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Mobile Storage Containers For Rent

What Are Residential Home Storage Units Used For

Secure Mobile Storage Containers for NO RAMP Trailers

If you need to make space in your house or just need to store some stuff for the short- or long-term, a home storage unit can provide the extra room you need. Remodeling a room in your home? Have a child coming home from college for the Summer with a dorm room full of stuff? Our portable storage containers are the perfect home storage unit for your needs. Delivered to your door, you dont need to do any extra driving or packing, as you only need to load and unload your container once! Our containers also work for home staging, transitional moving, archival needs, furniture storage, and more!

What Can I Use Home Portable Storage Units For?

  • Home renovation or staging storage
  • Student storage for your children or transitional storage if moving to a smaller home
  • Archival storage for important documents
  • Furniture storage for home renovations, moves, or safekeeping

How Do Steel Storage Containers Compare To Pods

The largest nationwide portable storage company is PODS . While both PODS and Western Container Sales offer nationwide portable storage rentals, there are some key differences.

Primarily that PODS’ containers are smaller, lighter units that are made from a combination of steel, fiberglass, aluminum and plastic, and designed to be moved while loaded. In contrast, our rentals are re-purposed used shipping containers

.Overall, steel shipping containers are a larger and heavy duty alternative to the standard PODS storage containers. PODS now offers a an all-steel 16 ft container.

Faqs About Storage Containers

How much is a storage container?

  • The pricing for storage containers will vary depending on the size and material of the container. For more information regarding our rental costs, call to speak with a specialist at your local United Rentals branch today.

How wide is a storage container?

  • Mobile storage containers for rent range in size and can be selected based on your specific needs. Our toolboxes range in size from 3 cubic feet to 47 cubic feet, and we offer storage container options up to 8 feet by 40 feet. Our storage options are ideal for holding tools or temporarily storing site materials.

How should I move a shipping container?

  • When transporting portable shipping containers, tilt bed trucks allow cargo to easily slide off the bed, reducing the amount of machinery required to place your container at its temporary destination. For moving containers around a jobsite, that can lift at least 15,000 pounds are recommended for quick transportation.
  • Exterior length 20′ for commercial use
  • Weatherproof 14-gauge steel
  • 14-Gauge Cam Locking Steel Doors
  • Wood floors to protect products, equipment and other stored items
  • Uses: Ideal for storing and protecting tools, equipment, stock, and more in commercial construction, retail, healthcare, and industrial applications
  • 40′ exterior length for commercial use
  • Weatherproof 14-gauge steel

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Whether Your Business Is Commercial Healthcare Government Or Education Or Your Interest Is To Rent Buy Or Modify Shipping Containers Sms Has You Covered:

Offsite storage alternatives cause a mess of hassles and headaches. Expanding office space and storage capacity at your location saves time, money and hassle of making multiple trips offsite.
We offer more choice in security, size and features in steel Conex boxes or ISO shipping containers than a public storage unit or Pod for less cost and far greater service.
We offer flexible, month-to-month rental agreements and prorate by the day after your first 28-day billing cycle.
With us, you get a dedicated account manager you can rely on, so you can focus on running your business than waste time with a different person every time you call that doesn’t know or care as much.
While other companies may have some staff for modifying containers, most outsource the work, so you don’t know who is actually doing the modifications or how much they’re marking up the price.
When you modify a shipping container for your business, you won’t have to worry about expensive, lengthy and complicated construction.
We have modified thousands of containers nationwide and internationally for more than 25 years for NASA, US Navy, GCP Applied Technologies, Helix and Sundt to name a few. And rent containers to Amazon, Walmart and many of other nationally recognized brands.

What Is Portable Storage

40 ft Portable Storage Containers for Rent

Portable storage uses pods or containers for temporary storage and transportation to a storage facility or new home/office location. A portable storage unit is typically used by individuals who need flexible time when packing up their belongings or need extra moving and storage space. Many contractors will use portable storage containers to manage their equipment inventory between job sites.

Once a portable storage container is packed, our clients can call Coastal Mobile Storage and have their container delivered to a requested location. Our clients are typically responsible for loading and unloading their belongings. However, Coastal Mobile Storage has excellent relationships with many moving companies across the Southeastern North Carolina area. Although we are responsible for delivering the container to your destination, these additional services can make the moving process a breeze.

Our containers are perfect for a semi-permanent moving and storage solution, as we rent to our customers every month. Both container units are flexible and easy to work with. Large and small units can be placed at ground level and lifted onto our trailer keeping the container level at all times with incredible ease.

