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Stackable Storage Containers With Lid

How We Picked And Tested

To find a range of containers that work for a variety of needs we researched a total of 82 bins and used these criteria to narrow the field:

Holds a lot: We considered bins that would neatly and securely hold a variety of items and stack without wobbling. Organizer Beth Penn told us to look for the squarest bins possible to maximize the space inside.

Widely available: A helpful storage bin is one thats easy to buy. Some popular bins were hard to find, so we focused on containers sold by multiple retailers or sellers with reliable inventory. Sometimes you need to see a container in person, so we also looked for options that could be picked up in store.

Easy to carry: We tested for handles that didnt hurt our hands and lids that didnt dig into our stomachs when carrying a full box.

In 2015 we tested 11 bins for our 2019 update we tested 21, in a range of sizes. Over the years weve simulated flooding and water leaks by hosing the bins down, submerging them in a kiddie pool, and leaving them out in the rain overnight. Weve dropped them and tossed them down flights of stairs . If a container survived those tests, we filled it with household goods to see how much it held, if it closed when overstuffed, if it stacked securely, and how comfortable it was to carry. We filled clothing boxes with sweaters and hoodies, noting how much the boxes held and how easy they were to pack and empty.

Stacking Boxes Online For Extra Strength And Durability

Keep the space neat and organised with stackable storage containers. With various plastic storage containers, you can efficiently store all of your items. Caterbox offers a wide choice of Plastic Storage Bins & Containers as Storage Solutions.

Caterbox provides affordable and quality stackable storage solutions for any company or any area of your home. Browse the products from –

  • Euro Stacking Containers

A Note About Labeling

We recommend investing in a label maker. Labels are easy to remove and replace if you decide to repurpose a box. If you still prefer writing on the bins, we suggest dry-erase markers instead of Sharpies, particularly on clear storage containers. A quick pass with a wet wipe or magic eraser will take off the marker so you can reuse the box. Penn also suggests keeping an index inside the closet so youll never forget what youre storing.

The best way to label your stuff

  • We printed dozens of labels while testing the top seven label makers to find the best one to organize your office, kitchen, media cabinet, and more.

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Why You Should Trust Me

Im Wirecutters resident textile writer and Ive worked on our guides to closet organizing ideas, clothing irons, and ironing boards. Im also a and former librarian. Im a born organizer. I have experience maintaining entire school libraries, keeping hundreds of yards of fabric organized, and storing and cataloguing the onslaught of sheets and blankets Ive tested for Wirecutter.

For this guide I spoke to professional organizer Beth Penn, owner of Bneato Bar and author of The Little Book of Tidying: Decluttering Your Home and Your Life. I also dug into several technical papers and articles to learn about the durability of different plastics.

Improve Efficiency With The Help Of Flexcons Alcs

25L Collapsible Plastic Storage Bins with Lids

Attached lid containers are designed to stack when full and nest when empty to improve your supply chain efficiency. Flexcon offers over 40 sizes in various colors and materials. These reusable containers are reliable, durable, and ideal for distribution, manufacturing, storage, picking, conveying, palletizing, transportation, and retail. Contact us today to find the containers best suited to your specific applications and request a quote.

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What Are Attached Lid Containers

An attached lid container is a shipping and distribution container with a lid or cover that serves as the closure or seal to completely close the object. Some containers come with a tamper-evident band to seal the lid securely until an opening is authorized. Attached lid containers are also an excellent shipping alternative to disposable or cardboard boxes.

Flexcon provides a range of reusable, lightweight, heavy-duty, color-coded, durable, secure, and large ALCs customized to fit your needs and budgets.

Features And Benefits Of Flexcons Stack And Nest Bins

The following are a few reasons to choose Flexcons stack and nest bins:

Space-saving: Flexcons bins stack when full with or without the optional covers. You can easily rotate the container 180 degrees to stack and save space. When empty, the containers nest inside each other for superior space-saving benefits. The stack and nest design reduce your shipping costs substantially while ensuring you are distributing more products at reduced costs. Flexcons stack and nest bins are undeniably the best alternative to bulkier and space-consuming corrugated boxes and cases.

