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Storage Unit Closest To Me

What Sets Neighborcom Apart

5×5 Storage Unit Size Guide

Lower prices than conventional storage companies storage spaces cost $140.44 a month on average. This includes a 15% monthly service fee that Neighbor charges for every rental. Not only is Neighbors average price $43 cheaper than the industry average of $183, its also about $20 cheaper than average rates from CubeSmart and U-Haul, the next cheapest options on this list.

And, because this average includes prices for storage spaces of all sizes from across the country, it actually obscures how inexpensive storing with Neighbor can be. You see, Neighbor has a wider variety of storage sizes than conventional competitors, which can save you tens to hundreds of dollars every month.

Heres how.

Self-storage rates are partially based on size, so Neighbors variety means you can save money by renting a storage unit thats much closer to the perfect amount of space you need than youre likely to find with any other company. Weve seen especially small Neighbor rentals listed for as little as $29 a month.

The bottom line is that renting from Neighbor can help you avoid paying for unused space in a too-large storage unitwhich is always a possibility when you rent from a conventional company.

It has storage space in all 50 states

Looking for an unbeatable storage price?

Why Get A Climate Controlled Unit

You should consider getting a climate controlled storage unit if you have items you’d like to protect from the weather and humidity. Non-climate rooms are perfect for items that you would store in your basement, garage or shed. However, items that are more delicate and sensitive to humidity and weather should be stored in a unit that has climate control. These rooms provide a consistent temperature year round, protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures and harmful humidity.

Reserve Louisville Self Storage Today

Did you find the Louisville self storage solution you were looking for? Reserve with Extra Space Storage online or by phone with no credit card required! If you have any questions or would like to tour one of our Louisville storage facilities, give us a call!

*Excludes administrative and insurance fees

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Reservations Can Make Things Easier

Unless there’s a shortage of units at the facility you want to use, you won’t need to worry about making a reservation. They aren’t required, and you can rent a unit just by walking in and filling out the information. But it’s often better to make a reservation, just in case. Especially if you’re looking for a unit size that’s really popular, you may find that the one you thought was available got rented out by someone else. When you reserve a unit, you can be sure that it’ll be ready for you when you come in to pay and move items.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Self Storage

Storage Units Near me

There are a lot of reasons why people might need storage units. Homeowners and renters can both use them, as can college students and military personnel. Businesspeople often use these units, too, because they can keep a lot of inventory there for a price they feel good about. Since many facilities have climate controlled units, there are very few things that you can’t put inside a storage space. You can also consider drive up units, if you don’t need to worry about controlling the climate for the items you’re storing.

As for the kinds of things stored, it can be nearly anything. Most public storage facilities don’t want you to store things that could be dangerous or flammable, though. So gasoline, some types of batteries, and anything that could be considered explosive probably isn’t a good choice. You also can’t put a vehicle in a unit that’s not designated for vehicle storage, so keep that in mind when you need a place to keep your extra car, a motorcycle, or an off-road vehicle, too.

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Should I Insure Items That Are Placed Inside A Storage Unit

Yes, it’s always a good idea to insure your items when placing them in storage. Many storage facilities offer free or affordable coverage for items that are damaged or lost while in storage. If you’re counting on your homeowner’s insurance to cover items while in storage, be sure to check your policy’s specifics. Many insurance providers have a limit on how much they will cover when the items are located off-premise.

Do I Need A Reservation To Rent A Storage Unit In Marlborough Ma

You don’t need a reservation to rent a storage space here at Storelocal Marlborough.

However, a reservation does ensure that you’ll be able to secure the exact space you need. If you spot a deal or low price for a certain space, you will need to reserve that space at that time to lock in that price.

Otherwise, you can just complete the rental online, or give us a call and we will rent the unit over the phone whenever you’re ready.

About Storelocal® Storage Co-op

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Self Storage In Delano Ca

For those who prefer a rural community to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Delano is the perfect California town to call home. Located in Kern County with a population of 62,088 residents, Delanos low cost of living extends to everything, including self storage. The lack of traffic doesnt hurt either, especially when youre trying to get to your storage unit by a certain time.

When most people think of Delano, they think of two things: agriculture and prison. While the latter doesnt sound very fun, the two prisons located in Delano are a great source of jobs for the area. The grapes, oranges and lemons that define Delanos agricultural business are another source of employment. But just because Delano is known for those two industries doesnt mean you shouldnt think outside the box. If youre considering starting your own business, commercial storage in Delano can help you with your inventory. In addition to the opportunities in Delano, its worthwhile to note that Bakersfield is just 31 miles away. This larger city is a great place for Delano residents to access shopping, restaurants and plentiful job opportunities. In fact, many people commute to Bakersfield while living in Delano, where they can enjoy a lower cost of living in a more rural setting.

