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Storage Unit Buildings For Sale

Should You Build Or Buy Your First Self

Brand new self storage units – Industrial For Sale

Thinking about getting into self storage?

Let me be the first to formally welcome you to this fast-growing but still tight-knit, diverse, fun real estate lovers dream of an industry.

If youre eager to get started on your first storage investment, but not sure whether you should buy an existing property or build a brand new one, check out some of the tips and resources below to make this tough decision a little easier.

Why Should You Invest In Self

Many real estate investors prefer to have a diversified portfolio with an asset class option, and self-storage is a great choice for that. One of the reasons why self-storage is popular with financial advisors is the large income in this sector. Statistics reveal that the self-storage industry generates $39 billion annually. This massive amount of money is made through the 9.4% of households who need to rent a place to store their goods. And those who are downsizing their living places will increase the number of self-storage users in the future.

Another reason to consider this type of investment is that storing goods/vehicles does not require substantial construction on your property. No one resides on your property, and there are a lot fewer reasons to worry. In contrast, a rented house requires maintenance, reconstruction costs, etc. This kind of part-time management and low maintenance costs make it easier to deal with, especially if the initial investment is with a small amount of money to run a mom-and-pop business.

Mini Storage Building Pricing

One of the most common inquiries surrounding mini storage buildings is how much they cost. Unfortunately, there is not a straight and simple answer to the question of, How much does it cost to build?. It depends on the specifications of the building itself, including the overall size dimensions, how many buildings your mini-storage will have, any interior finishing, materials used, door and window options, and insulation options.

The truth is that the cost of the building depends on the type of building you want and whether your needs are more or less extensive. There are some guidelines to get a good idea of the cost. Below, weve included a general pricing chart to give you a basic idea, based on the size of the unit.

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Mini Storage Buildings Designed For Your Specific Business

Working with General Steel is a collaborative process that ensures that your final product reflects your specific needs. The process starts with a two-way conversation between you and our experienced team. We want to know exactly how youll be using your mini-storage buildings, how they fit within your property, and your ideas for interior and exterior design, among other factors. We then research the location of the facilities to ensure that your self-storage buildings are equipped to withstand the wind and snow loads of your area as well as any insulation requirements.

Once we get an idea of what building kit best suits your project, we work with you to add customization options, including a wide variety of doors, windows, and exterior color schemes. The ease of steel construction allows us to modify layouts and add further customizations without breaking your budget. From design to construction, we provide the materials and expertise to transform a building kit into a thriving mini-storage business.

What Is A Commercial Storage Building

Self Storage Buildings.

The term commercial storage building can mean two different but similar things. If you own a business of any kind, you can use a storage building to keep essential materials, products, cars, and other items safe until theyre needed. If commercial storage IS your business, you can rent this storage space out to others.

However you plan to use your storage units, pole building kits are the best way to construct them. You can design new pole barn storage units to your exact specifications and build them quickly for a significantly lower cost than youd get from other building types.

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What Is A Cap Rate

In order to value a self-storage facility for buyers and sellers, its essential to have an objective way to measure the value of a facility.

Self-storage facilities are complicated investments, made up of land and buildings and an ongoing business with clients and goodwill. Its difficult to compare differing facilities across geographical areas. In valuing a facility, consideration must be paid to different levels of occupancy and different amounts of empty or vacant space. Some facilities have extensive hardstand or adjoining unimproved land, and their location will be better or worse than other comparable facilities. There may be addition income generated from the sale of merchandise like packing materials, or solar panel rental or even on-site signage. This is in addition to a differing cost structure, which might include wages, franchisee costs and offset costs such as solar rebates etc.

Nevertheless, a comparison is required in order to establish a likely selling price or value for interested parties such as prospective buyers and sellers of self-storage facilities, as well as financiers and insurance companies.

A cap rates, or capitalisation rate, is a figure used to calculate the expected value of a self-storage facility. Cap rates are also known as yields.

Cap rates are expressed as a percentage and are a guide to the income generated on the capital invested.

Not Seeing A Property You’re Interested In Want To Learn More About A Property

IRE’s database is always updating with new properties in regions across the Northern-Atlantic Coast. With an account, you’ll be among the first to know when we have new listings available. Members can request information on specific properties to uncover financial statements and other helpful data.

Note: All interested parties will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for each property before the Offering Memorandum can be provided. You must sign in or create an account in order to sign the Confidentiality Agreement and view property details.

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Ready To Invest In A Self Storage Property

Sign up for your online account today to be among the first to know when we have new listings available.Note: All interested parties will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for each property before the Offering Memorandum can be provided. You must sign in or create an account in order to sign the Confidentiality Agreement and view property details.

