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Office Storage Cabinets With Drawers

Drawers And Cabinets Adapted To Every Need

DIY Drawer Cabinet | Drawer Making and Installation // Plans available

ACTIUs cabinets and drawers are mobile and versatile elements. If circumstances require it, some models of office storage cabinets can be used as an eventual work surface.

Cubic is an office cabinet with simple aesthetics, where symmetry prevails. It also provides easy access to any element that is stored in it. Its design and materials adapt to any space, either in a common area or a management office.

Longo collection has different sizes, supplementary modules and fixed drawers. In this way, it becomes a versatile and functional solution. This office storage furniture is surprising for its variety of finishes and functionality.

Cabinets and drawers are an essential part of every office. ACTIUs office storage drawers are an efficient and fully convertible solution to adapt to the needs of people and the environment.

The Best Office Storage Drawers

Make organising your workspace simple with the best office storage drawers from filing cabinets to desktop drawers.

The best office storage drawers are a simple and versatile way of storing your creative supplies and office essentials, so there’s no need to work in a disorganised space any longer. Working in a well-organised space is particularly important if you’re working from home.

You may well have thought that this new way of working would be short lived and so didnt invest in your home office or studio setup. Whether you now love remote work or can’t wait to get back into the office, plenty of storage is essential to creating a productive work environment.

While there are many excellent office storage solutions out there to suit all budgets, room sizes and needs, storage drawers are a simple option. The best office storage drawers will keep your office essentials like pens and paper organised, as well as keeping other tools of the trade tidy depending on your line of work you may want your graphics tablet or calligraphy set to hand, but not cluttering your desk, causing a mess that prevents you from focusing.

How To Choose Office Storage Furniture

A lot goes into running an office as anyone reading this page will know! With that being so, you will likely want to look into a variety of office storage cabinets, from wooden storage units to wardrobe cabinets to machine storage stands to lockers and more. Dont forget, of course, safes and fireproof storage for the most important things in the office.

Here are some considerations when shopping for office cabinet and storage units.

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Everything At Your Fingertips

Fed up searching for paperwork or the stapler? Our drawer units give all your stuff a home. They come in lots of styles and sizes to suit wherever you want to work. Our range includes lockable units to stop anyone from “borrowing” your scissors and the extra high quality GALANT series, which is approved for professional use.

A Selection Of Stylish Storage Cupboards & Cabinets

Relax Office Smart 540mm Wooden Filing Cabinet with 4 Drawers Office ...

Aside from providing you with a way to keep your workspace tidy and organised, our storage cupboards are extremely stylish. To ensure these office storage solutions complement your decor, you can choose from units in a variety of different materials and finishes. With metal cupboard and wooden styles with sliding doors, you wont struggle to find the perfect cabinet for your space saving needs.

To learn more about our collection of storage cupboards, take a look around our website. If you cant see what you need, why not get in touch? Our customer service team are on hand to assist in you finding the perfect office furniture. Simply give us a call or complete our online contact form.

For our full range of office storage solutions see our filing cabinets and office lockers.

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What Am I Keeping In My Office Storage

Filing away documents is its own niche in office storage, and National Business Furniture offers a wide variety of business filing cabinets. But what about office supplies? Personal storage? Paper, binders? How about what you would like to proudly display, from awards to business books to magazines for clients or customers?

National Business Furniture has office storage cabinets and solutions for any of those needs. Even better, you can combine storage with added utility or take advantage of attractive looks and colors to add an accent to your business floor.

For items that require extremely secure storage, National Business Furniture also offers safes and fireproof storage safes. Adding to their security features is the knowledge that when you buy your purchase is backed by National Business Furnitures lifetime guarantee.

Office Cupboards & Storage Cabinets

At Furniture At Work, we offer a huge range of lockable office cupboards and cabinets designed to help keep your workspace tidy and organised. Youll find cupboards in an array of different styles, shapes and sizes. From tall, slimline designs to compact, desk high models, all our office storage cabinets will perfectly fit your space when you shop with us. All of our storage cupboards have been built to last – even in the busiest of offices. Each unit has been manufactured from high quality materials, meaning you can trust they stand the test of time.