Guaranteed durability: Stack and nest bins from Flexcon are constructed from durable polypropylene polymers and fiberglass, which are both FDA grade approved. The high durability standards make the bins ideal for rigorous and demanding operations such as storage, transportation, processing, manufacturing, picking, and many transportation applications. They are also designed to perform consistently in a range of automated systems.

Highly customized and flexible: The stackable and nestable bins from Flexcon are made with your applications in mind. The containers are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes that meet your specific needs. They can hold produce, small to medium parts, boxes, bottles, and other inventory, whether its flowing through conveyors or getting stacked on pallets for transportation.

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Shop Stackable Storage Container Online

Stackable storage containers are the best solution to maximise storage needs, minimise food waste, and preserve food. The stackable storage boxes are made up of strong, sturdy and durable plastic that is flexible and break-resistant. At Caterbox, you can explore an extensive range of stacking containers, Ventilated Storage Crates, Correx Storage Boxes, and Euro Stacking Containers with or without lids.

These storage boxes are available in many designs, shapes and colours to fit into any home or kitchen decor. These containers are handy for food storage as they prevent the growth of bacteria and can be used to store items at room temperature.

Best Bins For The Garage Basement And Attic: Rubbermaid Brute Totes

*At the time of publishing, the price was $16.

Best for: Organizing on a budget or large-scale projects.

Why its great: If youve decided that this is the year youll organize your basement and youre looking to stock up on storage, consider Home Depots HDX Tough Storage Totes. They come in eight stackable sizes and theyre cheapyou can buy a dozen HDX totes for the same price as one or two of our more expensive picks. Unlike the super-durable Brute totes, the HDX bins are made with polypropylene, so theyre not as tough in extreme cold temperatures and they break more easily when dropped. But if you live in a mild climate or arent worried about years-long durability we recommend them for garages and basements. We even spotted them in an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo in a freshly decluttered garage.

Although you could technically use these for closet storage, theyre much bigger than the Iris totes and wont work as well for most indoor spaces. Even the smallest, 12-gallon size is almost three times as big as the smallest Iris. The HDX totes are reliably available in Home Depot storesmany of our other picks are mostly sold onlineso you can see them in person to figure out exactly which sizes you need.

The HDX totes get very strong owner reviews on Home Depots site, with a 4.7-star average across over 17,000 reviews. Common praise for the boxes include that they stack easily, theyre durable, and theyre a good size for the price.

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Stackable Plastic Storage Containers With Lids


  • Functional: Reusable shipping, distribution, order picking and storage containers
  • Secure: Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust and damage
  • Interworking: Containers interwork for easy pallet loading
  • Stackable & Nestable: Containers stack on closed lids and nest in open lids

Stackable plastic storage containers with lids are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications, as they are specifically designed to stand up to everyday use in some of the harshest warehouse environments. This type of plastic container is made from sturdy construction, offering a high level of durability and strength you can rely on.

Attached lid containers are perfect for a wide range of different applications and industries, including:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Retail industry
  • Military applications

This type of plastic bin is extremely functional, making it the ideal choice for reusable shipping, distribution, order picking, and storage applications. Through the use of an attached lid that is designed to snap closed, you can rest assured that the contents being stored will be secure from any potential dust, debris, or damage. All attached lid containers can be interworked for easy pallet loading and can also be stacked or nested when not in use. Attached lid containers are available in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your specific storage needs.

Easiest To Open: Akro

*At the time of publishing, the price was $24.

Best for: Seasonal and long-term clothes storage.