The Best Way To Receive Confidential Information About This Opportunity Is To Fill Out The Form Below

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Upon doing so you will receive a link via email to review and sign our confidentiality agreement. Once signed we will be able to further the conversation and send you the confidential Offering Documents. Please contact with any questions. Interested parties must demonstrate proof of financial capability, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and answer a few questions related to their background and interests. Enquire today about this self-storage facility and U-Haul dealer for sale!

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Fast Construction Timelines And High Quality Steel

General Steel provides I-beam structures produced with the highest-grade steel. These structures are more reliable than light gauge structures that are produced with low-quality aluminum. I-beam framing requires minimal maintenance due to its consistency and reliability, saving time and money for mini-storage business owners. Instead of tending to repairs and daily monitoring of the facilities, you can focus on improving and growing your business.

Another key advantage in choosing a steel building over more traditional building materials is the speed of construction. When you receive your building kit from General Steel, it is ready to be erected. With simple bolt-together construction, you can quickly get your business up and running. The more efficient timeline of steel construction over traditional materials will also save up to 50% on time and material costs.

Investing In Self Storage In Australia And New Zealand

There are around 1500 self-storage and drive up facilities in Australasia, with storage space per capita running at about 4 sqm.

Back in the 1970s and early 80s when the industry was in its early stages, self-storage facilities were established, owned and operated mostly by families concerns. Now the industry is dominated by large multi-national groups, some backed by public companies. These companies include National Storage, Kennards Self Storage, Storage King, Fort Knox Self Storage and Fort Knox Storage , and StoreLocal.

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Competition And Barriers To Entry For Storage Competitors

As you investigate which storage unit facility to purchase, be sure to examine the local competition. Know the number of nearby storage facilities, the number of units in each, and if there is a capacity for new storage facilities in the area.

Rolfe advises purchasers to select a market that allows virtually no further construction of self-storage facilities. Otherwise, you may find that the occupancy can never rise above a certain level since there is always more supply being brought on the market.

Check Out Our Sample Metal Buildings Offer Here

Wisconsin Storage Buildings for Sale

eel Building Clearance Specials Canada

All of our “Flash Sale” Clearance prefab Metal Buildings Specials are designed and engineered for the specific purpose and geographic location in our country. This is to ensure our prefab structures adhere to the strict local code requirements in your Province, including winter snow loads for the roof structure with roof pitch options, wind force ratings and seismic.

Be confident knowing that Global Clearance Sale Buildings deliver pre-engineered metal buildings that provide the durability to match your requirements.

With the best in class components and customer support that are second to none, our galvalume plus steel rust perforation warranty assures you of long lasting performance.

Because our Building Experts have a combined 30 plus years of experience in the field, we deliver our steel building kits on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

Remember that our metal building specials are a cost-effective option for a horse barn, industrial shops, equipment storage, or 30×50 garage packages. Don’t worry about man doors, walk doors, service door, or windows as most are field located on the gable wall or eave wall and a garage door on the wall front. We do need to locate your overhead door before engineered drawings and foundation plans are created.

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Small Medium And Large Commercial Storage Building Kits

Hansen Pole Buildings storage unit building kits come in three basic size ranges: small, medium, and large. Once you know approximately how much pole barn storage space youd like to have, youll have an idea of the price range before your customizations determine the exact total. No matter which size you choose, our affordable prices and simple instructions will be a major boon to your business.

How Much Does a Small Pole Barn Storage Building Cost?

Need a little extra space for supplies and gear? A small storage unit should be enough. The price range for this size is about $7,000 to $18,000.

How Much Does a Medium Pole Barn Storage Building Cost?

To store bigger items or larger quantities, a medium storage building is a safer bet. This size costs about $18,200 to $39,100.

How Much Does a Large Pole Barn Storage Building Cost?

If youre running a major storage business or you need to store things as big as vehicles, invest in a large commercial storage building. Large pole building kits tend to range from $36,000 to $88,000, but you might pay up to $100,000 for a really big or complex kit.

Mobile Technology Is The Future In Storage Units

A decade ago, having a decent website was good enough for a business to thrive. Today, mobile technologies have drastically altered the way commercial real estate operates. The self-storage industry is no exception. Many customers want to search for, reserve, and pay for a storage unit from their phone or other handheld devices.

Without reliable, user-friendly technologies in place, a self-storage facility will lose customers. If you purchase a storage unit facility in Texas or elsewhere, it should have the latest customer-facing technologies in place. If the storage unit facility lacks this technology, research the cost to update this technology before investing.

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The Dilemma: Build Or Buy

Its the million dollar question: should you build a storage facility or buy an existing one? Unfortunately, theres no solid answer. It all depends on your location and your unique business needs.

