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Storage Box For Truck Bed

Diy Truck Bed Storage Plans You Can Make Easily

AeroBox Installation Video (Premium Version) Removable Pickup Truck Bed Storage Box, Cargo Organizer

If you are a truck owner, you will undoubtedly love to travel with them so that you can carry your items easily. Unfortunately, having a big truck does not always mean space is sufficient. Trucks come with standard setup storage systems, so if you want to take more things with you, you must develop an innovative storage system for your truck bed. These DIY truck bed storage plans are easy to build and save you money!

Bed Storage Turned Camper

Are you looking to go camping? Now you can upgrade your storage box to a Bed storage turned camper. This works best for pickup trucks with high clearance since the camper will be stored on top. You can easily turn the bed of your full-size pickup into a camper. With cabins on the sides to hold water and other necessities and a cabin at the center to hold the storage beds, you will be ready for any adventure. Just make sure you have enough room to store it on your truck. All needed are storage beds that can be easily taken out and sturdy cabins to hold water cans.

Most Accessible Crossover Truck Tool Box

The Decked Crossover Tool Box has one of the most interesting features weve seen: an optional integrated ladder that folds out from the box over the side of your truck. That makes it easy to climb up and access the contents. Its especially useful when youve got a bed of materials blocking the tailgate.

This also comes with a snack tray for small parts and one of Deckeds D-Boxes a container for smaller tools that fits inside larger Decked truck boxes and truck bed drawer systems.

Molded with impact-resistant, resin-encapsulating steel plates, this sturdy box resists denting. The drivers side-facing lock makes securing and opening the box easy. When closed, a synthetic rubber gasket seals it against the elements.

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Install A Hammock On Your Truck Bed:

Attach a hammock to the bed of your truck, close the tailgate, and have a nap in the shade! This addition is just for your comfort. After a long day, parking your truck in the shade and taking a nap is one of the most relaxing activities. The installation process is easy! Anyone can install this bed-sized swinging hammock on their pickup truck with these plans. These nylon webbing straps support a heavier load than a hammock will put on them! Remove the standard truck strap and thread it through our tent loops to install it. Just like that, you’ve added comfort and ease to any trip.

Keeping Your Tools Organized With Truck Toolboxes

Decked Pickup Bed Storage System

A truck toolbox allows you to store tools and equipment that you use on a regular basis. The box or chest protects items from the elements and also serves as a measure of protection against theft. eBay features a wide selection of truck toolboxes to help you store a variety of tools and small parts.

What are truck toolboxes made from?

  • Aluminum – Aluminum is lightweight and resists corrosion when it is exposed to road salt, chemicals, and solvents. An aluminum storage box for the bed or trailer of a truck can withstand exposure to the elements year-round. The aluminum may have a textured finish for aesthetics, or to promote drainage of melting snow or ice.
  • Plastic – A hard plastic truck toolbox is often able to be lifted out of the trailer and taken to the work site. These storage boxes are lightweight, resistant to moisture, rust-proof, and come in a range of colors.
  • Steel – Powder-coated and stainless steel are often used for a wheel storage box, an under-body or underside box, or a low profile box for the bed or trailer of a truck.

What types of truck toolboxes are there?Types of locks on a truck toolbox

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I Love The Simplicity Of Cargo Bags But Want Some Security For My Cargo That Is In Them What Is My Best Option

We get not wanting to do a permanent box that makes your truck look like a construction vehicle. Our best recommendation is to look into a good truck bed cover. Most are lockable to keep the contents of your bed safe from strange grabby hands and most of the options on this list can still be used with a majority of them.

Check The Interior Dimensions

Most products show the dimensions of the exterior of the truck bed toolbox. But what about the interior?

Its really the size of the interior that matters when it comes to storage boxes. Therefore, get these dimensions from the seller to understand how big the interior is. It should be deep and long enough for certain big tools.

But most truck bed toolboxes are spacious enough for commonly used items like wrenches and jacks.

If you have an unusually big tool you need to carry, then you may want to look for a product that is more than just a toolbox.

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Cabinet On The Truck Bed

The Cabinet on the Truck Bed can be mounted anywhere in your truck bed. Make sure to measure your truck bed before you start building to fit perfectly. This truck bed cabinet provides your family comfort and convenience at campgrounds. It is made of laminated plywood that is waterproofed. The cabinet includes a sink with a faucet, LED lights for when you need to do repairs or read, a space for clothes and toiletries, a laptop charger, and 2 USB ports. This is perfect for long road trips or if you’re living out of your truck.

