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How To Get More Storage In No Man’s Sky

How To Get Unlimited Nanites And Storage Augmentations! No Man’s Sky Outlaws Gameplay

First, it’s worth outlining all of the available storage in No Man’s Sky and their maximum inventory capacity:

  • Starship maximum inventory – 48 slots
  • Starship technology maximum inventory – 8 slots
  • Multi-tool maximum inventory – 24 slots
  • Exosuit maximum inventory – 48 slots
  • Exosuit cargo section maximum inventory – 48 slots
  • Exosuit technology section maximum inventory – 14 slots

Now, while this is a fair amount of storage, you won’t have access to it right away. Some of these options require upgrades in order to reach their maximum potential. For example, the Exosuit begins with 24 slots.

The Exosuit can be upgraded in two ways. First, you can buy your upgrades. Beginning at 5,000 Units, the price to upgrade seems to double each time, meaning that you’ll be racking up quite a hefty bill if you plan on simply purchasing all upgrades.

Alternatively, Exosuit upgrades can also be found. You’ll need to find Drop Pods on the surfaces of planets, inside which should contain an Exosuit upgrade. However, you’ll need to fix certain components on the Drop Pod in order to access it, and they’ll usually require some pretty rare materials. While more time consuming, it’s certainly cheaper in the long-run.

As for your Starship, there’s currently no way to expand your inventory outside of simply buying a new Starship. Yep, you’ll have to upgrade the old-fashioned way.

Buying More Exosuit Inventory Space

Another inventory thats ripe for upgrading is that of your exosuit. Seeing as how this is where youll have to store everything on the go as youre gallivanting around planets and various solar systems, it makes perfect sense for this to be your first port of call when it comes to inventory upgrades. Because of the vast quantities of some materials that are necessary for crafting, youll want to have as much pocket space as possible for stacks of common components.

The easiest way to increase your exosuit inventory space is to actually purchase an upgrade specifically for it. Your exosuit has multiple inventories and all of them can be upgraded one is for Technology, and another is for Cargo .

You can buy one upgrade per space station that you encounter, and the vendor for it will be hanging about by the appearance customizer. The cost will increase and scale with each upgrade you purchase, so youre going to want to find another way to get and keep this extra room without breaking the bank. The first Technology upgrade will set you back by 5,000 units, and this will get you a single extra slot. Each upgrade to the exosuits inventory is worth one slot, so it can get quite expensive quite quickly.

How To Get Storage Augmentation Modules In No Mans Sky

This guide will explain three different ways you can get storage augmentation modules. For two of the methods, youll need a good amount of money for a couple of million units.

The first method is by finding them as a rare reward on derelict ships, which you can get to by going to the scrap dealer on the space station in whatever system youre in. And buy the coordinates for 5 million credits.

Once you get on the ship, you will need to open every crate on the ship before leaving, as each crate has a chance to have a storage augmentation module in it. But the drop is rare, so you may get times where you get a few each run or even none if youre unlucky.

The other method doesnt require you to have a lot of money, though it is recommended to have some nanites as you will buy inhabited outpost beacons from the cartographer on the space station.

You will need to use the beacon to find a transmission tower, and once you reach the transmission tower, you have to solve the puzzle, and it will lead you to either a crashed small ship or a crashed freighter, and the crashed freighter is the one youre going to be looking for.

Once you reach the crashed freighter, you will need to search throughout it and scan it for cargo pods that you can repair and open, as they also have a chance to drop storage augmentation modules. But just like the derelict freighters, it is fairly rare, so its likely going to take you some time to get the modules, and they are fairly rare.

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How To Get More Storage Space In No Mans Sky Next

Head to any Space Station or Trading Post and simply wait for ships to arrive. You want to focus on purchasing Hauler class ships with as much inventory space as possible. I picked up a couple of 30 slot ships for roughly the 20 million units mark, which is not difficult to obtain.

When you Warp to a new sector with your Freighter it will add all of your ships to the interior. From here you can simply jump in and out of your ships to access their inventory. Personally, I used one ship as a maintenance vessel, strictly holding all the items required to repair my Freighters when they get damaged from missions. Another was used to store my expensive items so I could sell them all at once and a third was just for storing large stacks of regular materials.

Combining a few cheap but large storage haulers with base storage, Exosuit storage and Freighter storage offers hundreds of inventory slots to store anything you need. Thats How To Get More Storage Space In No Mans Sky Next.

How To Move The Prebuilt Storage Things In My Freighter

No Man

In the large room inside my freighter there are some prebuilt storage things, like the two red cylindric containers in upright position, the green broken computer, a lamp and others.

