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Highly Rated Across Various Platforms

Moving to Albany, New York

Ever notice that companies almost always have stellar reviews on Yelp?

This artificial inflation is due to companies buying fake positive ratings, making it a lot harder to find a company with a tarnished reputation that may overcharge or handle your things poorly.

Rather than finding a positive review, the Better Business Bureau allows you to write a review as well as file a complaint. By directly looking up a company on the BBB website you can take a look at what real people had to say about their moving experiences.

We have achieved an A+ BBB rating because of our consistent, dedicated service toward our customers.

We have plenty of customers who have had successful moving stories with us. Feel free to look us up on Yelp and to read feedback from real, satisfied customers.

A History Built To Serve You: The Results Willspeak For Itself

Since 1983, our evolution from a humble man with a van to a multiple-location moving company owes it to serving our roots: New York City and New Jersey.

After three decades of earning business from residential and commercial clients, we rapidly expanded with different options to better serve your needs.

Perhaps youd rather consult the experiences of others. We have totaled 570 reviews on Google, along with a history of us on Wikipedia.

Secure + Affordable Storage Nyc

Accumulated too much stuff over the years? Dont want to sell it or give it away, but have no room to store it? The expert movers at Dumbo Moving can even help you pack your belongings. And we will then transport them to one of our 24 hr monitored storage New York facilities. Call us today for a moving quote, or use our moving cost estimator. Well stop by for any pickups you may need.

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Choose Georgetown For Your New York Move

Maybe youre considering a move to New York but you havent decided where you want to live yet, or maybe youre unable to secure a new home until you officially move out of our current one. Whatever the situation youve found yourself in on your way to moving to New York, Georgetown has a solution for you.

Depending on the length of time between the move to the new location, and how long it will take to pack up the items in your current home, we can either offer over-night storage in our trucks or weekly storage until you obtain access to your new place. Once youve determined what date youd like the items delivered, simply give us a call and we will have the items to you at the time you requestits as simple as that!

Moving doesnt have to be hard with Georgetown Moving and Storage Company. We can help you move to New York in a simple, efficient, and affordable way. Contact us today to talk through our moving and storage options-or give us a call at 889-8899.

Looking for something else?

I just wanted to take a minute and thank Georgetown Moving and storage for an excellent moving experience all around. From my initial contact with Ashley and fantastic customer service, her willingness to put up with my multiple change requests and challenges and to the moving team -KellyMoving from Arlington, VA to New York, NY

Tips On Finding Local Moving Companies In Nyc


Moving to or within New York City is quite a bit different than moving to most other locations. Youll be dealing with tight spaces, high-rise buildings, lots of street traffic and other, similar challenges. Thats why its a good idea to search for one of the best movers in NYC. Below, weve listed a few helpful tips for finding the right NYC movers for you.

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North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is an experienced full-service company that can handle local, long-distance, and international moving requests nationwide and in 180 countries.

NAVLs standout service is its streamlined claims process. For example, if one or more of your items is damaged, stolen, broken, or lost during the move, you can easily file a claims form directly through the companys website. NAVLs website also includes helpful information about domestic and international claims processing.

If you prefer to speak to a representative, NAVL has a dedicated claims support line, so you wont have to navigate a general customer service automated menu.

Pros & Cons

Has a mobile app just for tracking international moves Offers discounts to members of the American Legion and trade unions Provides a Not-to-Exceed pricing option that allows actual costs to be less thanbut never more thanestimated

Can have limited storage options, depending on location Has mixed customer reviews due to outsourcing some of its moving requests


North American Van Lines provides customizable full-service and partial-packing moves. Add-on options include vehicle transport and appliance disconnection and reconnection.


NAVL does not require up-front deposits and accepts cash, credit cards, and certified checks.

> Take this quick online survey or call for your free quote from North American Van Lines.

Accessibility Of Storage Nyc

To be able to get to your items when you need them, it is vital to have the storage option of your choice accessible to you. That is precisely what Dumbo Moving is offering. If you choose to rent storage space with us, you will have unlimited access to them every working day from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. When you need access to your items, all that you need is to give us a call. Our storage associates are standing by ready to assist you.

Therefore, do not spare a moment and get in touch with us. We will gladly give out all the details you might need to know over the phone. Alternatively, you may send us an email or even visit us. The choice is yours.

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Why We Are Different

We are more than just a simple moving and storage company and more than just a basic commercial warehouse.

