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Secure Cloud Storage For Business

Send And Receive Files Securely

The Best Free Secure Cloud Storage

with clients and customers quick and easy, with file portal capabilities and optional custom branding to put your logo on full displayControl access with passwords, expiry dates, upload capability, email notifications and moreGet unlimited data transfer and the people you share with get instant access, no Sync account or software required!

Is Cloud Storage Safe

Cloud storage is safe and depending on how its used, secure. There are all sorts of exploits and hacker tricks that any cloud provider can be vulnerable to. However, they are often focused at the user level. Someone may have misplaced a password, compromised a key, or granted access to the wrong agent.

If you are up to date on the very basics of cyber security, then you can rest assured that cloud storage is a safe, dependable way to store your data in the cloud.

What Makes Cloud Storage Secure

As we all know, any time you access files stored remotely, you are accessing a cloud. So, the security of cloud storage is essential for your data and all files stored on secure cloud servers benefit from an enhanced level of security. Actually, many factors contribute to user security in the cloud storage system.

Generally, the secret to making cloud storage services truly secure is encryption. In order to ensure data security, secure cloud storage services use multiple technologies to protect your data. And the defense measures of any cloud system are to use complex algorithms to hide and protect information.

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How To Choose The Best Business Cloud Storage For Your

When deciding upon the best business cloud storage, there are several factors you need to consider. Businesses are significant targets for cybercrime, so security should be right at the top of your list. Most cloud providers place a high value upon their security credentials but there remain some differences between services here. Some offer end-to-end encryption, for example, while others dont so think carefully about your security needs before signing a contract.

That brings us to the next important consideration – price. The cost of different cloud solutions varies massively – and can add up to a significant financial outlay depending on the type of service you need, the storage size you require, and the number of users. Look for deals to make sure you dont overpay.

Finally, as a business, its probably a good idea to source some feedback from your employees – the people that will be using the cloud storage solution on a regular basis. They should be able to help you come up with a list of must-haves for your cloud platform. If you consider your criteria carefully, theres no reason you cant find the best business cloud storage solution for your needs.

Idrive Works Very Well For You If You Want A Balanced Cloud Backup Service

Top Secure Cloud Storage Solutions Backup for Online Business

You can consider IDrive if you want a balanced and comprehensive package. IDrive works with your Windows desktop, and it supports popular operating systems like Windows 10. IDrive supports macOS. It supports Android and iOS mobile devices.

You can use the Team plan from IDrive to manage backups for your team. The Business plan from IDrive allows you to manage the backup service for your organization. This plan allows you to manage backups for computers, servers, exchanges, and NAS devices.

IDrive offers valuable security features including protection against ransomware. The IDrive Personal plan allows one user and unlimited computers. Business plans offered by IDrive allow unlimited users and unlimited devices. IDrive offers flexibility too. E.g., you can access your Google Docs from IDrive.

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The Risks Of Cloud Storage For Businesses

Cloud storage solutions arent some form of divine blessing, though. There are downsides, particularly when it comes to security. Data centers are often more attractive targets for breaches than small businesses, so you could be exposing yourself to more risk by simply using cloud services.

That isnt to say that cloud storage solutions are inherently insecure, just that choosing a secure one is a little more involved.

As the Dropbox data breach showed, even the largest companies arent above an attack. Unfortunately, you usually have to do the dirty work of looking into security, rather than rely on brand recognition alone. If you want to see how Dropbox compares to a more secure service, check out our Dropbox vs comparison.

Thats not to say that Dropbox is inherently insecure, just that it sacrifices some security for convenience. That isnt a problem, so long as your business is using two-factor authentication and you monitor your team activity and Dropbox Business supports both.

Employees are, unfortunately, often a great risk to businesses, too, and cloud sharing and syncing can sometimes further that risk. Simply put, more access to company data means higher risk, no matter how many safeguards are in place. Thankfully, most of our picks have features to combat employee risk.

How Safe Is Cloud Storage For Business

Cloud providers do their best to protect the data that companies and individuals trust them with. But mainstream cloud services have some weak points. Many such weaknesses are eliminated when you use an end-to-end encrypted cloud. As only the account holder has the encryption keys, the data is protected from ransomware as well as attacks on the cloud server or the userâs device.

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Best Cloud Storage Service Overall

Free storage: iDrive starts its offers with 5GB for free

iDrive is for everyone who wants a cloud backup and cloud storage in an all-in-one. Its main job is backing up small businesses, but it also works well for personal cloud storage and file sharing.