How can I move them to another place in my freighter?I know that I can destroy them with Z and then press CTRL while pointing to the unwanted item and click the left mouse button.But how can I rebuild them at a more conventient place?

And the second question about this items:Who or what is filling them during my absence?

You can’t move the barrels, only delete them. However, you can build new ones, by unlocking the “Barrel Fabricator” blueprint from the blueprint analyzer The behaviour of that blueprint is identical.

As for who’s filling them, it seems they automatically fabricate new products based on the name.

  • 2The same holds true for the green container to the right of the barrell containers in your image. You get to build as many as you want once you have the blueprint unlocked and the materials to build them. A good way to collect and farm relics and other misc. items. The game will refill those containers in your freighter every time you warp or summon the freighter to a new location.

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How To Buy More Exosuit Storage Space

To buy more Exosuit storage space in No Man’s Sky, you will need to head to the nearest Space Station. After landing, head up the stairs to your left and find the Exosuit storage vendor. He is to the right of the appearance customiser.

Here, there is a pod that you can approach to upgrade your Exosuit. You can then purchase new slots for additional storage space. The first costs 5,000 units, and each slot increases in price after this. This is, at first, one of the easiest ways of acquiring more storage for your Exosuit.

How To Find Exosuit Storage Space Upgrades

The alternative way to upgrade your Exosuit storage space is by encountering upgrades for it in the wilderness of No Man’s Sky. When on a planet, you can locate or stumble upon a structure known as a Drop Pod. These pods will then contain an Exosuit upgrade however, you will need to fix the broken Drop Pod before being able to access this.

Fixing the broken Drop Pod typically requires locating and using resources that can often be more difficult to acquire in No Man’s Sky. For example, Antimatter, Sodium Nitrate, or Deuterium may be required. This is why it is easier to perhaps purchase Exosuit upgrades then, when you come across a Drop Pod, you may be lucky enough to already have the necessary resources on your person.

That’s all you need to know about upgrading how much your Exosuit inventory can hold in No Man’s Sky. To make use of that storage, we recommend you check out how to farm salvaged data or how to get the likes of chlorine or emeril.

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How To Increase Storage In No Mans Sky:

1) Follow basic storage management rules:

To avoid running out of inventory space, the best thing you can do is manage your inventory. The most basic way to start is to move everything technology-related into the technology tab. Stack everything that is stackable. Keep removing the items that are easily obtainable or spawn more often than other items. You should select between the less important and common items and very important but rare items. This will empty up a lot of inventory space for your future explorations. Getting a ship is also a huge upgrade in terms of storage space. Players can store a limited amount of items in the ship storage. Using these small tricks here and there, starting from the early game, you can save a lot of storage in No mans sky.

2) Buy extra storage from Space anomaly:

This is one of the best ways to get a lot of storage is getting a Space anomaly. Players can buy a total of eight storage containers. This is a huge jump in the number of storage units a player can have in the game. Place these storage units or containers in or around your base to get the most of it. This is by far the best way to increase your storage in No mans sky.

3) Buy inventory space for your gear:

How To Build Storage Containers No Mans Sky Next

PATCHED No Man’s Sky Storage Augmentation Farm | Triple Exotic System! | 2021

Hi, Im new to the game. Just picked it up on Xbox one with the latest update.

One huge problem… I dont know how to build storage containers? I cant seem to find a blueprint for them anywhere, and all my inventory slots are full. So Im kind of boned here until I can build some storage. Ive searched to the end of the internet and theres no clear answer on this for new players such as myself.


Side bar: how do I get to build those facilities for my base which can be staffed? I want these workers at my base that Ive seen on YouTube. Ive progressed well I think, does it just come after doing some of those missions?

Speaking of missions… the only available missions I see are these stupid ones where I have to kill 20 creatures or some sentinels… and the reward is just credits.. I thought there were missions which send me to locations to… I dunno do something else like retrieve something or explore something. Not these indiscriminate arbitrary missions which seem more like achievements.

Sorry… I know this should really be like 3 posts, but I feel like there must be others struggling with these same issues.

I love the game so far. But unless I can figure out a way to move forward, Ill just keep getting frustrated and eventually quit.

Thank you. I really appreciate those of you willing to help out clueless noob.

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I Really Hate Not Having More Technology Storage

The Sentinels upgrade modules has adjacency bonus with the shield upgrade modules, or at least get the white color around those modules

Jesus lord you can combine that all down to 5 slots, 1 of each hazard protection and a stack of batteries there you go you’re welcome

If you use the “X” modules all at +10% plus batteries . 4 slots…

My question is why you would you do this… I guess ’cause you can lol

You only need one of each protection and a stack of cheap ion batteries to keep them charged..