What To Look For In A Truck Bed Storage Box

RamBox-How to use truck bed storage on 2017 Ram Truck

#1 Capacity: The most essential aspect of any storage box is that its big enough to hold your equipment and valuables. Do you need to protect odd-size objects like a circular saw or golf clubs? Get the dimensions and see if theyll fit inside what youre considering. In addition, youll want to think about any other gear you may acquire and carry in the future.

#2 Placement: Where will you mount the box? A crossover configuration goes behind the cab while a side-mount/top-mount system rests atop the cargo bed rails. Other options include a wheel-well box or drawers that rest on top of the cargo bed. You can also choose a slide-out system thats accessible from the tailgate.

#3 Flexibility: Think about the payloads you carry regularly. Will a particular storage box inhibit you from taking these loads? For example, crossover storage eats up about a foot of the cargo bed. It can be an issue if you need to haul long items like lumber or piping. In addition, check to see whats involved to remove the box a necessary thing to think about for reconfiguring the bed for different cargo. Lastly, is the box compatible with a tonneau cover?

#6 Security: Do you need a storage box just to hold items, or must it be secure to keep away prying eyes and hands? A lockable system protects your valuables from theft and the weather.

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Transform Minor Annoyances To Get Outside More

All of this is just a minor annoyance, but its transformed in something far better with a good storage box. I can easily fit two propane bottles into the Plano Sportsmans Trunk with the Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill, in addition to basic BBQ utensils . . . and even a single-burner Coleman PowerPack Camp Stove, which is in our guide to the best camping stoves. I can also fit some napkins and paper plates around the edges, too.

Better yet, I can fit all of this stuff in a relatively small box that almost perfectly fits the Weber grill I dont have a bunch of empty, extra space. I would be easy to jam it all into an oversized bin, but the goal was to keep the size small and the contents focused.

I can now put the box in the back of my pickup and stack all sorts of gear on top of it. And at camp I can leave it outside in the rain and not worry about it. And I can slide it into the back of an SUV and not worry about grease or grime getting everywhere.

The whole point is that extremely minor issues can add up, but if you eliminate them in a positive way, they can turn into a catalyst that can improve you experience, help you get outside more, and save you money.

How can a simple plastic box save you money? By throwing the grill in when you go somewhere, you can grill up a hot meal instead of resorting to fast food or eating out. Healthier, more enjoyable, and maybe even faster.

Simple Bed Storage Compartments

The storage compartments for your truck can offer more organization and separation between your items so that they don’t get lost or mixed up. This can be done by designing and creating drawers made of wood to fit the back of any truck. Once you have the basic drawer shape, you can then subdivide it as needed based on how much separation you want between your various items. It’s a great way to keep things organized!

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Storage With An Ice Box

The advantage of the Ice Box is that it will keep your food items cold even if you are out fishing all day. This also allows you to take perishable foods on boat trips without the risk of your food going bad. With an Ice Box integrated into your bed, you’ll be able to keep all of your essentials fresh and ready to go. A pivot allows easy access and is great for those camping or fishing trips. The storage box is removable, making it a great personal item on your next flight.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Truck Bed Storage Box

UnderCover SC103D SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box Chevrolet Colorado ...

by Reliable Engineered Products | Apr 19, 2022 | Truck Storage

The right truck storage box is like a trusty tool it helps get the job done without any fuss or drama. But with so many options, choosing the best storage solution involves careful consideration. Well explore the features and characteristics to review in your research.

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Undercover Sc100d Black Swing Case Storage Box

Water resistant, sturdy, durable, compact, safe, helpful, convenient
Recommended uses for product Outdoor, sports, tools, hardware, work, vacation, storage
  • Works with all tonneau covers
  • Holds up to 75 pounds
  • Moisture seal keeps contents dry
  • Easy installation
  • This item: Undercover SC100D Black Swing Case Storage Box$275.71Ships from and sold by it by Wednesday, Sep 7
  • Sold by JKCOVER and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it by Wednesday, Sep 7
  • Sold by TrunkNets Inc and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it by Monday, Sep 19

Weatherguard Aluminum Saddle Box

If youre on the hunt for a good truck bed tool box, the mantra you get what you pay for absolutely applies. The last thing you need is for your cheap, $200 tool box to fail when you need it the most. So, we recommend spending a bit extra and getting this: the WeatherGuard Aluminum Saddle Box. Available with a bright or black finish, with rugged diamond plate pattern panels, the WeatherGuard Saddle Box is designed to span the full width of your truck bed and provide generous storage space for all your tools and truck accessories. It mounts using a set of drill-free, crimp-free clamped brackets that wont do a number on your trucks sheet metal, and it features a keyed locking system to keep your expensive tools safe from would-be thieves. Best of all, its solidly well-built, with thick-gauge walls and smooth, heavy-duty locks and latches, not to mention a weather-resistant design to keep your tools safe from the elements.