Unlike many other cloud backup services, iDrive doesn’t lock you down to a single computer. You can use one account to backup your Windows and macOS desktops, your Android smartphone and iPhones and tablets, and your network drives. There’s also a Linux backup option, but it’s meant for Linux servers. There is no desktop Linux storage client. Darn it! You can, however, use its web interface for manually uploading files.

For now, iDrive has a killer deal. It’s the most storage for the least amount of money you’ll find today. They’re offering 10 Terabytes — no, that’s not a typo, terabytes — for $3.98 a year. Even its usual price, $74.62 for 10TB for the first year, is good. I use it to back up my massive media library of 1930s and ’40s movies.

Normally, iDrive starts its offers with 5GB for free. That’s okay, but if you want to make the most of it for backup, the real deal is in its Personal iDrive offerings. These start at $59.62 for 5TB for a year or an even better deal of $74.62 for 10TB annually per user. There are also business packages with unlimited users, but the price goes up for less storage. For example, the company will charge you $74.62 for 5TB of storage that you can share between 5 users.



Compliance Regulations Are Your Friends

Best Cloud Storage Providers For Small Business 2021

Regulations provide an invaluable safety net for data owners and end-users. When researching secure cloud storage services, it’s essential to understand which regulatory framework applies to them.

Although compliance regulations vary by country or region, a strong framework may require that each file and folder has an audit trail that shows the dates on which files were uploaded and modified, user permissions, and operations performed, including copy and delete. Such detailed record-keeping is vital for security-conscious businesses, and can prevent the loss of millions of dollars due to negligence, criminal activity, or unforeseen events.

For example, operates out of Canada, a country with powerful data protection laws. Canadian businesses must comply with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act . Another well-known regulatory framework is the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation ), which applies to any cloud hosting service with server locations in the EU.

If your chosen cloud hosting provider is located in a country or region with robust compliance regulations, you can rest easy knowing that these laws are helping to protect your data.

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Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Unlike personal cloud storage, business cloud services are frequently used for collaboration. To determine what features you need, ask yourself:

What does file sharing look like?

Can you send files to people who dont have a profile?

What about access and edit restrictions?

Also, consider what your business actually needs.

For example, smaller organizations wont need access control as much as big teams.

If its just you and a couple of people, it makes sense to give everybody access to everything. For larger teams, user hierarchy and management are essential and worth paying for.

Additionally, if your files are predominantly images, you might be better off with one of the best photo storage services.

How We Test For The Best Cloud Storage Services

We begin our cloud storage reviews with a close inspection of the service’s key features. How much storage space do you get? How many devices does the plan support? How secure are your data transfers, and exactly how much is all this to cost?

Many providers sell themselves on their own custom features – clever photo and media management tools, smarter and more secure ways to share files – and we drill down into the details of everything a provider offers.

There’s more to a great cloud storage provider than the length of their feature list, though. That’s why we also take the time to try out the service apps and web interface, find out how easy they are to use, and run our own comprehensive speed tests to check performance.

Benchmarks complete, we then drill down into the data, compare all the features and figures, and identify just where each provider ranks in our best cloud storage service charts.

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Why Do Businesses Need To Secure Their Data

Data management and privacy policies have been gaining attention globally for several years. Because of the dangers of data mismanagement, companies must step up their security practices. An encrypted cloud gives businesses a safe environment to work and share company files without the risk of exposing them.

What Are The Best Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

Defeat your data deluge with cloud object storage

There are so, so many different cloud services out there it may seem overwhelming picking which one to use with your business.

When picking a service you need to consider a couple of things like security , ease of use, cost, and availability. Not all cloud services are created equal, but a few are typically regarded as the best in the business. Keep reading for 10 of the best small business cloud services.

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How Secure Is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage stores data on physical drives accessible via online platforms whenever and wherever users want to view it. With many contrasting the benefits and disadvantages of cloud storage vs local storage , it’s worth pointing out how secure the former is.

End-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge architecture mean providers are almost hack-proof and unable to access your data, even if law enforcement authorities compel them to. In-transit and at-rest encryption ensure data is totally indecipherable, even if a cybercriminal intercepted it.

Data infrastructure is also protected, with highly-secure data centers monitored by 24/7 security, biometric entry authorization, and frequent security auditing. Data center locations are key: different countries’ privacy laws can vary, so ensure data is stored somewhere that complies with your business’s privacy obligations.

Administrator controls including 2FA, roles-based permissions, access management, and auditing also help ensure data transfer and file editing applications are secure as well.

Cloud Storage Solutions: Better Safe Than Sorry

To sum up, whether you go for free storage or paid storage, its essential to invest in secure cloud storage that protects your privacy while keeping your files safe.