Moishes is a commercial storage provider with a state-of-the-art inventory management system and white-glove service. The advantages of enterprise storage with Moishes Inventory Management include:

Average Cost Of Moving From Illinois To New York

Divine Moving & Storage NYC

Naturally, interstate relocations cost more than intrastate ones for various reasons, one of which is distance. The driving distance from Illinois to New York is about 828 miles. However, the exact distance from your current address to the new destination may differ. It may be shorter or farther, depending on where you presently live in Illinois and where precisely in New York you are going.

The size of your space is another factor. Apartment size influences the number of belongings you are moving or the overall weight of your belongings. If you are moving from a small apartment, you will have fewer belongings to carry. It means that you will most likely pay less than someone moving from a big apartment. On average, your move should cost between $1,160 to $3,700. If you require additional moving services like sorting, packing, loading, unloading, arranging, it will also play a part in the cost of relocation.

Illinois to New York
$6,621 $9,638

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Moving Company In New York City

New York is one of the worlds busiest, most congested cities. As full-service movers in NYC, the Shleppers team has mastered the challenge of moving households quickly and efficiently through crowded neighborhoods. Whether youre moving from Chinatown to the Upper West Side or from Chelsea into Greenwich Village, our famous orange trucks and professionally trained local movers take special care to ensure all of your belongings arrive at your new home safely and on time.

No Matter The Distance We Will Take You There

Whether if its moving down the block, the next complex over, or to the other side of the country, there is no distance too long or too short for us.

If youre sick of the city scene, we have all the licenses and climate-controlled vehicles that will get you to your new state without any disturbance while giving you peace of mind and comfort.

We close the gap for you and treat your valuables as if they were our own. Our movers are trained and experienced packers, masterfully protecting your valuables every step of the relocation.

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Best Way To Move From Illinois To New York

When relocating, you should know that interstate relocation is no joke. If you want a successful relocation, you should plan early. Early planning is critical. Schedule your moving date to create a budget and a moving inventory. One important task you have to do is sort and pack your belongings.

Arrange your belongings carefully, box and label them appropriately. It will save you from a lot of stress when unpacking them. You also need to hire a professional moving company. A moving firm has adequate knowledge, the right staff, and trucks to meet your moving needs. The best moving company in Illinois is Three Movers.

Our moving services are quick, credible, and affordable. Were not novices in the moving industry, and our wealth of experience positively influences every job we take. We love to give our clients the best moving experience they have without disturbing other essential appointments on their schedules.

Looking For New York Moving Companies

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC New York, New York. Reviews  QQ moving

PODS offers flexible, convenient moving and storage solutions throughout the state of New York. The process is simple and designed around your move. PODS drops off a container, and you can take as long as you need to pack and load your belongings. When youre ready, well pick up the container and deliver it to your new residence across town or across the country. PODS City Service offers a moving and storage experience specifically designed for people living in select areas of NYC. It works a little differently from our standard service, offering special benefits urban residents will appreciate.

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Cheapest Moving Options For Interstate Moves

After spending so much on accommodation, its not strange if you decide to save up on the cost of relocation. Keep reading for cheap moving hacks:

Rent A Moving Container

Moving containers are great for people who have little luggage to move across states. You can rent a moving container, park it and load your items into them. You can drive them to your new home without stress. Moving containers can also serve as storage devices until you can get your stuff in your new home.

Reduce Item Weight

If you want to reduce moving costs, you should minimize item weight. The weight of belongings moving to New York will play a significant role in the overall moving cost. Therefore, its best to move as lightly as possible.

You can consider options such as storage, donating to charity, or selling some valuable things. You can use the money from sales to hiring a competent moving company.

Schedule Early

Are you trying to relocate? If you are, then you should plan early enough. Do not procrastinate or pose things to later. Booking a moving firm affords you the luxury of time to sort and pack your load. Early preparation can also allow you enough time to raise money for relocation. It can also help you get friends and family members to assist you.

Were Anywhere You Need The Best Storage

Having trouble finding the best local full service storage in your area? Thanks to our wide reach, you can find us almost anywhere you go. Youre sure to find us ready to serve and store your things safely regardless of where you are. This means you can do things such as take a vacation or even move houses while your things stay intact and safe with our team.

Why Choose Oz Moving

Oz offers the same efficiency and professionalism with each of its services no matter where they are being provided. We have kept the same ethos and standards we applied to our first NYC moving jobs when it comes to our pick up, storage, packing, and other services. Whether it’s long distance moving from Long Island to Santa Monica, or from Staten Island to Queens, Oz will get you to your new home before you can click your ruby red heels three times and say, Theres no place like home!

