keep their growing collection neat and tidy. They’re not always the most gorgeous storage solutions, but heya cascading pile of sharp plastic isn’t either. We’ve hunted down some of the best LEGO storage containers for easy organizing that make clean up a breeze. Check them out below!

The best LEGO storage containerswe’ve come across…

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Do I need climate-controlled storage?

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Self Storage Unit Amenities

Depending on what, where, and for how long you are storing, different features and amenities might be very important to have.

For large or heavy furniture drive-up access and large access points may make moving and unloading much easier. If you are storing in humid locations, having it stored in a climate controlled storage unit may be ideal to prevent rust and corrosion. Traditional self storage facilities will allow flexible access during business hours, but Neighbor storage spaces may offer 24/7 or by appointment only access.

Best Lego Storage Options For Your Kids

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When you think about Lego storage, the first thing that comes to mind is probably keeping your Legos organized. And while thats definitely an important benefit of using a storage container, there are actually many reasons why you should use one.

This article will discuss the importance of Lego storage and how to choose the right one for your needs!

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Best Lego Storage Solutions

Are legos driving you crazy yet??

In this post, Im going to show you some clever lego storage solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. Because legos can end up driving you crazy.

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Have you ever stepped on a lego? Torture.

Find legos in your laundry? Annoying.

But legos in the dog food bin? Now youve taken it too far.

I have two young kids and they both LOVE legos. And their friends and family LOVE giving them lego sets as gifts. So we have built up a lot of legos in this house!

Dont get me wrong I think legos are great. They keep your kids occupied and they allow their little imaginations to run wild. But there are so many dang pieces. And some of them are so itty bitty, I have stud earrings bigger than those pieces.

The storage we use for legos is just storage, its not organization. If I had to put legos away by the color and/or size every time, I would go permanently insane. Thats just me. BUT! I also included some ideas for those who do like to organize that way, too.

Lets get to it.

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With Storables, rest assured that your dream house is just a few clicks away!

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Organizing Your Lego Collection

We have talked about WHERE to store your Lego collection but not really about HOW.

The decision to sort your collection, whether by color, brick type, set or whatever is really a personal one. You know your kids the best and what they want and will be able to maintain. But it is definitely something to consider before you make or buy a storage solution.

Theres no point buying a large storage box if you want to sort your collection. Conversely you may be better with the kiddies pool idea rather than drawers if you dont want to sort your collection, say for example, if your kids prefer to see everything at a glance.

As your collection grows, wanting to organize it in some way sort of creeps up on you. You might start with it all in one big box, but as you get more sets youll probably keep those together, then as you start wasting time hunting for bricks of the right size or color, you might want to separate the collection out.

Age plays a big part in when it is time to organize your Legos. Younger kids are happy with a big pile so the shallow box or playmat bag type storage solutions are very useful. Older fans, however, will be looking to keep their random bricks separate from their Bionicles say.

The size of your collection is another factor that may influence your decision to organize your Legos. As soon as you split your collection between more than one box, you need some way of sorting it between the smaller bins in a meaningful way.

Lego Table With Storage

The Lego table with storage is sure to make for creative play time. What is more convenient than having all of your Legos in the space that youre playing? Nothing.

Activity Table: this table provides the perfect space for playtime with its convenient storage.

Construction Table: this construction table hides when its not playtime with its double sided playboard.

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Playmat and Storage: go from playtime to cleanup with the pull of one string with this fun playmat.

Lego Table: with such a big space theres so much creativity that can be added to playtime.

Activity Table with Board: convenient storage with a classic look.

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Considerations For Large Collections

There are several different ways to store a large collection of LEGO bricks. They range from high-end solutions with a drawer or compartment for each part, to inexpensive ziploc bags stored in larger drawers or bins.

The main factors which impact your choice of storage product are:

  • Budget You can organize a large collection inexpensively using ziploc bags, but finding parts quickly will be a hassle.
  • Space Drawer cabinets are great, but you need a lot of wall space. Other options are more efficient in smaller spaces.
  • Availability Most of the products we recommend are available in the US, but might not be available where you live.
  • Building Style If you build across a wide range of themes, you might require a system which is easy to re-arrange or allows you to move specific parts to your work space. If you transport your collection around the house or to LEGO conventions, you might require tight fitting lids.
  • Many people want to store a lot of pieces in the smallest amount of space. Storage Density is the percentage of a storage solutions outer dimensions which can be used to store LEGO bricks.

    Products with lots of small compartments are about 10% less efficient than comparable products with just a few large compartments. This is due to space between drawers, space for containers to close properly, and the plastic used to make the container itself.