The great news is that all of our top options also offer some of the best free cloud storage options, which you can first try out to see if it works well for you. You can test out the file-sharing features, ease of use, and customer service before deciding which paid plan to opt for.

Its best to steer clear of the mainstream providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive because even though they may be cheaper, they use your data for marketing purposes and expose your files to vulnerabilities during the file transfer process.

Remember: the best cloud storage that money can buy is the one that keeps your files safe and secure. Even if youre using AWS S3, its important to learn how to secure and protect your S3 buckets.

Got questions about cloud storage services? Check out our FAQ below. Just click a question to see the answer.

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How To Make Sure Your Cloud Storage Is Optimized For Collaboration

Your convenience is a top priority when selecting cloud storage. You need a centrally located hub from which you can access all of your documents, organize, and share them.

This means location and collaboration should be considered when youre shopping around for cloud storage. The good news is that most of the top-notch cloud storage providers have data centers all over the world. So location should not be a point of friction.

But for collaboration, you will want to make sure the cloud provider grants you easy access to sharing features. Google Workspace, for example, lets you easily grant access to specific people via their email addresses. And you can just as easily revoke access when and if it is necessary to do so.

Likewise, make sure to select a cloud storage provider that you can sync across multiple devices. If you need to access a document but you are far from your computer, you may need to use your phone or tablet.

Learn more about and why it may be a great solution for your personal or professional digital needs.

What Is Cloud Storage For Business

pCloud Business – the cloud storage solution for your business

Very broadly, cloud storage refers to an arrangement whereby data is stored on a drive inside a server and made available through a software platform. The server may be located either in-house or externally, depending on the situation. The advantage of cloud storage is that this data can then be accessed from anywhere across the world as long as you have access to the software and a decent internet connection, without any geographical limitations.

For businesses, this helps foster better collaboration among your team members and provide an important layer of security in the event of data loss. When data is stored externally with a dedicated service provider and made available via a software platform, itâs called storage as a service . StaaS providers are companies that specialise in cloud storage solutions for businesses and individuals, offering economical options to store, manage, and access data at scale.

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Keep Your Data In A Region Of Your Choice

With FileCloud, you get complete flexibility on deciding where your organizations data is stored.

FileClouds hosted service is supported by secure, world-class data centers in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, or Asia. You can select a region that aligns with your business center and gain complete control over your data.

“We picked FileCloud based on features, cost, the excellent support we received.”

The Best Secure Cloud Storage In 2022

ByDaniel BlechyndenContributions fromWill Roszczykpublished 2 February 22

Protect your important data with secure cloud storage

When it comes to the best cloud storage , secure cloud storage platforms should be at the forefront of your mind, especially if you’re looking for the best cloud storage for business . Many services don’t perform as well when it comes to security, as while files may be encrypted and safe from hackers, not every platform is equal.

Some may, for example, control your encryption keys, so they can essentially access your data if required to by law enforcement. Hackers may also cause a data breach, leaking your important information. Thankfully, a good number of services are truly secure, including those we’ve outlined in this guide.

Truly secure cloud storage solutions, particularly the best encrypted cloud storage providers, utilize not only end-to-end or in-transit and at rest encryption , but also offer zero-knowledge encryption. This means that you have full control over who can access and view your stored data, and even the provider is unable to access anything – even if compelled to by law enforcement authorities.

We looked closely at the leading secure cloud storage services available, analyzing their security features and tools and focusing particularly on encryption, data safety, and all-round security practices.

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Store Your Data Outside The Us With Icedrive

Another important aspect of data privacy is the physical location of the servers being used. Icedrive is a British company, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that its servers are located in London. While the UK doesnt have the best data privacy laws around, theyre certainly a whole lot better than the U.S. equivalent. Icedrive also plans to begin launching global data center nodes some time in 2021.

Not only is Icedrive secure, but its also incredibly cheap. For just $4.17 per month you get 1TB of cloud storage and access to advanced sharing features and the aforementioned encrypted storage.

As always, we dont have the space here to go into all the details that make Icedrive really shine. However, if low prices, great security and a gorgeous interface appeal to you, make sure to check out our full Icedrive review for all the details.


  • No zero-knowledge on most plans
  • No Linux support

Egnyte is one of the most secure cloud storage for business options, and its definitely worth a look if you need to store commercial files, especially as it came out on top overall in our list of the best enterprise file sync and share providers. If youre a small business owner, wed definitely recommend taking a look at our Egnyte review.

It should be noted that Egnyte Key Management is only available on Egnytes Enterprise plan, so it doesnt come cheap.


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