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Plastic Storage Bins With Dividers

Fluted Trays For Bottles And Cylindrical Parts

Uline Plastic Stackable Bins

1) No tooling cost if diameter falls within one of the 50 or so stocked tools.

2) Can be assembled or fit to a box or can be a stand alone tray. There are multiple box configurations.

3) Low cost method of packaging cylindrical parts, tubes, bottles, and machined parts from high speed machining centers.

4) Short lead times for custom applications 1-2 weeks ARO.

5) Samples available.

Plastic Boxes With Dividers

Coated Dividers For Part Shipments

1) Low cost allows to be a disposable packaging item. This is typically used for machined parts which are sensitive to dust or particulate.

2) Cleaner than standard chipboard with less debris. The coating eliminates much of the corrugated contamination.

3) Allows for tall narrow cavities on items like bottles or cylindrical parts. Where plastic thermoformed insert trays have limitations for depth, divider sets can be as tall as needed.

4) Chipboard sets fold down and ship flat. These are easily opened and completely assembled for insertion into box with no extra labor needed.

  • Products shown here are for industrial shipping applications. For retail storage dividers, there are many sources available including products shown at link to follow. Plastic Storage for Retail.

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Corrugated Esd Dividers For Electronic Components

1) Significantly minimizes labor of using ESD bags while maintaining part protection. This is an advantage to the component manufacturer who has to package as well as the customer who has to remove the parts.

2) Different styles and cost levels of the ESD products are available depending on the application. The shipping style can be more cost effective, flatten when shipped, and open as a assembled unit.

3) This is a low cost option for larger or long parts which dont fit into stock trays or standard packaging.

4) Tool cost is low for a custom sized box and divider set made to fit your current ESD bin.

Plastic Dividers For Bins

78229 Bin Divider for All

1) Plastic dividers are made to fit the bin.

2) Different cavity spacing can be created by using more or fewer dividers. The smallest cavity spacing is 1.25 X 1.25 with most bins. Sizes increase in increments of 1.25. This allows for small cavities or long narrow cavities in the same bin.

3) Plastic Bins and Plastic Dividers are very durable with a long project life. Bin spacing can be changed if the project changes. Both products can be reused.

4) Made from 1/8 heavy duty plastic.

5) Bin dividers can be used for boxes and other containers but work best with grooved plastic divider bins. See Bin Size Chart HERE.

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Foam Dividers For Plastic Bins And Containers

1) Excellent strength and cushioning for product. It is a good choice with heavy products which can not touch each other in shipping. It can be used as a kit with different items or for multiple compartments of the same item.

2) The foam inserts can be made any thickness depending on application. And can be made to any compartment size.

3) Materials are available with good structure, which are rated for Class A surfaces, or are ESD. Different densities can be used depending on application.

4) Little set up or tool cost. Most projects have a $ 95. NRE.

Shelf Bin With Optional Internal Dividers

Sold in packs. Shelf bins are ideal for warehousing, trade, retail and workshop environments. These tough blue polypropylene bins offer an alternative to steel or cardboard. They are available in a range of 17 different sizes. Shelf bins are perfect for use on shelving systems and are resistant to most oils, greases and chemicals. Transparent dividers and a bin stop are available, plus durable plastic label holders for identification. The bin also includes a semi-open front. When not in use, the bins nest into each other, reducing the amount of space required to store them. Note – Bins are not supplied with dividers labels or bin stops. Please order these items separately.

High impact finish

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Bin Lids & Bin Dividers

Bin lids and bin dividers are useful accessories to improve and organise equipment and storage systems, both at home or in a work environment.

Bin dividers are a handy tool for enabling storage bins to be separated. It is a cost effective way of making use of current storage containers, rather than having individual bins, saving a great deal of space. Each separator is matched to a certain bin size ensuring a perfect fit to prevent any movement, this guarantees small items such as screws and bolts will not be mixed with each other.

Bin lids are for use with storage bins allowing you to store components safely, securely providing a complete storage system. The lids are mostly made from a clear material providing you access to see what is stored inside the bin without opening the lid. Storage bin lids are designed to lift easily and to be removed as required. Various sizes are available to fit a wide range of bins.

Plastic Bins With Dividers

The Artbin Super Satchel Double Deep with Removable dividers Storage Box

Dividable storage boxesThe Multiroir dividable plastic storage box allows the storage or organisat

Fixed storage unit for dividable storage boxesThe fixed storage unit for dividable storage boxes i

Built as a monobloc, the Multiroir shelf trays are practical for storing equipment.Integrated labels

Storage boxes with modular dividerMade in FranceStackable with lids and stackable when empty

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Storage Bin With Dividers

Plastic Corrugated Dividers For Boxes Bins Containers

1) Custom and can be made in any size for any compartment size.

2) Little or no tooling cost.

3) Plastic corrugated when designed well creates a strong long lasting product.

4) Good option for low to mid volume applications based on low tooling cost and flexibility in customizing.

5) Divider can break down flat.

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