  • Professional, experienced, and caring crews
  • Licensed, insured and certified company
  • Trusted and reliable services – No surprises
  • Guaranteed price with no hidden fees

Packing Unpacking And Storage Solutions That Will Free Up Your Schedule In No Time

Big John’s Moving, Inc. in New York, NY

Anyone will agree, that packing is not fun. But, it is a must when moving. And not only it is mandatory, but it has to be done right if you are to shift your possessions in one piece! So, let Roadway Moving take the task off your hands. Our NoHo movers will provide you with effective packing and unpacking services befitting your particular requirements. We will also supply the packing materials, and custom crating for your sensitive possessions.

Creativity meets chick in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of NoHo, making it a desirable place to live for many. The former home of Andy Warhol is an upper-class neck of the woods and it offers a great lifestyle to those who call it home. Once the opportunity arises, moving here is a no-brainer. So, do not put it off for later, and tick off the most important box on your to-do moving list hire the best NoHo movers! At Roadway Moving we operate a dedicated team of movers who are committed to delivering moving results that have no match. We are a highly experienced and reputable NoHo moving company, and we provide diverse moving services to cover any and all of your moving needs and expectations. Get your quote now!

Were In New York & La For All Of Your Moving And Storage Needs

If youre planning to move to New York or have some things brought to New York, were one of the best moving and storage companies out here. Unlike other teams, however, our moving & storage services will be tailor-fit for your needs. Depending on your stay in New York, we can store your things for the long term or for the time being regardless of your choice, all your things will be safe and sound with us.

The Benefits Of Using Piece Of Cake For Your Storage Needs

If we are moving you, then you have the convenient option of securely storing your selected belongings with us too. The benefit is that we take your possessions straight to our storage facility once we have completed packing our truck and we track your inventory and check it as we unload it into your storage container.

It means dont have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors and your belongings passing through multiple sets of hands.

Variety Of Room Sizes

We have over 50 different room sizes so you will never have to pay for space your dont need. With the help of our Relocation Specialists, you can create an inventory for your move that, in turn, will help us determine which size of room to recommend.

You might need long-term storage if:

  • Youre renovating your home and need a place to put some of your items.
  • Youre planning a move but you are renting until you find the perfect new space.
  • You want to keep your seasonal items within reach without all the clutter under your roof.

Review The Movers Licensing And Insurance

TDY Moving and Storage New York, New York. Reviews  QQ moving

In the state of New York, moving companies are required to be licensed through the Department of Transportationsomake sure your mover has the proper license. Additionally, your moving company should carry liability insurance. Understand the terms and decide whether or not you need to purchase additional coverage.

Move To New York With Georgetown Moving And Storage Company

Are you thinking about moving to New York? Have you always dreamed of living in the city that never sleeps? Maybe its just a pipe dream, or maybe youve already accepted a new job, signed a lease, and made arrangements to move. Either way, it can be confusing trying to figure out how to get all of your stuff up there from the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland area. Luckily, the professional movers at Georgetown Moving and Storage Company are here for you.

Whether you need help wrapping fragile items, packing up cumbersome instruments or obscure pieces of artwork, physically moving your boxes into the truck or your new home, or assembling large pieces of furniturewe have the professional services and equipment to make your move a painless one.

889-8899 or contact us online now to learn more about how we can help you move to New York!

Nyc Brooklyn Born Moving Company

We named ourselves Dumbo Moving & Storage after the neighborhood we started in, Dumbo, Brooklyn. We founded our NYC moving company in 2007 with just one moving truck. Now our company has over 55 trucks and an army of NYC movers. We are proud of our New York heritage. We will move you wherever you want to go: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island ,New Jersey, Florida, wherever you want. If you have a long distance move or cant move into your new place right way, dont worry we have storage also.


Success Built Through Culture

We understand your relocation project is more than moving your items from one location to another.

The success of your relocation project is predicated on strong communication, and your dedicated project manager is the key to our seamless, proven process.

We take care of your items and consider your timelines. Whether your team needs to be up and running before Monday morning or you need to be in your home by the end of the day – you can count on exceptional service.

Our Differentiators and Core Values guide each and every Steinway employee and solution.

We include technology, process, and expertise to deliver you professional relocation services: National Relocation, Specialized Logistics, Delivery & Installation, Vacating Space, Storage & Warehousing, Technology Solutions, and Residential Relocation.



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