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Where Am I Keeping My Office Storage

If you are in a receptionist office, your storage needs are different than those of a back room or warehouse. Check out our elegant storage credenzas or our office display cases if you are trying to make a smart impression on people walking through your doors. Wooden storage units also provide a boost for the office look, not just a place for office supplies.

If course, office furniture cabinets dont need to serve front of the house type functions to look good! Attractive storage can work anywhere in the office. There are lockable storage cabinets that come in a range of colors . Wardrobe cabinets also provide a lot of storage space and a variety of appealing looks. Storage hutches, in utilitarian, rustic or elegant styles, can give you extra storage above your pre-existing desk or table.

For personal use, or in conjunction with an office fitness center or gym, check out our lockers. Storage shelving is ideal for any sort of work room or non-secure area, like a printing hub, where you just need to store paper and other products.

Office Cabinets An Effective And Versatile Solution

Downtown Office Storage

Office cabinets are drawers with the capacity to store and classify a large number of documents and ensure their rapid access and extraction. Their ease of use and transport make them perfect for small spaces in which a large number of files can be accumulated.

Actiu’s metal office cabinets are designed to configure spaces that businesses require nowadays. A wide variety of measures are offered to avoid any problem of adaptability to the available space.

In addition, it is possible to fit into the operational areas of employees, expanding without altering the aesthetics of the office thanks to its design.

Conclusively, they offer a current, flexible and functional solution to the storage problems that are created in an office.

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Home And Office Cabinets For Sale

When you visit an office or a home, an easily noticeable thing is the pile of books, magazines, files, and papers that appear messy and unorganized. The first thing that one can do to store every such item is to start with the cabinet system. The Home Office Cabinets give an aesthetically pleasing look by keeping things grouped and coordinated, and most importantly out of sight.Read More

The Home Office Cabinets allow you to segment your collaterals and other items and help them look far from cluttered. Thus, you can easily find any of your stored item as you know where it has been placed. Cabinets are a fanciful way to make a home or an office look chic. They are a suitable storage facility that enhance neatness and tidiness along with producing beauty and elegance where placed. They are available at Furniture In Fashion in many different designs such as the mobile containers, door and drawers, door and shelves, wooden cabinets in walnut, plumtree, beech, and oak, and many more. Our collaboration with international manufacturers aids us in providing you with cabinets that are crafted in a unique way to complement your valuables. Additionally, the collaboration allows us in offering you a very reasonable pricing policy. Read Less

The Perfect Combination Between Functionality And Design

An essential element in any business is the office cabinet, as it is the preeminent storage unit. Its main function is to store work material, although some models can be used to have access to files and documents. In that way, office storage cabinets can be mobile and dynamic storage systems.

Modular office cabinets are fully configurable: they are manufactured in different formats and with different finishes to be adapted to the space in which they are located and to the storage needs of the company.

In addition, it is possible to place office storage cabinets in the room with an extra function: to divide workspaces or to create new ones. Their design and variety of finishes make them an effective and dynamic element within the configuration of the space.

Locating a closet or drawer in the office can be an obstacle, but ACTIU offers a series of filing systems that help to give continuity to the visual concept of the office.

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The Best Office Storage Drawers In The Uk

Have you ever seen a more stylish filing cabinet? If you want to channel modern, industrial-chic in your home office or studio then you need this cabinet . Yes, it’s pricier than some , but it oozes style without compromising on functionality.

The cabinet has three deep drawers designed to fit A4 files, so you’re slightly limited on what you can store, but if your main consideration is paperwork then what more could you want? It’s available in two gorgeous finishes: copper , or vintage brass.

Our recommendations at the mid and budget price points are the Symple Stuff and Pierre Henry three-drawer filing cabinets.