My god, what type of planets are you encountering that requires so much protection?

You can save 9 spaces right there. Replace the 10 extra hazard protection for a load of batteries. The extra hazard protection is not giving you any extra bonus. Also, you can have 3 more spaces by removing translator technology. That technology only works if you talk with NPCs all the time.

Your tiling makes my head hurt.

Just play on PC. 48 slot everywhere

Yes because everyone just has gaming PC money lying around

Its only applicable if you have one. Pc is not always the answer

I mean, your exotic has 5 weapons man you are never going to need 5 weapons on a single starship. You gotta pick and choose what’s more important to you.

The game assumes that you are smart enough not to spam 5 of every tech on there.

How To Increase Exosuit Inventory Space

Your suit inventory space is increased in just two ways: buying an upgrade, or finding one.

How to buy Exosuit inventory space

Buying upgrades is by far the easier option, at least at first. To purchase an upgrade, head to the a Space Station and go to the vendor closest to the appearance customiser .

The place where you buy the upgrade is actually right behind that vendor – you have to interact with the spinning blue hologram behind them , in their little nook at the end of the room.

The first upgrade you buy will cost 5,000 Units if it’s for your standard Exosuit inventory, it appears to double in price each time you buy one, and you can only ever upgrade by one slot at a time. The problem here is that at that rate – we haven’t bought every single upgrade yet so we can’t confirm it doubles every time – the total amount you’d spend on 24 upgrades for your suit inventory is 83,886,075,000 .

Basically, unless you become highly proficient at using the methods we outline in our guide to making money in No Man’s Sky, it’s going to be pretty implausible that you purchase every single upgrade – and what’s more that’s only the cost to upgrade your standard Exosuit inventory – not the other 48 slots of Cargo inventory and Technology inventory that is has too!

How to find Exosuit inventory upgrades

If money runs dry – which it probably will – then you can find Exosuit inventory upgrades out in the wild.

  • Chromatic Metal

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How Do You Get Storage Units 1

In NEXT once you got storage units, you got them all.


Now, I was only given unit 0. Theres no more available to build.

When I go to the Anomaly, it only has unit 0 for sale.

Units 1-9 dont appear at all. Even locked.

So, how/when do I get the others?


Not sure if still the same as in NEXT, but have you completed the Overseer quest which will give you the blueprint to build them all?

I have been working on the Artemis quest and switched to the Base Archives quest while I was building the Science Terminal. It gave me the blueprint to Storage Unit 0. I assume it will open up the rest as well.REMEMBER, to check and highlight the other quests in you log when you get stuck on something.

It only opens up the 0 storage unit.

I only have 2 quests.

And theyre both just waiting for time to pass.

When did you get the overseer quests?

I STILL havent received the overseer quest so I have nothing to do.

The overseer quest comes up during the Artemis/Apollo Primary Mission. It is the Expanding the Base Secondary Mission. I am about 5 hours in and this is what I have open on a new save.

I only have 3 missions.

  • The Atlas PathFind the next Atlas interface.

-The space anomaly

  • Increase your standing

I just happened so much faster in NEXT.

Its never taken hours to get to the point where I build the construction terminal and start hiring the 5 NPCS.

I guess Ill just have to be patient.

The blueprint is automatically granted upon construction of a Cylindrical Room.

No Man’s Sky Storage Tips

ãNo Man

There are plenty of ways to make sure you aren’t constantly running into the issue of a full inventory. The following list contains our tips on how to do so, covering everything from Starships to resource management.

That’s all you need to know about managing your inventory in No Man’s Sky. For more info on getting started in the game, head over to our No Man’s Sky Tips Guide. For advice on making money, head over to our guide on how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. See our terms & conditions.

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Storing Items On Your Ship And Frigates

If youre someone with a bunch of Units to burn, then youll probably be already aware of our first tip for all the big spenders out there: use your ships and frigates like expensive backpacks. Each space vehicle has its own inventory space, and youll be able to send things to your vehicle if youre standing close enough to it. Its just like trading with another player in multiplayer mode go into your inventory, click on the item, and select to Transfer it to your chosen vehicle. You can amass a fleet of your own ships and have them on a planet like your own, over-complicated series of shelves packed full of composite materials.

One very important thing to note here about the inventories of your respective ships is that they cannot be upgraded. Yes, thats right. If you want a ship with a bigger inventory, then youll have to do a straight up swap for a new ship or shell out the required Units for one that has more space. Its all about the cash with this storage method.


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