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Public Storage Lock Cut Fee

What You Need To Know About Prorated Rent

How to Cut a Lock off a Storage Unit

Public storage rent can be prorated from the date you move in until the day you move out. For example, if your monthly storage rent is $100 and you store your items for only 1.5 months, instead of

charging you $200 for the two full months, they will only charge you up until your move out date, which should amount to $150. As mentioned before, not all public storage providers offer prorated rent.

Hire Professional Movers Before Planning To Move

Depending on the size of your storage unit and the items youre moving out, you may be in need of professional Long Island movers to help you make the transition. Theoretically speaking, all of your items should already be packed and ready to go.

You may want to hire professional Long Island movers to load the items onto the truck, transport them to their new location, unload, and perhaps even unpack or assemble or both.

If you decide that your personal needs do call upon the help of professional movers, be sure to do your homework beforehand to avoid hiring rogue movers.

Empty out your storage unit

Although this step should go without saying, for the sake of this article it is worth a mention. On the day of the move, make sure you clear out all the contents of your storage room and make

arrangements for the items you no longer have use for. If its something worth giving, consider donating to Red Cross or a similar organization. Otherwise you will need to arrange a removal service.

Make sure your unit is in good condition

What Sets Medeco 3 Apart

The Medeco 3 padlock works outdoors

The Medeco 3 shrouded shackle padlock uses boron alloy steel materials that protect against bad weather. Its the only lock on our list that works well for indoor and outdoor storage units.

The Medeco 3 padlock is a nightmare for thieves

The Medeco 3 padlock is a customer favorite, but looters dont like it. The locks cylinder uses hardened steel that protects against cutting, picking, and drilling. Any lock is breakable, but its tougher for crooks to get through this lock than any other option on our list.

The Medeco 3 padlock gets stellar reviews

Customers give the Medeco 3 padlock incredibly high reviews. You literally cant find a review thats lower than four stars. But theres a catch: the Medeco 3 lock isnt cheap. You can expect to pay about $124.40 for the extra quality.

Want top-notch security? Price $37.63 . See full disclaimer. Data as of 2/22/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Make Sure The Lock Is Working Correctly

Lets say you have your keys, but your lock still wont open. That can be genuinely frustrating, no doubt, but dont panic. If this is the case, a quick online search of the locks type and brand might help. That way, if there are any common issues with it, youll see them and be able to solve them. A locksmith might also help, which would remove the cost of getting a new lock. Try looking up a locksmith on a review site like Angi.

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Provide Sufficient Notice Of Your Move

Be sure to contact your public storage provider ahead of time and notify them of your move. If you dont do this in advance you may face fines or additional charges as a result.

When you first move your stuff into a public storage unit, you will be asked to sign a legal document, which will disclose several important factors to be considered.

One of the things this contract will outline is how far in advance you will have to notify your property manager of your upcoming move.

Be sure to contact your storage providers with a written and verbal notice when moving out, to avoid any miscommunication or confusion.

Renting Markham Self Storage Near You


We understand that every now and then life throws you a curve ball. You can’t always be in control of your life, but you can control where you rent storage. Finding the perfect storage unit can be an overwhelming task, but don’t worry – we have actually made it fast and easy! We aim to bring you the most Markham storage options offering you the lowest prices possible, saving you time and money.

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Comparing Prices On Markham Storage Units

Our site is very simple to use. Your first step should be to narrow your search to the neighbourhood where you work or live. Enter a street address or postal code into the search box and click go! All of the storage facilities located near where you are searching will then show up on the map and listings. Compare amenities, prices, and current deals. Browse facility details and flip through facility photo galleries. Once you narrow your search to the storage unit that meets your needs, reserve online or call and speak to the facility manager one-on-one.

What Should I Do If I Lose The Key To My Storage Unit

If you lose the key to your storage unit, you will need to have the lock removed during the propertys office hours. For security reasons, property staff do not retain a spare key to any unit. You can have a locksmith remove the lock obtain bolt cutters and remove the lock yourself or complete a Lock Cut Request Authorization Form and have one of our staff schedule a time to remove the lock for you. In either case, you must notify the Property Manager of the situation, so that you can make the appropriate arrangements at the facility. Depending on the lock removal option you chose, please be aware that additional costs may be involved.

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Public Storage Has Extended Access Hours

Most Public Storage locations are open every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thats a big step up from some storage companies that restrict access to traditional business hours . Plus, with the Public Storage app, you dont even have to worry about calling the front desk or remembering a keycode. Instead, simply scan a code on your app, and the gate opens. Its a great perk that adds to the benefits of extended access hours.

Want easy access to your storage unit?