You Probably Won’t See Storage Auctions

5×10 Storage Unit Size Guide

TV shows and online information have made it look like there are storage auctions going on all the time. But that’s not actually the way things work. Not only is it uncommon to have these types of auctions, but they’re not conducted with camera crews around. Also, you’re probably not going to find a lot of treasures in those auctions, either. Most people who abandon a storage unit and stop paying on it do that because there isn’t anything of value in the unit. There are rare occasions when that’s not the case, though.

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How Can I Find Self

In the past, the best way to find a storage facility was to either look in the phone book or simply drive around until you found one. Today, the best way to find cheap storage is through an online self-storage marketplace like SpareFoot.

Simply type in your city or zip code in any search bar on our site, and we’ll show all the storage locations nearest you, complete with details like price, size, amenities, and reviews from other storage renters. Our facilities also offer exclusive discounts for our customers, like first-month free rent, which means you are getting the best deal available on your storage unit.

Types Of Storage Units

The type of storage unit you need typically depends on whats being stored, local availability, and cost. There are many types of self-storage options designed to protect different possessions in a variety of ways. For instance, some items may require temperature control or even humidity control when stored for long periods of time. Below are the common types of storage units to choose from.

Jump to learn about a type of storage unit:

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Types Of Vehicle Storage Units

Open Vehicle Storage

Open spaces are outdoor parking spaces for your vehicle at a storage facility. The storage facility will have an area on the property that is dedicated to vehicle parking. These dedicated parking areas may be paved, permeable ground cover, gravel, grass or a dirt lot.

Open outdoor spaces offer no protection from weather, so you may consider using a cover or wrap to provide protection from rain, sun, snow, etc.

Covered Storage

Covered spaces are also outdoors at a storage facility. These parking spaces have canopies under which you can park your car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle. While covered storage is still outdoors, covered spaces provide protection from the sun, rain, and hail.

Indoor & Enclosed Storage

Enclosed vehicle storage spaces are indoors. Rent a personal storage space for your vehicle and avoid harmful weather like from the sun, rain, snow, wind, dirt and dust. Climate controlled and/or heated areas are available. Enclosed storage offers the most protection. These indoor vehicle storage areas are only accessible by the vehicle owners and facility staff.

There are many enclosed vehicle storage options. These spaces range from personal storage spaces for your vehicle, to parking your vehicle in a large structure such as a warehouse. In an open floor plan like a warehouse, your vehicle is parked alongside other vehicles in an indoor space.

What Can You Keep In A Storage Unit


The good news is that it’s really easy to store things in a unit. With just a few small exceptions, you can put just about anything in there. That means you don’t need a lot of different units for different things. Of course, if you’re storing a specialty item like a vehicle, you’ll need to do that differently. But most household goods and related items can be stored quite easily in a standard unit without any problems.

Clothing, electronics, furniture, things like books and movies, and food that’s not perishable can all be put into your unit and carefully stored. Those are broad categories, and most items you probably own fall into them. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, or you’re worried that something might not be allowed by your storage facility, you can ask them directly or take a look at what your contract says. That way, you’ll have a definitive answer.

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What Size Storage Unit Should You Get

Size does matter when it comes to renting a storage unit. On one hand, you don’t want to pay a higher price for a space thats larger than what you need, but it’s also important to find a unit that fits all your belongings properly. Self-storage units may be as small as 5’x5′ or as large as 20’x20′, 10’x40′, or even larger. To decide which storage unit size is right for you, begin by taking inventory of the items you intend to store. While making your list, consider any belongings you may want to add to your storage unit in the future. When storing large items like vehicles, boats, RVs, campers, heavy equipment, or large furniture, consider the space remaining for storing any smaller items alongside.

After deciding what you want to keep in your storage unit, consider the sizes and weights of your possessions with regard to how they should be stored together. Some items will stack together without issue, while others may be too awkwardly shaped or too heavy to stack without causing potential damage.

It can be difficult to know exactly how much will fit into a storage space, so use our handy storage unit size guide for estimating what can fit into different sized units.

What Items Am I Not Allowed To Store In Storage Units In Marlborough Ma

There are a number of items you cannot store at Storelocal Marlborough.