Why its great: The breathable, zippered iWill Create Pro Storage Box with Zipper Lid is a simple, inexpensive way to store and protect clothes. Its perfect for garments that need airflow, like wool sweaters . We also like the iWill for items like scarves and beltsaccessories you dont use every day but still want ready access to. We tested three cloth storage containers and the iWills zippered top and structured sides made it the easiest to use. Retrieving items was much less frustrating than with the smaller and more expensive front-loading Container Store Sweater Box, which had to be completely emptied to pull out one thing. We also tried the Sorbus Foldable Bags but they were so floppy that filling them was a challengethe iWills rigid sides were much easier to pack.

The Iris Weathertight Totes we recommend will also work in your clothes closet and theyre clear, so you can see whats inside, but we prefer the iWills zippered closure to the Iriss heavy latches, which can feel like overkill when you just want to grab something. We also think the iWill containers are a good-looking storage option for any area where youll have to look at them frequently weve seen commenters on Amazon who use them to store weights in a living room, linens in a hall closet, and odds and ends in a car.

Size: 17.6 by 13.6 by 9.7 inches

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Tall Stackable Storage Bin With Lid 7 X 6 X 7

Useful in cabinets, the iDesign Stackable Storage Bin is the perfect solution for organizing a multitude of items. This bin features a hinged lid with a ridged surface and is made of clear plastic, making it easy to see and grab what you need.

Combat clutter with the ultimate storage solution for just about anything! These stackable containers come with a convenient hinged lid that will never get misplaced. The clear design and durable construction allow you to store and transport items from the cupboard to the bench with ease.

Not just useful in the kitchen, this container is great for organising your wardrobe, cupboards, drawers or art and crafts .

  • With this storage container comes order and organization in the kitchen cabinets it can store for utensils, kitchen accessories and food storage
  • Due to the stackable design of this storage box, the space in the cabinets, on the worktop, in the fridge or wherever the box is used will be used optimally
  • Space-saving
  • Keep contents in view with the clear plastic design
  • Can be used on the shelf or in the fridge and freezer
  • Blends seamlessly into any home décor theme
  • Made from durable, BPA-free plastic
  • Ideal for cabinet and pantry storage and organization
  • Hinged lid has a recessed, ridged surface for secure stacking of multiple bins
  • Clear for easy viewing of items
  • Durable plastic construction

Flexcons Attached Lid Containers: Exceptional Features

3 PCS Stackable Storage Boxes Lidded Containers Crates Colourful ...

Our ALCs are made from high density, industrial-grade polymers to prevent corrosion and break down or crumbling. Polypropylene makes them highly resistant to most chemicals while being heavy-duty enough for many storage and moving applications. Apart from the set of lids that swing out, these containers also come with pull-tight compatible containers with locking apertures and pull tight seals on both ends.

Other exceptional features of our ALCs include:

  • Secure lids: The lids are designed to snap securely and stack to protect contents. You can also open and empty them, to nest them when needed.
  • Pad lockable: You can secure the bins using padlocks or zip ties through security holes
  • Durability and longevity: It comes with heavy-duty sidewalls, hinges, corners, and lids that ensure durability and longevity.
  • Textured bottoms: They also feature textured bottoms to ensure conveyor compatibility.
  • Boasts an ergonomic design that makes them easy to carry.
  • Recyclable: The bins are designed to boost sustainability efforts. Because they are recyclable at the end of their life, ALCs reduce waste and conserve our environment. Plastic attached lid containers are also reusable, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint when replacing single-trip transit packaging.
  • Accessories: Our ALCs come with various accessories, including dollies, labels, RFID, placards, QR codes, dunnage, and hot stamping.

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How Do Alcs Move Your Operation Forward

ALCs are ideal for several applications, including order picking, distribution, conveying, storage, manufacturing, palletizing, and transportation. Some of the immediate benefits that come with our ALCs include:

Safe storage: Installing security seals guarantees your high-value goods in transit are adequately protected. With the lid containers provided by Flexcon, it is easy for you to check if the contents of plastic boxes have been accessed during distribution. Typically a broken seal means the container has been opened by an unauthorized person.