Public Storage Cost Factors

[794] Public Storage Disc Padlock Picked

Overall, several features will impact how much Public Storage costs for you. These include:

  • Unit size The larger the storage unit, the more your monthly rent will be.
  • Type of unit Expect to pay more every month for specialty storage for a vehicle, RV, or boat.
  • Climate control Climate-controlled units generally run more expensive than standard units, though not always.
  • Location Prices vary among Public Storage locations, even within the same city or zip code.
  • Availability Higher demand usually means higher prices.

Be on the lookout for Public Storage promotions and sales. In addition to the common “$1 for the first month” or “50% off the first month” promotions, you may be able to snag a discount for booking your reservation online or booking with a timely deal.

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What To Do If You Lose The Keys To Your Storage Unit

Have you lost the keys to your storage unit? Perhaps you left them on your office table, the roof of your car, at a restaurant table or maybe, they just vanished? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. It happens to all of us.

Whether your keys are really lost, or you couldn’t remember where you placed them, it can be stressful knowing that you have important documents or other precious items in your storage unit. The first thing that would probably come to mind is how to possibly open your lock without a key. Don’t worry we can help you. Thankfully, we always give out two keys for our tenants, just in case something like this happens. If you lost both keys, however, try not to panic and follow the steps below.

1. If you lost both the original and the duplicate key, the first thing you need to do is to inform our associate immediately.

2. The next step is to hire a licensed locksmith for key removal. Our associate can recommend a professional locksmith to cut the lock. People who aren’t licensed are not supposed to remove locks. You may contact your local A-1 Self Storage, and one of our experts will be happy to assist. We can recommend a licensed and reliable locksmith along with his phone number so you can get in touch with him.

5. After removing and installing a new lock, ensure that you store the duplicate key separately. Keep it in a box in your car, or ask a trusted friend or family member to keep the spare key for you.

What Sets Stanley Hardware Apart

The Stanley Hardware padlock is cheap

The Stanley Hardware padlock costs only $37.63. Thats a good thing if you dont have enough for a better lock. But the lock also makes you a bigger target for thievesand thats a bad thing.

The Stanley Hardware has good quality for the price

The Stanley Hardware padlock may not have all the bells and whistles of high-quality locks, but you also cant find a stronger option in the $30 price range. Thats why we recommend the lock even though it scores lower than more expensive competitors.

Need a cheap storage unit lock?

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Dont Have A Car Large Enough To Move All Your Belongings Into Storage

No need to worry, contact your local storage facility and see if they have a hire truck to assist you.

One example truck is the Isuzu NPR 200, a standard-sized removalist truck, that may be driven on a normal car license! Most trucks at a storage facility should come with an easy to use a hydraulic tail lift to save your back in the process too. Most facilities will charge by the hour and a markup on the cost of fuel . Alternatively, some facilities will get the tenant to return the truck full with some proof of purchased fuel being required.

Get The right Self Storage For Yourself Today

I hope that this blog was helpful to you in going through the process of moving your belongings to safe and secure self-storage.

In case if you still have any inquiries then please contact us here.

Cylinder Lock For Storage Units

CE / FCC Certified Computer Based Electronic Key Left Luggage Storage ...

Many facilities are beginning to equip their units with cylinder locks. These are the most secure locks available because they are housed internally within the storage unit, similar to front door locks in your house or apartment. These cannot be cut, as the locks dont stick out of the unit door. Like disc locks, they are also strike-proof, drill-proof and pick-proof.

Storage unit doors are built specifically to work with certain cylinder locks, so youll have to get one directly through the facility office. Because these are a newer development in the realm of self-storage locks, facilities that utilize them operate a little differently. Some managers ask that you return the issued key at the end of your lease. Others replace the entire cylinder lock for each new tenant. This is the most secure practice, as your unit will stay protected even if a previous renter created and distributed a copy of the key.

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How Long Will You Be Storing Your Items

If you will be storing your items between the months of November to April or for more than a year, your belongings will be exposed to seasonal winter cold. In this case, we recommend a heated storage solution to protect your belongings from freezing temperatures.

Our Richmond Hill storage facility offers heated storage units to protect your cold-sensitive items. Learn more about our heated storage options by visiting our temperature-controlled storage page.

Total Sizes Of The Storage Unit

Is bigger better? Yes, when it comes to the best value for money, larger units are better per meter.

A small unit can cost ~$90 per month, which is around $6.6 per cubic meter . Conversely, a medium-sized unit costs ~220 per month , thats only $4 per cubic meter!

We also provide storage services for big vehicles such as caravans, trailer trucks, etc. If you are a traveller and you are looking for a storage space to store your caravan for a longer period, then you can check our blog for the best 9 things to follow while storing your caravan in self-storage.

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Increasing Your Storage Rent Frequently

When you sign a contract with one of these companies, you think that youve locked in a price for the rest of your lease right?