Whether youre buying or building, prepare to spend your first year or two doing due diligence on the self storage industry, the markets youre interested in, your current and future competition, and various vendors, partners, and technology tools youll need to operate your storage business. Its a long, boring process, but itll save you a ton of time and money in the long run. If youre just starting your online research, check out Inside Self-Storage and owner/operator discussion forums like Self Storage Talk, then consider heading out to a national trade show to meet other storage owners and investors, network, and learn from educational seminars.

Having a well-thought out business model before either buying or building is key to your success as a new storage owner. Everything from your gate security to your management style should be planned for you wont want an unexpected large expense to throw you for a loop and put you in the red. It might seem like putting the cart before the horse to have your business planned out before you even get a property, but its exactly the opposite: with a strong business model, youll be able to spot great opportunities for you and look at properties with a keen eye for a bargain.

Rigid Frame Straight Wall Metal Storage Buildings Are Ideal For Business And Residential Use

Mini Storage Building Project

Straight wall metal buildings are ideal as storage buildings in a residential area as they conform to the look of typical wood structure homes with a variety of color combinations to blend right in. Store lawn equipment, recreational vehicles, overflow from the house, collectibles or anything you need space for. The insulated walls and roof and tight seals keep your contents safe from outside intruders or moisture.

Commercial storage units are mostly metal building kits. They are economical and sturdy enough to withstand severe wind and heavy loads so they are the best choice for commercial storage facilities. Units come with roll up doors for each garage unit and are walled off with 20 – 28 gauge steel cladding. Often commercial storage facilities require extra strong walls so we can customize the cladding to be 20 gauge steel including the roof.

The price of a metal storage garage or building is lower than concrete block construction and requires less maintenance. The exterior paint is applied using a new silicone protected polyester technology using special pigments designed to reflect infrared energy while absorbing visible light. Our 40 year warranty on paint is the best in the industry and assures your metal storage building will look beautiful for decades.

The clear span system using main frame red iron welded beams support a clear span interior with no beams or posts or trusses so you have more storage space.

Price Savings:

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Steel Mini Storage Buildings

For over 40 years, Steel Building Canada has been helping people make smart investments with our prefab metal storage building kits. Our mini storage steel buildings offer a low cost, low maintenance, and highly profitable investment for years to come. Construction costs and installation times are dramatically reduced as all the components are pre-fabricated and ready for installation when they arrive. The shortened build time means you can begin seeing a return on your investment much quicker than with a traditional brick and mortar building. They are extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance to save money on operating, maintenance, and repair costs for the life of the building. All these factors combined make our small steel selfstorage building kits a smart and profitable real estate investment. In fact, they basically pay for themselves within the first five years on average.

Metal mini storage buildings can be customized to virtually any floorplan, layout, or unit mix. While we build standard-size storage units, we can also custom build any unit size that you require. Steel Building Canada can configure your building or facility layout to allow for any unit mix to maximize the number of self-storage units.

Our metal mini storage buildings are functional, attractive, and offer long-lasting service life. Let Steel Building Canada design and deliver your next mini storage steel building that offers an excellent return on your investment.

Lets Start At The Beginning: Why Should I Invest In Self Storage

If youve been thinking about investing in a self-storage facility, you probably already know a bit about the industry. But did you know that over the last 30 years, self-storage facilities have proven to be one of the most lucrative property investments available?

To understand why, its important to understand some investment fundamentals.

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Investing In Self Storage In China*

China has about 423 self-storage facilities however, like Japan, that figure is distorted in comparison with Australia as sometimes storage units are attached an accessory to another primary use. The storage space per capita is estimated at only 0.4 sqm, so very low indeed. Chinas industry looks delicious for investors but the biggest restriction is that land tenure is leasehold. Regardless, there are a few large international groups establishing themselves in China and for them, the growth potential is exponential.

*Source SSAA

Building A Self Storage Facility

UHAUL: Philadelphia, PA  Self Storage units for rent.

With more and more storefronts closing their doors, there are tons of opportunities for self storage investors to swoop in and buy outdated warehouses and abandoned retail spaces. While you may not be building from the ground up when renovating an old Sears or Toys R Us store, you are entering the market in the same way as a brand-new storage build, and even though your construction costs may be lower, your challenges as a new business will be similar.

One of the biggest benefits of renovating an existing structure is location: youll often get a property with better visibility and ease of access and more traffic with a renovation than a new build. Since one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing self storage is proximity to home and work, youll want an area with high population density and lots of building potential for apartments and houses.

Your business model should be well-defined before you break ground to ensure everything youre building is designed properly to fit your businesss needs and money isnt wasted on correcting mistakes after new construction is underway.

Traditional self-storage might not be the best option, and thats a good thing: unique self storage business models like valet storage, storage and moving combo services, and portable storage units are increasingly popular in fast-growing, affluent markets, and these services can be even more profitable for savvy self storage owners.

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