Saving space: Nesting your attached lid containers when empty and open will save you space when you need it. Stack them when full to protect the product. Anti-jamming features allow for easy destacking via machine or manually.

Saving costs: Replacing your disposable cardboard boxes for reusable plastic trays will help you save money by minimizing supply chain costs. Ideally, each ALC replaces hundreds of individual cartons because they can be used multiple times. They are also highly durable, and maintenance-free, thus saving on disposal or installation costs.

Prevents cross-contamination: Apart from preventing theft, the attached lids also protect items from dust, moisture, and other contaminants. If your applications are prone to contamination risks, for example, food and pharmaceutical distribution, tamper-evident seals are an essential consideration.

Stackable & Nestable Bins

Flexcon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial-grade stackable and nestable bins. Flexcons stack and nest bins, aka stack-n-nest and cross stack totes, are designed to protect products during picking, assembly, processing, storage, and distribution. They are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes to add flexibility and exceptional space savings for efficient storage and distribution.

Our stack and nest bins are highly customized to meet specific industry applications and needs. They are perfect for creating storage capacity when you need it and nesting densely when you want space back. They can be used in various applications, including electronics, apparel, bakery, aerospace, appliances, automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Best Clear Plastic Storage Bins: Iris Weathertight Totes

*At the time of publishing, the price was $33.

Best for: Seeing what youve stored and keeping a range of everyday items from pet supplies to linens inside the home.

Why its great: Any closet could benefit from a few Iris Weathertight Totes. Theyre sturdy and easy to use and they come in more sizes than any other bins we tested. They were also the tightest-sealing clear bins we tested, thanks to a foam gasket in the lid and extra latches around the edges . The Irises also stack more securelyeach bins base sits snugly into a groove on the lid of the one below. In addition, the Iris bins maximize interior space because they have straighter sides than several other bins weve tested.

Iris manufactures the Weathertight in slightly different sizes and lid colors for The Container Store, Ziploc, and Home Depot, but you can use them all interchangeably. Staffers who have used these boxes for moving, and to store countless items over the years, highly recommend them. We also recommend the under-bed size in our guide to closet organizing.

The Weathertight Totes receive strong owner reviews, with a 4.6-star average across almost 400 customer reviews on The Container Stores site. We took particular note that commentersranging from a personal historian stowing photos and personal documents to small-apartment dwellersrave about the watertight seal and neat stackability.

Sizes: 19, 30, 41, 46, 62, 74 quarts 6½, 19, 30, 41, 62, 74, 103 quarts 16, 26½, 44, 60 quarts

Best Bin For Bigger Loads: Sterilite 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote

Best for: Keeping things secured and safe outside.

Why its great: Take the Rubbermaid 24 Gallon ActionPacker camping or throw it in the back of your truckits the best storage container we found for outdoor use. Nothing we tested, including the smaller and larger ActionPacker sizes, beat the 24-gallon size for its combination of durability, security, and portability. In our drop tests, it outperformed everything else we tried. After we threw it down the stairs, a few corners were a bit dented but the latches held and the lid stayed tightly closed. Its also our only pick that can be padlocked.

The ActionPackers deep, rounded handles make it easier on the hands than the Brute, Roughneck, and HDX bins we tested, and the 24-gallon size is much easier to haul around than its big sibling, the 35-gallon ActionPacker.

We prefer it to the Brute and HDX bins for long-term outdoor storage, toothose bins have lids with raised lips that help them stack securely but also allow water to collect. If the ActionPacker is sitting outside for long periods, water will run off, so the lid wont turn into a putrid pool . This bin is made with durable HDPE, so it will withstand weather better than many others we tested.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because of the thick plastic and bulky design, it doesnt make the most efficient use of the space inside, which is why we dont recommend it for everyday garage storage.

Size: 8, 24, 35 gallons

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