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Storage Systems For Truck Beds

Simple storage boxes or toolboxes are often enough to handle a typical truck owner’s hauling needs, but some owners decide to invest in storage systems for truck beds instead. These specialized systems raise the deck of the truck bed to create more storage space underneath. These systems create a secret storage compartment for tools and other items and give you the same amount of room for most hauling tasks as well. Many of our storage systems split the truck bed into convenient drawers complete with multiple compartments for different items you want to carry around. If you’re looking to create additional space for storage and hauling, a truck bed storage system is often the best investment you can make. Just be sure to get a kit that’s going to hold up to your hauling tasks, especially if you’re planning on carrying heavy loads in your pickup’s bed. We also provide a range of Dodge Ram tire carriers and accessories to help you keep tires and other emergency equipment available in case you run into an issue while driving. Investing in truck bed storage is an excellent way to protect your tools and equipment while making your pickup into a more capable hauler. Get the right products for your ride today, and you’ll be able to carry more items with confidence.

Best Secured Wheel Well Storage: Undercover Swingcase

Homemade Truck Bed Tool box || Storage Drawers

One of our very favorite truck products ever, the Undercover SwingCase is the perfect place to store tools, roadside emergency gear, trailer gear, and plenty of other items, without taking up valuable space or getting in the way as youre trying to load other items. Its basically a big, hinged plastic bin that mounts to the rear of the bed, on either side of the tailgate, and swings into or out of the cavity behind the wheel well as needed. What else are you going to use that space for? Your items are close by when you need them, and out of the way when you dont. The SwingCase also features a full-perimeter moisture seal to keep your items protected in the event of a downpour, and its key-lockable for security. Get two one for each side of the bed for double the storage space.

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Keeper Ratcheting Kargobar With Storage Net

Not every drive is an off-road adventure sometimes, its just a run to the grocery store. For that, we really cant say enough good things about the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar with Storage Net. Its made to suit a wide variety of different truck beds, from 40 to 70 in width, and built to last with a durable, baked-on coating to resist scratches and water damage. It features an attached 24 by 60 net for separating smaller items out from your truck bed cargo, but you can get even more utility out of it by using the bar as a divider, splitting up your pickup bed storage space however you see fit, with the option to reapportion later.

Editors Choice Best Cargo Bag: Whistler Truck Cargo Bag W/ Net

While its rare for many truck owners, theres not always a constant need to have truck bed storage options installed 100% of the time. The big tool boxes can take up valuable space in your truck bed, while other options arent a permanent fixture but arent necessarily convenient to keep in the cab only to install when you need them. That is what we love about the Whistler Truck Cargo Bag. When you dont need it, you can conveniently bundle it up in the supplied storage bag to stow away in the cab until the time comes when you do need it. With 26 cubic feet of waterproof storage space, youve got plenty of room to store luggage or anything else you can think of on your next travels. The supplied net, heavy duty aluminum carabiners and heavy duty plastic hooks ensure that youre gear isnt going anywhere, as long as you secure them to solid anchor points. This is why we choose it as our favorite waterproof truck bed storage option.

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Truck Tool Boxes & Bed Storage

Truck Tool Boxes & Bed Storage

Shop Exterior Storage By Vehicle: F150, F250, RAM 1500, RAM 2500, RAM 3500, Ford Ranger, GMC Sierra, Sierra 2500, Chevy Silverado, Silverado 2500, Silverado 3500

One of the main reasons that people invest in pickup trucks is to haul oversized items and to carry more equipment with them wherever they go, and getting quality truck bed storage makes accomplishing that goal even easier with your truck. Adding on things like storage boxes, tool boxes, bed covers, cargo bags, and more gives you the secure storage solutions that you need for all the tools and equipment you want to carry with you. You could also consider getting a Ford F-150 bed cover for your ride for even more cargo protection for your ride. Whether you want a more secure storage solution or a convenient location away from the weather for your tools, American Trucks has the truck bed storage solutions that will help you customize your pickup right.

Mountable Vs Portable Tool Boxes

Smittybilt 18605 Adventure Lockable Truck Bed Storage Box

Some truck bed toolboxes can be mounted or affixed to the flatbed of the pickup. These boxes will not move when the pickup is in motion. Mounted toolboxes will secure the tools in one place during a drive. But these may require complex installation. Once installed, the box cannot be moved or easily dismounted.

There are also portable toolboxes drivers can buy. These boxes do not require any type of installation and can be used with multiple vehicles.

But portable toolboxes may move when the pickup is in motion. Thats a major disadvantage when you just want to keep the tools safe. Both types of tool boxes have their advantages and disadvantages. Weigh these against your needs to determine the best toolbox for your pickup.

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