    Ikea Billy Bookcase Storage

    LEGO Brick Storage Carry Case With Fold Out Handle Toy Box Organiser ...


    This time, were delving back into IKEA and using a Billy Bookcase for our playroom storage. Much like the other ideas on this list, you can color code the Lego bricks into divided storage containers.

    Place this on the middle shelf of the Billy, then populate the rest of the frame with other playtime accessories. One great idea is to have an empty basket to use as the transport for bricks in use.

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    Types Of Lego Storage Options

    Posted on

    Organize your Lego bricks and pieces with any of these different types of Lego storage. Our storage solutions will help keep your room clutter-free and prevent it from being a dust-collecting museum for your Lego collection.

    Lego is one of those toys that almost all parents want their kids to play with. In no time, it can be surprising just how many Lego bricks and pieces are lying around the house so its valid to worry about accidentally stepping on and tripping over a block of Lego.

    Even if you dont have kids but are an adult fan of Lego, you know that proper storage for these pieces is necessary because you dont have time to waste looking for that piece you need. To organize your collection, sort them out by color, shapes or by trying any of our Lego storage solutions below.

    Source: Etsy

    Bags that transform into play mats are some of the best ways to store Legos as they offer not only an easy way to store the pieces when you are playing but also a fast way to clean them up. These bags have a very long drawstring that allows the whole bag to open up and fold out flat into a circle on the floor. By keeping a little tension in the drawstring, its possible to form a sort of border around the edge of the bag, which works to help keep the Legos on the mat, and not all over the floor.

    Half Organizer Unit With Clear Lid For Small Lego Piece Storage

    I wanted a solution for storing and organizing all of our clear and translucent Lego pieces as well as smaller Technic adapters and hinges. We had a ton of them collected over the years from various kits and sets. The HART Tools Half Organizer Unit worked perfectly, letting us store everything from simple round flat singles to larger radar shields and even 2×2 blocks. This half-width and half-height organizer features a clear lid so you can see the pieces inside.

    The Half Organizer also doesnt feature individual removable containers. Instead, it relies on a customizable grid that you can configure for larger compartments as needed.

    Two of the HART Half Organizer Units will stack right on top of the Small Parts Organizer.

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    Organise Lego By Type Or Purpose

    Organising Lego by purpose or type makes the most logical sense to me in terms of usability. When you are trying to build something with Lego you most likely want to find a particular type of piece. A wheel, a door, a window etc. I really like the idea of having Lego organised by type or category such as people, moving parts, windows and doors etc. These are some great examples.

    A clever way to keep track of all the Lego instruction books and have them easily accessible. It might be worth reinforcing the hole punched area with a piece of sticky tape before punching the hole so that it doesnt rip over time.

    amzn_assoc_asins = B004NKNN0W,B00YHOKXVG,B00NHQF6MG,B008KQ1SNE amzn_assoc_linkid = 8a15aee105201d10ffd02c7ca9f098dc

    Now this is a serious Lego storage centre! It is mostly sorted by purpose and I love the shelf for displaying all your Lego creations. It looks like it is basically Ikea bookcases and stools so would be easy to replicate if you have the space.

    The Happy Housie DIY under bed drawer

    I really love this use of space and it is a great way to store Lego where you dont have the space for additional cupboards or drawers. Im not sure that this is sorted in any specific way but it could be divided up by colour or purpose easily enough. There are step by step instructions on how to build a Lego storage drawer via the image link.

    This looks like a fishing tackle box with Lego storage sorted by a mix of colour and purpose.

    Creative Diy Storage Ideas

    IKEA’s LEGO storage – Is it worth it?

    Do you enjoy crafting and creating your own storage solutions? Our community is very creative, always coming up with DIY sets, which now also include fun and inventive storage ideas. You can create most of these with materials from our LEGO Bricks and Accessories.

    DIY LEGO Activity Table

    If youre very creative and want to get more hands-on DIY LEGO® storage ideas, DIY activity tables are a fantastic option. Once you have found a suitable table from your favorite store, you need to modify it for LEGO bricks compatibility. Doing so not only provides a fun space for kids or adults to use LEGO bricks, but activity tables are also great LEGO storage ideas for built sets. Its an excellent way to display your creations!

    DIY Toolbox Storage

    This is likely one of the most common and recognizable LEGO storage ideas to date. When looking for simple, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions you cant go wrong with a toolbox. Theyre already designed to store a range of items, varying in size and shape. Exactly like LEGO bricks! Using the various compartments and drawers, you can find a home for both large and small LEGO items.

    DIY Closet with Built-In Shelves

    DIY LEGO Wall

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