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Transfer Supplies With Ease

Portable storage allows you to transfer all of your tools and supplies to the job-site in one trip, maximizing efficiency to complete projects of any size on time and under budget. Eliminate the need to travel between suppliers, wholesalers, and the home office. Load and unload your container once, and leave the driving to us.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us To Rent Buy Or Modify A Shipping Container For Your Home:

With an extensive in-house staff and 90,000 sq ft container modification facility, we’re able to deliver consistently high quality and work on multiple projects simultaneously for a fast turnaround.

Other companies don’t have the facility, staff or resources to modify shipping containers and will outsource the work to various shops who may not have the special experience or tools needed to modify the right way.

You can rest assured knowing your custom container is safe in our hands. Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.

Renting a moving container from us makes your move much less stressful because you won’t have to rush to pack your whole house into a moving truck in one day. Instead, you can take your time packing over the course of a month.

Our ISO shipping containers are weatherproof and come with vault-like security, so you don’t have to worry about theft or damage to your belongings.

You won’t get that level of security from U-Haul or other moving truck companies.

Renting a storage container at your home keeps your belongings close and gives you convenient 24/7 access, so you’re always able to retrieve the contents of your container when you need to.

We know move in and move out dates don’t always line up. We can store your packed rental container at our secure facility until your new home is ready.

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How Does Online Storage Container Rental Work

Watch this video to find out more about how the process works to rent conex containers online. PLEASE NOTE: Delivery/Pick-up Charged up front . Delivery rates won’t populate until after you’ve entered your complete shipping address. Feel free to reach out with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Sizes And Dimensions Of Portable Storage Units

Storage Container SIDE HUSTLE | Renting out storage containers

With shipping containers that come in various sizes, we offer a lot of flexibility to store equipment, documents, furniture, inventory, and more. No matter how diverse the requirement or how much extra space you need, we can find the right conex box, shipping container, or ground level office container for you.

10′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

9′ 4″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

20′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

19′ 4″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

20′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

19′ 4″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

24′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

23′ 5″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

40′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

39′ 9″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

40′ 0″ L x 8′ 0″ W x 8′ 6″ H

Interior dimensions:

39′ 9″ L x 7′ 8″ W x 7′ 10″ H

Tare weight:

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Access Your Files Whenever And Wherever You Need Them

Traditional storage means do not lend themselves well when you need your files for an audit or important work/personal event. Instead of driving back and forth to retrieve what you need, 1-800-PACK-RAT can make your container and records accessible almost anywhere. Call us to have your container redelivered to your location or give us a call ahead of time to visit to our facility where you can safely access your container on-site. We make storage flexible and accessible on your schedule.

Top Choice For Storage Units For Rent On The East Coast

We understand that youre looking for security and reliability when youre searching for storage containers for rent. With TP Trailers, well help you protect your investments. These portable storage container rentals will keep your products safe from the wind and rain. Its important to you and your business, which means its important to ours.

Contact us today to learn more about our Conex box rentals and other storage containers for rent!

TP Trailers made the whole process simple from quoting to final pick up. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of storage trailers! – Limerick Fire Dept., Limerick, PA

T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment

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Why We Recommend 1

Kryptonite-proof containers

1-800-PACK-RAT leads the pack for container strength. Only two companies use steel in their containers: PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT. But while PODS has steel frames, 1-800-PACK-RAT has all-steel moving containers. Both are suitable for nearly any job. But you get that extra safe feeling with 1-800-PACK-RAT. It has the best containers on the market, bar none.

Price matching

Weve never talked with a moving container company thats more proactive about saving you money than 1-800-PACK-RAT. Virtually every rep we spoke to asked if we had quotes from other companies and then offered to match the price.

The discount typically applies only to PODS. However, we also spoke with 1-800-PACK-RAT reps, who said theyd try to lower our price if we already had a quote from another company. Whats remarkable is that we never asked 1-800-PACK-RAT reps if they would price match. They brought it up on their own every time.

1-800-PACK-RAT partners with HireAHelper to provide hourly moving labor support. HireAHelper movers can assist you with packing and loading services for a local move or long-distance move.

No-hassle orders

Weve made hundreds of these calls, and no company leaves us feeling as stress-free as 1-800-PACK-RAT.

Read Full Review Tests Out 1-800-PACK-RAT

How Portable Storage Rentals Work

Rental portable cold storage reefer refrigerated containers

When the time comes where you find yourself needing temporary portable storage, give us a call to set up a delivery time for your unit. Our professionally trained teams will drop a container off at your home or business when its most convenient for you. Once the storage container is delivered, you can choose to load it up yourself or have one of our professional moving teams do the heavy lifting for you.