For a really versatile office cabinet with drawers and shelves, consider the Harty Storage Cabinet . It has three drawers , as well as an adjustable shelf. In the picture above the shelf is set to divide the space equally , but this can be moved if, for example, you want to accommodate a printer, speaker, or other larger item.

Like many of our picks of the best office storage drawers, the Harty is on lockable wheels, although do note that it is larger than some of our other top picks meaning it doesn’t fit underneath a standard desk.

If space is a big issue for you and your home office or studio can’t accommodate a freestanding cabinet but you also don’t want to clutter your desk, this natural bamboo wood shelving cabinet from 17 Stories gives you plenty of storage space by utilising height, rather than floor or desk space.

Read more:

The Best Office Storage Drawers In The Us

Amy 5

When choosing the best office storage drawers, having multiple different-sized drawers can only be a positive. This rolling cabinet has two shallow drawers which are perfect for notepads and small items you currently keep on your desk, plus one deep drawer, that you can use to store bulkier items or add folders to create a filing drawer.

The wheels mean it’s easy to move should you decide to rearrange your office or studio at any point, or want to use the cabinet elsewhere once you’ve gone back to the office.

While we’d love to see this in more colour options, the clean white and natural wood top is a versatile combo that should suit most homes. Moreover, the compact size means the cabinet could nest tidily underneath your desk.

If you prefer open shelves to storage drawers, then consider this option from OSP Home Furnishings , which has one deep drawer and three shelves. The depth of the shelves and drawer make this a neat storage solution for your printer and paper. That said, we’d recommend this pick for someone who wants easy access to a few choice items as opposed to someone who works with huge amounts of paper, as it could quickly start to look cluttered.

Like the Bretange cabinet it’s on locking wheels, and will fit underneath a standard-sized desk.

If it’s a simple filing cabinet you’re looking for, then this three-drawer office storage cabinet with file drawers is the best of the bunch because of how secure it is.

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High Capacity And Functionality In Our Office Storage And Cabinets

With features of modularity, mobility or versatility, Actiu’s office cabinets have great storage space without overlooking the aesthetics that define us, always maintaining a simple and elegant design line.

To adjust to any type of environment and changing needs of the users, we create our office storage cabinets with a good variety of sizes and functions, both for storage and filing systems. As well as being innovative, they have other highly trendy attributes such as sober colours and a firm structure that can be adapted to any environment.

What Type Of Office Storage Drawers Are Best For Me

The most important thing to consider before choosing the best office storage drawers for you is what it is that you want to store. If its only paperwork then opt for a cabinet with a file drawer, or a full filing cabinet if you have a lot of it.

Choose a cabinet that also has a cupboard or shelf if you have larger items to tidy, such as a printer, light box or paper guillotine . If its just your pens, sticky notes and other small items that you want to keep tidy then a desktop drawer or drawer organiser might be all you need.

Here weve rounded up the best office storage drawers, including cabinets with drawers and cabinets that also have a cupboard or shelf, as well as filing cabinets, desktop storage and drawer organisers.

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Browse Our Range Of Lockable Office Cupboards & Office Cabinets

Aside from traditional cupboard designs with single and double doors, we offer wooden tambour door units. You can also choose from an array of stylish combination units. These come with an open or glass-fronted section on top and a closed cupboard compartment at the bottom. In addition, our range includes fire safe cupboards as well as first aid storage cabinets.

All of our office storage cupboards provide you with plenty of space to organise and store all of your office supplies. Our range includes office cabinets ideal for storing files of paperwork and keeping spare stationery within easy reach. We offer utility cupboards too. These are perfect for the safe keeping of dangerous cleaning products and hazardous chemicals.

You can take your pick from cupboards with a plethora of useful and practical features too. We offer designs with secure locking systems, easy-grip handles, scratch-resistant coating and adjustable shelves.

What Is My Budget For Office Storage

Modular Drawer Cabinets

You dont have to break the bank to store your office supplies. Our office storage cabinets and shelving units come in a variety of price ranges and sizes to fit anything from a corporate campus to a home office. Contact us to learn more about how our office furniture cabinets and storage units can work for you.

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