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Queen Bed Set With Storage

Bedroom Sets: A Summary

How to Build a Queen Size Bed With Drawer Storage

Buying a new bedroom set is critical to ensuring you have the storage and bed for a comfortable and tidy bedroom but choosing the right one involves consideration of a range of details from material type to size to color and style detailing , the options are limitless. The first decision you should make, though, should be dimensional: think about the size of your space and the age or size of the sleeper which will help determine how big or small your bedroom set should be.

Once you have the size narrowed down to one of the four main sizes , decorative considerations can help you shape your bedroom style. Material choice can harden or soften your bedroom look, while color choice can energize or downplay your bedroom vibe. Another thing to think about is any pattern or detailing: tufted fabric, glass drawer knobs, tapered legs and carved edges can embolden your style a good or bad thing, depending on your preference.

Shop Queen Bed Frames And Platforms At Big Lots

You will sleep like royalty in your new queen bed from Big Lots. Shop online or at your local Big Lots store to see our selection, including platform, metal, sleigh, upholstered designs as well as the elegance of canopy beds. We have the perfect queen bed for every taste. If you need a new queen-sized mattress to go with your bed, we have a number of styles and comfort levels to choose from. We have curbside pickup and same-day delivery for select items. Standard home delivery is free for orders of $59 or more. Big Lots now offers an exclusive credit card for no annual fee. Apply online. We also have an Easy Leasing Program for major purchases. Make low monthly payments over time.

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Bedroom Furniture Set Frames

The bed frame within a bedroom furniture set is another important consideration. Frames come in a range of types, including platform and panel the two most popular types of frames available. These types are identified by the base structure: platform types will feature slats that are closer together, while panel types will feature slats that are mor spaced out.

How Do You Decide Where To Put Furniture In A Bedroom

Hanover Queen Storage Bed

There are countless ways to arrange bedroom furniture. But a good general rule is to start with the most prominent pieces first, such as the bed and dressers, and then all the more minor elements to accent that. A good rule of thumb is that the bed in a bedroom goes in the middle of the longest wall. Beyond that, the best way to decide how to place bedroom furniture is simply to consider the available space. You want to leave a few feet of space between each piece to ensure ample room to move around. If you have less space than this, then your bedroom might be too cluttered.

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All Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets

What about hand-made, locally sourced, sustainable bedroom furniture? Returning to our roots, Bassett’s Bench*Made collection brings all of those features and more. We make every piece of Bassett furniture to order by hand, using timber sourced responsibly from the forests of Appalachia. That’s been the way for over 100 years, since our founding in 1902.

What You Get In A Bedroom Set

Our 4-piece bedroom sets include a full bed frame with headboard, footboard and side rails in a range of sizes. Youll also get a matching dresser with a mirror and a nightstand for holding a reading lamp, books and more. Our bedroom sets are often made of hardwoods for durability and wood veneers for a rich, smooth finish.

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An Overview On Bed Frames With Drawers

Bed frames are the foundation to a good nights sleep, but they can also provide much-needed storage space for you and your family. Before you make a purchase, consider what you should look for to find the best bed from with drawers for your needs.

In addition to deciding on the size, color and material of your new bed frame with drawers, decide if youd like your bed to have a headboard. Some models come with a headboard, while others might not come with a headboard, but allow for attaching one as long as you have the right tools and hardware.

If you live in a small apartment or home, youll also want to take the amount of storage space into consideration. How much space do the drawers offer? What will you store there, and will you have enough room for all your belongings?

The type of mattress you plan to use with the bed frame is also important. There are styles of bed frames that work with memory foam, traditional spring and hybrid mattresses. Additionally, most frames can handle a box spring, but keep in mind that not all bed frames are designed for both a box spring and a mattress.

Finally, check to see how easy or complex the bed frame with drawers is to assemble. Some models require the use of your own tools, while others dont need any tools at all. If you have a handyman in your home, this may not be an issue.

What Colors Are Trending For Bedrooms

IKEA MALM Platform Bed with 4 Storage Draws | Demo and Review | Luroy Queen

When discussing trending bedroom colors, it all depends on where you are in the world. Different areas have different styles and trends. However, if you’re referring to Western bedrooms, then there are a few trendy colors that you will see most often. For example, shades of gray and beige are still very much in style, as is your traditional white or off-white. By far, the trendiest bedroom color is all white. When contrasted against other areas of your space, the all-white look can give you the feeling of calm and make any bedroom an oasis from the outside world. Outside of all-white bedrooms, usually, you will see the trendiest spaces use various warm shades and colors such as yellow or orange.

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Bedroom Sets For A Range Of Styles

Bedroom sets come in a range of styles, allowing you to match your bedroom vibe with your personality. Style is found in a variety of details, such as material, hardware and color. While style is often thought of as an aesthetic decision, function and comfort also come into play: an all-wood bedroom set, for instance, might look great for a rustic-inspired space but may not feel the most comfortable for those who like to sit up in bed.

Why Buy A Storage Queen Size Bedroom Set From Rooms To Go

Practicality meets chic design in our storage queen size bedroom sets. Drawers built into the bed frame allow you to keep extra blankets and other essentials close at hand. Look for a storage queen bedroom set with two drawers in the footboard to hold quilts and sheets, or opt for a six-drawer model to truly expand your organizational capabilities.

It’s easy to find storage queen bed sets to complement any home decor. Fans of traditional looks enjoy suites with rich wood tones and panel headboards. Contemporary fashion enthusiasts turn to collections with sleek profiles and unique drawer pulls. However you want to style your space, Rooms To Go has the storage queen size bed set to complete your retreat.