Not necessarily. All storage contracts are month to month, allowing the rent to increase any time with 30 days notice.

National self storage facilities increase rent for current customers frequently, oftentimes twice a year. So a unit you thought would be $40 per month suddenly costs you $50 per month. If you stay a year with that new rate, youll be dishing out an extra $120 you hadnt budgeted for.

The storage companies know its a hassle for you to move again and take advantage of that. The industry calls you a sticky customer because of this fact.

Inside Vs Outside Storage Units

Picking open a public storage lock plug, using nothing but a zip tie

Drive-up units outside the facility usually cost more due to their ability to store vehicles. Most often these units are 3m wide, 6m deep, and 2.7m high, allowing them to store vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Often the outside units also have the added perk of being 24/7 access due to not needing to go inside the facility.

3m x 6m Storage units are large enough to cater for 4WDs to vintage vehicles. A clean, safe, and highly secure solution that protects your vehicle from the harsh climate and external environments. Furthermore, it will help you save valuable space in your carport or garage.

Storage solutions are not limited to just cars but also other recreational and commercial vehicles. Seasonally or weekend vehicles

  • Off-Road vehicles

Motorbikes either classic, sports, or vintage can be securely stored in medium units, and even can be brought upstairs in the 1.5-tonne elevator most facilities have.

  • 3m x 6m Vehicle Storage From ~$103 per week
  • 3m x 3m Bike Storage From ~$50 per week

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Final Thoughts: 5 Sneaky Ways Other Storage Companies Charge You More Money

Choosing a self storage company to keep your things safe can be an overwhelming process. If you dont know where to look, you could be ripped off. National storage companies use tricky tactics to try and charge you more money.

When you search for storage near me, think twice before clicking on links to big, chain storage facilities. To get the most bang for your buck, store your extra items with a small, locally-run public storage company. Find a Bargain Storage near you.

Constantly Changing Self Storage Prices

National self storage companies use a system called revenue management to set their prices.

What is revenue management? This practice is what airlines and hotels use when they quote you a different rate for the same flight or room based on demand. Big storage companies do the same thing, reassessing their prices daily.


To make sure they are charging you the highest price they can get away with.

You might be looking at quotes from a large national company on a Saturday and see extra space storage units advertised for $40 per month. Revisit the quote on Tuesday and you could see the rate jump to $65 per month.

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Public Storage Customer Service Highlights

You can contact the Public Storage customer service team by calling 567-0759. You can also contact Public Storage via their online form, or visit their Help Center for answers to some common questions about renting a Public Storage storage unit.

As for some of Public Storage’s customer service highlights, there are a couple of things that customers should be glad to know:

Sustainability initiatives When you’re choosing a Public Storage location, look for a green leaf next to the name. This means that the location follows various sustainability practices, such as LED lighting, solar power generation, eco-friendly water practices, and energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Discounts and promotions Public Storage discounts tend to be easy to come by. Customers are usually able to get initial savings just by booking their reservation online and may be eligible for additional savings depending on which location they rent from.

On-site amenities. All Public Storage facilities offer a handful of guaranteed amenities. These include keypad access, month-to-month rental contracts, and free parking on site. Customers can also get assistance from on-site managers and staff and may be able to purchase packing and moving supplies too.

Public Storage Coverage Options

100 Sqft Unit

Public Storage offers self-storage unit insurance through the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program. Details may vary by state, but the program typically provides $5,000 worth of coverage for a monthly cost of $15. The insurance protects against several perils :

Vehicle storage Yes

Data as of August 2022. Storage unit prices exclude a one-time administrative fee, monthly insurance costs, and special promotions.

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What To Look For In High

A strong storage lock will deter most thieves, because the time and effort to break the lock will increase their risk of getting caught. When choosing a storage lock consider the following features:

  • Shackle. The shackle is the part of the lock that fits through the latch/hasp of your storage door. Youll want a shackle that is just thick enough to fit through the hasp. Go with the thickest diameter shackle you can that will still fit through the hasp. A 3/8 diamter shackle or thicker should be sufficient for most users.
  • Locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is a series of pins that hold the shackle in place when the lock is secured. When you insert the key the shackle is released. The more pins a lock has, the harder it is to pick. We recommend choosing a lock with at least five pins for the best protection, but seven to 10 is even more secure.
  • Lock body. This is the part of the lock that houses the locking mechanism. The lock body should be all metal, preferably hardened steel or titanium.
  • Boron carbide. Boron carbide is one of the hardest materials on earth. It is a type of ceramic that is used in bulletproof vests and tank armor. They are also used to make high-security locks. While they are the most expensive type of lock you can buy, they are much harder to cut with bolt cutters. For most tenants such a lock may be overkill, but it is definitely the most secure.


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