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Storage Unit First Month Free

What Documents Should You Bring

Self Storage Promotion: Storage Units with First Month Free

When you get ready to rent your unit, make sure you bring the right documentation with you. You’ll need ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID card. You can also use a passport. The goal is to be able to show the facility that you really are who you claim to be. Some facilities will accept other documents, if you don’t have the more standard options.

But if you’re planning on renting a unit without the typical ID, make sure to call ahead and talk to someone knowledgeable about what other options they’ll be willing to accept. You don’t want to get there and be turned away. Also don’t expect a background or credit check, except for a very few facilities in New York. In other places, it’s not common. You should be able to fill out the paperwork and move your stuff right in.

Climate Controlled Storage Units In Toronto

Sometimes choosing the perfect size or location for your storage unit isnt your first priority. Maybe you need a place that will protect your antiques or artwork from the crazy Canadian weather with its high humidity and frigid winter air. You will be pleased to know that many of the storage facilities in Toronto offer temperature controlled storage units, giving you the peace of mind that your weather-sensitive items will remain in great condition. Or maybe you are a boat, RV or car owner looking to store your beauty in a safe and secure location during the long winter months. Regardless of your special requirements, FindStorageFast is here to help you find the perfect self-storage rental unit for your storage needs.

Cheap 24 Hour Storage Units

Were living in the age of convenience. Its almost an expectation nowadays that every service be available at our fingertips whenever we need it or, at the bare minimum, have some on-demand features. With popular services like Amazon being able to deliver items within the hour, flexible businesses that work with our schedules are basically the norm. When it comes to renting a self storage unit, its one thing to have confidence in knowing your items are safe, but its another to know you have access to your items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some people are busy during regular business hours, or might be storing items that they need to be readily available at all times, such as medical supplies. 24-hour self storage units can come in handy for:

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Smartstop Self Storage Prices

Online prices and selection commonly match our retail stores, but may differ. Prices and offers are subject to change at any time and without notice of change. Pricing, offers and discounts are available to new SmartStop customers only and not available for existing customers transferring to new storage units or to additional storage. Pricing is good for 7 days beyond the reservation date.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Storage

Storage Units in St Louis Park, MN

Indoor storage units are frequently climate-controlled units used to store items people want to protect from the elements. Outdoor storage units are covered and locked, but theres no climate control. Indoor storage units offer more security, but outdoor storage units typically have drive-up access, which is a plus. Indoor storage is usually located inside a multi-level building. Its designed for anything thats valuable or fragile, or could be damaged by the elements or pests. Outdoor storage is ideal for storing large items and vehicles.

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Storage Auctions Are Not As Common As You Might Think

If you watch TV at all, you’ve probably seen shows where people go to self-storage units and bid on their contents. They often find a lot of treasures in them, and then they make a lot of money off of those treasures. For some of these people, the storage auctions are a fulltime business and their main source of income. Those shows may seem interesting, but they aren’t as realistic as many people think. Storage auctions aren’t really that common, and they usually aren’t conducted with cameras all around. The idea of finding treasured, expensive items in them isn’t really too likely, either.

Most people who do completely abandon their unit to the point that their items are auctioned off or disposed of leave those things behind because the items don’t have any value.

The idea that they would leave expensive antiques in a unit and just quit paying isn’t nearly as likely as many of the storage auction shows make it appear. However, that doesn’t mean that auctions never take place or that items aren’t sold or otherwise disposed of. People can and do buy storage units, and anyone interested in doing that can find information about it online or from their local storage facility. That way they can get their questions answered, and might have the chance of finding something worthwhile that has been abandoned.

$1 For Your First Months Rentproblem Solved

At Public Storage youll find clean, safe facilities, friendly, helpful staff and everything you need to satisfy your storage needs. From packing supplies to a wide array of storage unit sizes, Public Storage is your answer to long- or short-term storage needs.

Whether for business or personal reasons, if you need to store it, Public Storage means Problem Solved.

Get Your Storage Today

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What Stays Out Of Your Storage Space

There are a few specific things that you definitely can’t keep in a storage unit. It’s good to know what they are, so you aren’t accidentally breaking rules. Guns, for example, aren’t allowed to be in your unit. You also can’t keep perishable food in there, because it can attract bugs and rodents that the facility doesn’t want to have to deal with. Live plants should stay out of the unit, too. They need sunlight, and they won’t get it in there. Ditto for pets, since you’re not allowed to keep living things in the unit.