More Queen Bedroom Set style options:

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Is It Okay To Mix Dark And Light Wood Bedroom Furniture

Yes, combining different wood colors is not only okay, but it can also be very trendy! Often, the best combinations of style and colors lay across from each other on the color spectrum. So mix and match to your hearts’ delight! If you need help deciding what types work best, our home design consultants can help you pick the right pieces.

Bassett’s Bedroom Furniture Collection

Caroline Queen Size Storage Bed with Diamond Tufted Headboard

If you’re searching for quality bedroom furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Bassett Furniture has everything you need to make your bedroom, the most intimate and private space in your home, into the peaceful refuge of your dreams.

From traditional wood beds and modern, upholstered headboards to nightstands, dressers, chests, and mirrors, find the perfect pieces for a stunning bedroom transformation in Bassett Furniture’s bedroom furniture collection.

To bring you the highest quality and most comprehensive set of bedroom furniture options possible, Bassett’s designers have been hard at work, leaving no detail untouched in the process. From traditional wood beds and modern, upholstered headboards to nightstands, dressers, chests, and mirrors, find the perfect pieces for a stunning bedroom transformation in Bassett Furniture’s bedroom furniture collection.

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What Can I Get Instead Of A Dresser

If you’re looking to avoid dressers, there are quite a few options that will still serve the same purpose in a bedroom. For example, an armoire or trunk can provide you with a place to store bedroom items or clothes. If you’re looking to save even more space, maybe a storage bed might be more appropriate. A storage bed doesn’t take up any extra space in a bedroom than a standard bed would however, it provides ample storage area for clothing and other items.

Buy New Bedroom Furniture At Big Lots

If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture, Big Lots carries high quality furniture inventory from trusted brands in various sizes, materials and décor styles. Our selection of bedroom sets provides a full complement of matching furniture pieces to fully furnish your bedroom. We also carry individual pieces of furniture to mix and match to complete the décor. Choose from our selection of headboards & footboards in various sizes, dressers and nightstands, benches and vanities. We also carry mattresses in every popular size and comfort levels. If you just need a new bed, we also have beds and daybeds in stock. Stop into your local Big Lots to give them a test run or order online and have your bedroom furniture delivered to your home.

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The Bed Frame With Drawers Buying Guide

  • Most bed frames can be wiped down with a wet cloth to remove accumulated dust and debris. Youll also want to do this if you ever need to fold up and store the frame, such as during a move or to set aside for when company visits. If your bed frame is made with fabric, you can also use upholstery cleaners to spot-clean the frames various parts.
  • If your frame has any rust spots on metal elements, brush the rust off with steel wool. Afterward, coat the area with a sealant.
  • When storing a bed frame, it is important to wrap it in some kind of blanket. Moving blankets are ideal for this. Not only does this protect the frame, but it also keeps the frames components and parts from scratching anything else in your garage or storage unit.
  • Not all bed frames are ideal for all mattress types. Before you select a bed frame with drawers, make sure you know it will accommodate the type of mattress you plan to buy. Additionally, not all bed frames are capable of attaching to a headboard. If you plan to use a headboard, check to see what hardware, if any, is needed to get the job done.
  • If you ever need to move your bed around the room due to a remodel, consider using a set of sliding discs under the feet. These discs protect your flooring, while making it a cinch to push the bed into a new position. You may also want to remove the drawers to make moving your bed easier.

How Do I Choose Furniture For My Bedroom

Building A Queen Size Storage Bed

There are quite a few things to consider when picking your new bedroom furniture. First and foremost you should think about space, and how much you have. Make sure to carefully measure the items you’re thinking about purchasing and the space available in your bedroom. Secondly, style is usually the most important thing. If you need help choosing a style, our interior design consultants can help you pick the right look. Lastly, you’ll want to think about storage and media solutions. Are you allowing for ample clothing storage and a place for a T.V.?

The type of furniture for a bedroom also depends on what type of bedroom it will be. For example, will it be your master bedroom, a bedroom for a guest, or a child/teen? This factor will determine which styles you’ll look for in terms of decor and types of furniture pieces. It’s essential to consider the person’s personality who will use the room and the decor and style of the rest of the space. The next consideration you’ll need to make is about size and price. You have to make sure that the room doesn’t become cramped or difficult to navigate when you buy furniture for the bedroom. Also, consider the quality of the furniture you require. You want to buy quality bedroom furniture from a manufacturer that has a solid reputation. Trusting a manufacturer ensures that the furniture you pick for the bedroom will last and not need replacing within a few years.

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Mattress Foundation

Low Profile

About half the height of the standard foundation, allowing your sleep set to stay lower to the floor.

Split Standard

This 9″ foundation is the most popular choice, pairs well with most beds and has the added benefit of easy move-in.

Split Low Profile

About the half the height of the standard foundation, with the added benefit of easy move-in.


This 9″ foundation is the most popular choice and pairs well with most beds.

Other Common Features Of Bedroom Sets

While four piece sets are the most popular, sets with more and less pieces are also available. Five piece bedroom sets commonly include a bed frame, mirror, dresser and two nightstands three piece bedroom sets commonly include a bed, dresser and nightstand two piece bedroom furniture sets commonly include a bed and nightstand. .

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Bedding & Bedding Sets

Bedroom Sets: Choosing A Color

Intercon Wolf Creek Queen Bookcase Bed with Storage Rails

Common colors of bedroom sets are in the range of neutrals: beige, black, white and brown. Outside of that range, it is possible to find pops of accent colors, with blue, pink and green being the most popular within that category. If you do choose an accent color for your bedroom space, consider color psychology and how it affects your mood, as youll be spending at least eight hours a day in your bedroom and the wrong color for you can make it more difficult to feel at home within it: the color psychology of green infuses energy and natural motifs, blue infuses relaxation and oceanic energy and pink infuses feminine energy and optimism.

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