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Phoenix Logistics And Cold Storage

Complete Food Grade Warehouse Facilities

City of Phoenix prepares new storage facility for COVID-19 vaccine | FOX 10 News

Established in 1978, Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC offers full-service transportation, warehouse and distribution service. Our climate-controlled warehouse facilities are ideally situated to support efficient transportation and deliveries.

Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC operates over 400,000 square feet of public warehouse space. A public warehouse means that the space is not dedicated to one product or organization. Using public warehouse space is a wise choice to keep product storage costs to a minimum. Whether using warehouse or transportation space, customers of Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC only pay for space that is utilized.

Keeping costs down is just one of the things that give Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC an outstanding reputation. Our business philosophy is built around providing the best customer service at all times.

At Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC, we

  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Treat customers and employees with dignity and respect.
  • Create an environment of open and honest communication.
  • Maintain a do it right, right now attitude.
  • Create win/win relationships with our customers.

Find out more about Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC! Call us at 863.875.9668

Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage, LLC Warehouse Space Includes:

Copperwing Just Got Coolerphoenix Az

This state-of-the-art Ti Cold storage facility is conveniently located within the Copperwing Logistics Park in Phoenix Arizona. Through Tis experience with advanced engineering, planning, better design, smarter products and new technologies, this facility will not only be innovative, but more efficient and effective in meeting the demands of our clients and their customers.

We invite you to learn how Ti Colds expertise coupled with this new Phoenix location can meet your cold storage needs, one degree at a time.

Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage

Strategically located in Winter Haven, Florida, Phoenix Logistics & Cold Storage works 24/7 to keep freight moving. That means daily deliveries across the state of Florida. Our flexible warehouse schedules allow us to work with drivers, keeping turnaround times to a minimum.

Providing 3PL Logistics Solutions for the temperature controlled food industry.

Our logistics professionals will review your needs and challenges with you and will then develop and propose a customized solution that will:

  • Keep your commitments to your customers
  • Secure enough capacity to move your product
  • Efficiently move your goods to market, minimizing total cost, while achieving other objectives
  • Let you devote your time and effort to your companyâs core competency

At Phoenix we make it easy for you to do business with us while providing consistent, reliable and responsive service with:

  • On-time pickups and deliveries
  • Accurate, correct and timely billing
  • Increased visibility
  • National coverage â Network Distribution Solutions member
  • Daily trace / shipment status reports
  • Carrier management
  • Custom solutions for your inbound, outbound and warehousing requirements
  • E-mail freight tendering

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Why Is Cold Storage So Hot Right Now

For many years, cold storage real estate was considered to be a less valuable asset than standard dry storage warehouses. While the cold chain has always been critical for the safe and efficient storage of food and pharmaceuticals, the heavy specialization and niche use cases for these properties has ultimately led to underdevelopment in the sector. More recently, demand for cold storage assets has spiked considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are multiple factors playing into this demand, ensuring that cold chain investments will continue to increase in value.

Vintage Isnt Always Better

Cold Storage

The average age of a U.S. cold storage facility is 34 years, according to recent research from CBRE, which has contributed to the sectorâs struggles to adapt to shifting supply chain needs. To accommodate e-commerce trends and pharmaceutical needs, the U.S. cold chain will need to update its storage facility footprint. The cold storage sector will need to build new facilities near major population centers to facilitate easier distribution and update existing facilities with better technology to meet higher volume demands.

New and existing facilities alike will need to explore technology options to combat an ongoing logistics labor shortage. Attracting warehouse workers away from dry storage and distribution centers to work in cryogenic temperatures has always been challenging, to say the least. New structures and remodeled facilities alike should plan to incorporate automation solutions that can help to ease the labor challenges facing the cold storage sector.

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Is There A Vaccine Yet

From governments to businesses to individuals, everyone is clamoring for a COVID-19 vaccine that can help return society to some semblance of normal. Achieving acceptable levels of herd immunity will require vaccinating about 5.6 billion people, potentially with multiple vaccines. Producing, storing, transporting, and distributing that many vaccines places a substantial burden on the global cold chain.

Vaccine storage requires lower temperatures than many other pharmaceuticals or food products, which may prove challenging once the pharma sector begins distributing billions of doses. This may drive a need for more cryogenic storage facilities and storage depots to ensure vaccines maintain their efficacy as they move through the pharma cold chain. Many major third-party logistics providers and pharmaceutical stakeholders are already moving to secure the assets they will need to successfully support the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Program Consists Of:


In-house inspection of product upon arrival.

Yearly third party audit for safe food handling based on stringent International guidelines as recognized by GFSI .

SQF Certified at Level 2

On-site inspections by USDA and USDC as required.

Traceability every case at arrival is tagged with a unique bar-coding number, which enables us to track every case throughout the supply chain, from the source and to the end user, as required under the FDA Modernization Act.

All Imported products and domestic shipments have electronic Supply Chain Temperature monitoring devices, that is required of all our suppliers. The data is downloaded at arrival and checked for any possibility of temperature abuse during transport to final point of unloading.

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The Unexpected Online Grocery Boom

Steady growth in online grocery sales has garnered renewed interest in the sector in recent years, but the sector experienced an unprecedented growth spike as consumers have increasingly bought groceries online as a result of COVID-19. During the pandemic, nearly 80 percent of U.S. consumers turned to the internet for some portion of their grocery needs, up almost 40 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

This unexpected explosion in online grocery purchases has caused significant strain on U.S. cold storage infrastructure. Since many e-commerce grocery orders are fulfilled at retail locations, brick-and-mortar grocery stores will need to incorporate better cold storage capabilities into their retail locations to support online order fulfillment. This blend of commercial and industrial space will most impact commercial real estate in years to come as grocery e-commerce becomes further normalized.

Strategic Real Estate Applied Technology Tailored Service Creativity Flexibility

Cold Storage Forklift Operator

These fundamentals reflect everything we provide at Phoenix Logistics. Most logistic competitors work to win 3PL contracts, and then attempt to secure the real estate to support it. As an affiliate of industrial real estate firm Phoenix Investors, Phoenix Logistics quickly secures real estate solutions across a portfolio of 55 million square feet or leverages its market and financial strength to quickly source and acquire real estate to meet our clients needs. At Phoenix Logistics, we provide specialized support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions for every client we serve.

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Aerospace & Defense: Engineering Manufacturing Logistics

Phoenix Logistics Incorporated is an agile provider of engineering, manufacturing, information technology, and logistics & supply chain services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial markets. The company is made up of talented experts, with years of defense and industry experience, who reliably solve technical and programmatic problems related to aerospace design and manufacturing, as well as complex logistical challenges related to delivery of critical infrastructure .

Our Engineering Services Division has multiple open requisitions ranging from Medical Simulation Training to Systems Engineering Support Requirements. Please go to the Careers Tab on the Website and Scroll Down for all current open requisitions.


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