Free Pickup In Nyc For Residential And Businesses

Public Storage: Your First Month is $1

We also offer free pick up for your personal or commercial items when you live within the five NYC boroughs, with a 3-month commitment to storage and up to a 5 x 10 space.

You dont need to do the work yourself. Let us do the heavy lifting of moving your items from your home or business to your unit. You can stay for as little as one month or as long aswell, as long as you want! As long as you pay for your unit, you can stay as long as you want.

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Self Storage Unit Information

  • All storage unit sizes are approximate.
  • SmartStop Self Storage facility features vary by location. Customers should contact specific locations to confirm features of a specific storage facility.
  • Customers should inspect the actual unit to be rented before signing a rental agreement and should base the decision to rent on the inspection of the unit and not on the advertised unit size.
  • Rental amounts for a particular unit are not based on square footage measurements.
  • Prior to a signed lease, we reserve the right to make unit changes or to cancel any reservation or hold.
  • All specials shown or otherwise advertised are based upon unit availability and unit size.
  • Reasons For Renting Self

    People rent self-storage for more reasons than moving or decluttering. Some common reasons people rent self-storage include:

    • Seasonal storage. Holiday decorations, costumes, seasonal gear clothing, and lawn equipment can all go into storage during the off-season.
    • If your new home isnt ready. New home not complete, but you need to move out of your old home? A rental storage unit can house your stuff till the move can be completed.
    • Needing more space in their home. Say, youre downsizing and decluttering but not ready to part with some of your stuff. Or a family member moves in with you and needs a guest bedroom that you were using for storage. There are many reasons people would need more space in their homes. If youre not ready to toss, sell or donate your stuff, store it.
    • House renovation. Renovating take time and create a lot of chaos and mess. To protect your belongings and clear space, you can store furniture and other belongings in storage until the renovation is completed.
    • College storage. Students who dont want to lug their dorm room belongings back home during summer break might want to rent a storage unit near campus.
    • Military service. The members of the military can use this option during deployment.
    • To store vehicles. If you dont have room where you live, you can store your boat, RV, car or motorcycle at a storage facility.

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    Pay Your Rent On Time

    If you want to make sure you don’t lose any items that you have in your storage unit, you need to pay your rent on time, every time. Some facilities have autopay options. If you choose one that does, you should go ahead and set that up, so you don’t need to worry about whether your storage unit rent was paid or not. If you don’t have that option, you can set a reminder on your calendar or find another way to make sure things are paid when they should be. Pay a little early, and you’ll have peace of mind and no late fees.

    A Storage Unit Is Not A Portable Unit Or Storage Pod


    Some people think of storage as one of those portable ones a company brings to your home and sets in your driveway. You can put all kinds of things in it, and then the same company can pick it up and store it at a location for you. When you’re ready for the things inside it, you can get the unit delivered to your home again or to wherever you’ve moved to and take things out. These units can work really well, but they’re not the best or most economical options if you want to store things for the long term.

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    Comparing Toronto Self Storage Facilities

    Our site is very simple to use. First, narrow your search by entering a postal code or street address into the search box and click go! The storage units located where you’re searching will show up on the map and in the listings and include unit sizes.

    With the largest inventory of self storage in Toronto, we should be able to help you find a rental unit that meets your needs. Simply browse through the facility listings and view the amenities that are important to you. Once you find a facility that looks promising, click view info and we show photo galleries, facility information, a map, office and gate hours and allow you to book online or call the facility directly. If it’s full service storage in Toronto or Toronto storage with pick up and delivery check out Second Closet self storage who will pick up right from your doorstep.

    How Do I Claim My One Month Free

    There are a couple of ways to claim your one month of free storage at a participating location.

    • Online Move-In: This is our most convenient option for our customers. Find a storage unit at a location that suits your needs and select rent now. During checkout, youll validate you qualify for one month free. Make sure you have your truck or trailer contract number on hand! From there, youll complete your move-in and receive an access code to your storage unit that you can use to access the facility and your unit during access hours. View our online move-in info page for more details.
    • Reserve Online & Move-In At the Facility: Find a storage unit that fits your needs and during the checkout process you will verify you qualify for one month free. Make sure you have your truck or trailer contract number on hand. Once you place your reservation, visit the storage facility, and see the team member at the counter to complete your move-in.
    • Call the storage facility or 1-800-GO-U-HAUL to reserve your storage unit. Youll need to share your truck or trailer contract number to verify you qualify for one month free. Once your storage unit has been reserved, visit the facility to complete your move-in at the counter.
    • In Person: Visit the storage facility and speak with the team member to start your move-in. Have your truck or trailer contract number on hand to claim your one month free.