Most customers use these portable storage units as temporary storage, and pricing varies by location. Generally, these are charged as monthly rates, but in certain situations, were able to accommodate weekly rentals. Some fees may also apply. Contact your local participating franchise to find out more about their portable storage rates.

Metal storage containers

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Temporary Onsite Storage Columbia Tn

We designed our portable storage containers forstorage on your property. This makes them accessible and convenient for loading and unloading.

We can also keep your loaded storage container at our secure storage facility until you need it. Most of our customers prefer the convenience of keeping it nearby, though.

When choosing where to place your portable storage in Columbia TN, select a spot that is:

  • Flat and level as possible
  • Accessible to our skilled drivers
  • Safe and secure, while also easy for you to access
  • Paved, though gravel, dirt, or grass can work
  • Compliant with any HOA or city regulations

We have secure storage containers for rent near you for your next move or renovation project. Call for a free quote!

What Should You Pack In A Temporary Storage Container

If youre debating whether to get a home storage unit, you may be wondering what theyre useful for and what you should pack in them. Some items you can pack in a temporary storage container to make some space include:

  • Kitchen Appliances and Items

These are just some of the items you can place in one of our secure and safe temporary storage units.

What Can I Pack in a Temporary Storage Container?

  • Kitchen appliances or other electronics
  • Documents, archives, files, and artwork
  • Bedroom or living room furniture and items
  • Holiday and seasonal items

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Who Uses Permanent Or Temporary Storage Containers

We work with companies in every industry and of every size to provide solutions to their storage needs. Examples of the kinds of organizations we work with include:

  • Construction Companies
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Commercial and Industrial Organizations, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • Retail Establishments

Rent A Storage Container

The 8 x 20 Portable Storage Container by Mobile Mini Solutions

Big Blue Boxes offers the most convenient rental storage solutions for Minnesotan residents and commercial business owners. Get the secure storage you need for your companys or familys expensive equipment or excess supplies and have it readily available for when you need it next. Choose from our large and small portable storage rentals in MN to find the ideal solution for your exact needs.

Our Residential Solutions Our Commercial Solutions

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Custom Containers For Your Home In Tucson Az

Building additions to your home can be very expensive and requires going through the hassle of securing permits and waiting for construction. You can save money, time and stress by modifying a shipping container instead. Whether you need additional space for a home gym, recreation or storage, we can convert steel containers into anything you can imagine. Our custom container gyms, man-caves or she-sheds, garages and more give you the extra space you need without the hassle, cost and wait that comes with home renovation.

Renting shipping containers for temporary storage, either when moving or dealing with restoration from a fire or flood, provides a secure, convenient way to keep your belongings close for accessing them whenever you need to. Plus, renting mobile storage containers for moving costs less than traditional movers and allows you to take your time packing, reducing the stress that comes from moving. You can also rent portable offices for your home to make working remotely distraction-free.

Things To Know About Portable Storage Containers Before You Book

Using a portable storage container to transport your belongings to a new home may sound appealing, but there are things you need to understand before you book a unit.

SpareFoot is the largest marketplace for finding and reserving a self-storage unit. For more than a decade, SpareFoot has helped consumers get the best deals on self-storage by making it easy to find a storage unit at the lowest price.

With more than 20,000 storage facilities in all 50 states, SpareFoot offers the nation’s largest selection of storage options in one place. Whether you are moving, starting a business, or need a place to store your RV, boat or car, SpareFoot helps you find the perfect storage space to fit your needs. Reserve online or call to book a storage unit today!

About SpareFoot

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Common Uses Of Conex Storage Containers

Store Tools Industrial and agricultural tools are often expensive. You don’t want them to get stolen or damaged under the weather. Storing the tools in a secure storage Conex box whenever they are not in use increases their lifespan and keeps them safe.

Keep Confidential Documents Safe Government and military operations in the field may not have permanent brick and mortar buildings for storing confidential documents. This is where high-security steel storage containers meet all your storage needs.

Store Heavy Equipment Construction materials such as drills and machines are expensive and need to be securely stored. Having a storage unit on a construction site is extremely useful for keeping your equipment safe.

Expand Storage Space Most retail units like a restaurant, bar, or grocery store need additional temporary space. You can quickly add a portable storage unit to your site with minimal disruption to the business.

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Are you running out of storage options or in need of more space in your home? We can help. K & K Mobile Storage offers secure and convenient storage containers of different sizes that you can use for all your storage needs. Purchased and rentals available.

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