You cannot store combustible materials because of the threat of them catching fire. These items include fireworks, fuel tanks, fertilizer, paint thinner, and so on. If it seems like it’ll easily catch fire, avoid storing it. You also cannot store firearms.

You cannot store living animals or plants. Do not treat a storage space as a replacement for a proper pet sitter. Not only are storage spaces not built for people or animals to live in them, but the food you leave out for your pets could also attract pests. Similarly, plant soil could attract pests as well.

You cannot store food of any type including, but not limited to, canned foods, perishable foods, dry foods, or pet food for similar reasons. Food will attract pests and will cause an infestation in your storage space and spread to others.

Lastly, you cannot store illegal items such as prohibited weapons, illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, and stolen items. If it’s not legal to house it elsewhere, you cannot store it here.

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Delano Ca Military Storage

Military members all across the country rely on self storage to help with the unpredictability of life in the armed services. Whether youre in the army, the navy, the marines or the air force, youll have no trouble finding a storage unit in Delano that meets your needs.

Storage facilities offer features like military discounts, month-to-month leases and flexible hours to accommodate military men and women. This is especially helpful to military members dealing with relocation or an upcoming deployment. If this is your situation, be sure to inquire about features like climate controlled storage, which might be helpful if youre storing long term . While Delano is more of an agricultural community than a military community, the town still has a small population of active duty military members and veterans. Members of the US Marine Corps Reserve Training in Bakersfield or those working at the Army Recruiting Office or Army National Guard Armory in Delano can make great use of self storage.

Got Empty Space Rent It Out To A Neighbor

How To Buy Abandoned Storage Units & What to Expect

At Neighbor, self-storage spaces come in all shapes and sizes. If you have space that you’re not using, it could be earning you extra money each month. Imagine if cleaning out your garage or outdoor shed could get you a monthly passive income simply by letting your neighbor rent the space for storage. Setting up and managing your listing is easy, which means you get extra income with practically no effort at all. Additionally, we provide you with a Host Guarantee which protects you up to $1,000,000 for personal liability. Making use of your unused space couldn’t be easier, and your neighbors will thank you.

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How Much Do Storage Units Cost To Rent

The price of renting a storage unit depends on the length of time rented, add-ons, insurance, specific storage facility used and size rented. Price points may range anywhere from $12 to $100 or more a month. Most storage facilities offer storage unit rentals for around $50 a month. For more information about self-storage costs, check here.

Storage Units In Gainesville Fl Found 2 Facilities

Personal Mini Storage in Gainesville, Florida

8825 NW 13th St

Personal Mini Storage in Gainesville, Florida

4432 S.W. 34th Street

Need Help? 762-4888

Personal Mini Storage, based in Orlando, FL, operates 42 self-storage locations in the Central Florida area.

*All storage unit sizes and outdoor parking spaces are approximate. Move-in specials and promotional offers are subject to change and available on select units. Web rates are only valid with a completed online rental or with an online reservation. Rental promotions and web rates are valid for new rentals only. Other fees, taxes and restrictions may apply.

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Benefits Of Self Storage With Neighbor

The process of finding a secure and affordable self-storage unit within close proximity of where you need it is a major hassle. Luckily, Neighbor is a better alternative that provides an intuitive, modern solution for alleviating all the challenges that come with finding available storage. Simply put, Neighbor matches people that have vacant space with people seeking space to store their things. If someone has extra space available, they can list it on Neighbor. With this neighborly model, hosts can make passive income by renting out their free space and renters can find the perfect storage option thats significantly cheaper than typical self-storage prices. Instead of a traditional storage facility, Neighbor delivers a list of storage options that are cheaper, more secure, and conveniently located right in their own neighborhood.

Using Neighbor to fulfill any self-storage needs comes with several benefits:

Cheaper storage costs

The cost to rent a self-storage unit on Neighbor is 50% less than renting through traditional storage facilities. The monthly rental prices in traditional facilities can often be inflated due to location or fluctuate frequently due to demand or seasonality. But with Neighbor, renters can search any location and get a variety of storage options that aren’t priced based on industry inflation. This means self-storage units listed on Neighbor are often cheaper on average than even the lowest rates typically found in traditional storage facilities.

Find All Storage Facilities Near Rochester New York


Life Storage has approximately 1,100 self storage facilities nationwide. If you live in a city or town near Rochester, New York, we may have facilities even closer to you. If you need any assistance finding storage near Rochester, we’re happy to help – give us a call! Here are a few of the nearby cities we serve:

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