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    What Size Storage Unit Should I Rent

    Good news: The majority of self-storage facilities offer multiple-size storage units for rent. Most offer at least five sizes, including 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 storage units. Many offer larger sizes as well. Most full-service storage facilities also offer a variety of storage unit sizes. However, the price and square footage needed will most likely be based on the number of bins you request. Full-service storage unit sizes vary widely, so be sure to check with the specific facility that you plan to use.

    You Need Storage Options Tailored To Your Needs

    Storage Locker Sealed 22 Years why??? What’s inside?

    There’s a lot of diversity when it comes to options for storage. That’s good news for anyone who wants to have a unit or two to put things in, and who also wants to use what’s really going to meet their needs. You don’t have to choose something just because it’s the most common option, or because others are using it. Instead, you can select a different option and have what you need to store things effectively and safely. That adds a lot of peace of mind, which is one of the most important things with storing items.

    Climate control is a common option for storage, especially if you need to protect delicate items, antiques, or anything that could be sensitive to moisture or temperature. This kind of storage won’t keep things as controlled as they would be in your house, but it will certainly be safer than putting items into a unit that doesn’t offer this kind of feature. A lot of people also look for storage options for vehicles, such as boats and motorcycles in the winter months, and snowmobiles in the summer months.

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    Renting Online Vs In Person

    Many storage facilities accept walk-ins for leasing a storage unit some require making an appointment to ensure theres a leasing agent on premises who can assist you. If you want to check out the facility first, this option makes sense. Increasingly, theres an online option to book storage space. Its convenient and will save you time. You can book anytime, including when the facility is closed, and will be guaranteed a spot. Once you create an account, you can also pay your monthly bill and fees like security deposit online.

    Cheap Storage Units Memphis Tn

    Compare Self Storage Facilities Near You with U.S. Self Storage. Find Storage Units in Memphis and Reserve for FREE

    View 41 storage facilities in Memphis, TN, low rates, no credit card required. Find the storage unit near you to accommodate your needs, take advantage of our low prices, great specials, and reserve for FREE.

    Enter the city or zip code to find storage facilities near Memphis. Once you locate the best storage facility in Memphis, compare storage unit prices, deals, sizes and amenities. View pictures, description, access hours and read customer reviews to assist you when reserving a cheap storage unit in Memphis, TN. To select the unit that best fits your needs, simply make and online reservation for free and lock in your price and discount. If you choose, you can call and speak to a friendly and professional customer service representative who could answer all your questions and who could make a free reservation. No credit card is required to reserve a self-storage unit online or by phone and there is no obligation to rent. A detailed confirmation email will be automatically forwarded to your inbox. Your self-storage unit will be available for you when you arrive at the storage facility on your selected move in date. It is that fast and easy.

    First Month Free, $1 First Month, and 50% Off Discounts in Memphis, TN.

    Memphis Storage Unit Prices and Sizes.

    Vehicle Storage Near Memphis, TN

    Specialty Storage Near Memphis, TN

    What could fit in a small storage unit?

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    Boat Storage In Toronto

    Looking for somewhere to store your boat in Toronto? Fall is coming to an end and it’s time to get your beloved boat out of the lake. Boat storage at Toronto marina’s can be prohibitively expensive, and keeping it in your driveway won’t make you any more popular with the neighbours. Fortunately there are several boat storage options in Toronto with storage units large enough to house your pleasure-craft. XYZ Storage, Public Storage, Access Self Storage and StorageMart all have storage facilities in Toronto offering storage units suitable for safe and secure boat storage. If you are storing your boat for a longer term you may want to enquire about a covered boat storage option.

    Storage Unit Size Guide

    About Personal Mini Storage

    50 sq ft room

    Personal Mini Storage operates self-storage locations in 18 Florida cities. We are committed to delivering an exceptional storage experience for our customers by providing clean, affordable self storage for personal and business use, as well as outdoor boat and RV storage. Who knows more about personal storage than a kangaroo?

    Need Help? Call 1-866-762-4888 or contact us.

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    Cheap Self Storage Units

    Self-Storage is a great way to store extra items without having them get in the way in your home or garage. Storage facilities have many individual storage units that can vary in size. They rent a storage unit on a monthly or lease basis. The key or code is given so the renter can access the usually gated community. Then the renter can use the unit, available in many different sizes, to store anything they want. There are almost 60,000 storage facilities in the United States and almost 10% of American families use self-storage units.


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