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White Platform Queen Bed With Storage

What If My Platform Beds Slats Are Spaced Wider Than 3 Inches

IKEA MALM Platform Bed with 4 Storage Draws | Demo and Review | Luroy Queen

If your platform bed has slats that are spaced too far apart, it could lead to a couple of issues. For one, it could cause your mattress to sag in between the slats, leading to soft spots and premature breakdown unless you place a bunkie board underneath your mattress .

Improperly spaced slats can also reduce your platform beds maximum weight limit, meaning you might not be able to lay the kind of mattress you want on it or sleep as many people on it as youd like. The type of mattress you have should help you determine the type of bed base you need.

Slatted Vs Solid Platform Bed Frames

Slatted and solid platforms are two of the most popular constructions for these types of beds. Each has advantages and disadvantages that shoppers should consider.

Slats are rows of individual planks across the bed frame that are designed to support the weight of the mattress. They can be used to construct the platform of wood, metal, and upholstered beds. Slatted platform beds promote airflow better than solid options. However, theyre typically not as durable. Sleepers over 230 pounds and individuals with heavy latex or innerspring mattresses may find that they need more support.

Solid platforms are popular for their unmatched durability. Available in a variety of materials, these platforms are sturdy and can typically bear more weight than slatted platforms. Theyre also less likely to make noise. Without slats, though, air cant circulate through your mattress very well, so it may retain heat. While this type of platform is less common than slats, you can achieve a similar effect by using a bunkie board on a slatted model.

Abril Tufted Upholstered Storage Standard Bed

Another tufted upholstered option, this storage bed is an eclectic take on the mid-century modern style. The upholstered headboard features button tufted accents and dark wood molding thats on-trend. With four deep drawers in total, youll never run out of space for your pillows, linens, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

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Best Upholstered Queen Size Platform Bed: Astor By Homelife Platform Bed

Another button-upholstered platform bed, the Astor by HomeLife isnt a storage bed. Instead, it features four wooden legs and under-bed clearance for a more classic look.

The 51-inch headboard is upholstered in linen and comes in several accent colors like light beige, grey, black, and red. You also have the option for leather upholstery rather than linen.

This is a great bed for those looking to accent their wall without painting or papering. The high headboard will give any plain wall a pop of your chosen color. The linen and leather options also give you a choice between a classic and luxury look.

The Astor is easy to assemble, comes with durable hardwood slats. It also comes with a 90-day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If youre not happy with your product, return it undamaged for a full refund.

Astor by HomeLife Platform Bed

  • Four wooden legs and under-bed clearance
  • Available in light beige, gray, black, and red
  • Upholstered linen headboard

Kulben Solid Wood And Upholstered Low Profile Storage Platform Bed

Tamarack White Queen Platform Storage Bed from New Classics

A combination of solid wood, upholstery, and button details create a striking bed frame. Its made of quality materials and due to the natural wood, each item will be unique in grain color, and finish. With two shallow drawers on either side, this bed includes just enough storage space to stash some of your personal belongings.

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What To Look For In A Platform Bed

Platform beds have many features that are likely to appeal to shoppers, but understanding your unique needs and preferences can help you choose one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The quality of materials, size options, ease of assembly, and more can all affect the feel and performance of a platform bed. Different platform styles can also influence the lifespan of your bed as a whole.

Quality MaterialsPlatform beds are constructed with many different types of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, or a combination. The quality of materials is often just as important as the type. Low-quality materials can negatively impact the lifespan and noise level of a platform bed.

StyleWhile platform beds come in a variety of styles, most are minimalist. Few include intricate designs or fabrications, so theyre best for shoppers who like contemporary styles. Platform beds also frequently have a low profile. Some include storage, such as drawers, which helps save space in small bedrooms. However, because they sit low to the ground, platform beds may not be ideal for individuals with mobility issues.

Size OptionsAlways check the dimensions of your mattress and the manufacturers suggested support options before purchasing a platform bed. Most mattresses work well with platform beds, but some brands recommend pairing specific models with box springs. Because platform beds replace your box spring, also make sure that your mattress will be high enough for you without one.

Storkcraft Kids Twin Captain’s Bed With Trundle

Its not often you come across a trundle bed with built-in storage drawers. Heck, its not often you come across a trundle bed thats easily mistaken for a chic storage bed. But this twin-size captains bed delivers both. Although it may seem like there are six drawers grounding the bed frame, the top set disguises the pull-out trundle bed. Dont worry, the bottom set are real storage drawers, and they offer a ton of space, so you wont be bummed that the top three are a bit of a mirage.Size available: TwinStar rating: 4.3 out of 5Customer review: We got this bed for our five-year-old daughter, and have been thrilled with it! Assembly: The pieces for this bed come in four separate boxes. However, the directions were easy to follow, and it didnt take too long to assemble . Quality: I feel like this bed is definitely made from high-quality components. Its very sturdy. My favorite feature is the fact that we were able to get a trundle plus storage drawers, so now we have a spare bed for when friends or cousins come over. The trundle is easy to slide in and out on our floor. The overall appearance of this bed is beautiful. Miranda

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Dhp Maven Upholstered Platform Bed

Bed frames, particularly those with storage drawers, can get rather pricey. Though, there are affordable options that wont break the bank such as the DHP Maven Platform Bed. This bed has a very minimalistic design with a sleek base and no headboard. It also provides an impressive amount of storage in the form of one massive drawer on either side.

Runner Up Queen Size Platform Bed: Zoma Mattress Foundation

How to Build a Platform Storage Bed with Drawers

Another great platform bed with easy, tool-free assembly is the Zoma Mattress Foundation. Dont let the name fool youthe Zoma Foundation is a platform bed too.

It comes with 6 detachable legs so you can convert it from a mattress foundation to a platform bed in seconds. This gives you the option of setting the foundation in a bed frame or standing it on its own 6 feet.

One of the best bonus features of this platform bed/mattress foundation is its smart slat pack for easy assembly. The wooden slats come in a fabric case, and theyre already perfectly spaced to fit the bed. That means all you have to do to set up is unroll the slat pack over the frame.

The Zoma Mattress Foundation comes in all the standard bed sizes, including queen, and it offers a 1-year warranty.

Zoma Mattress Foundation

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Willa Arlo Interiors King Tufted Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Storage beds can be a statement piece, and this design from Wakeland is proof. The button-tufted headboard is a subtle touch of elegance, while the contrast of the black bed frame feet elevates the entire look. Its all in the details, you know. The footboard placement of the drawers also allows for easy access.Sizes available: QueenStar rating: 4.4 out of 5Customer review: I love my bed! The headboard is so soft and looks so glam in my new apartment. The drawers are great for storing my second bedding set. You can never have too much storage! Jenna

Lensky Queen Storage Platform Bed

This storage bed consists of sleek, clean lines, making it the ideal choice for a modern bedroom. Concealed underneath the bed is one large drawer for storing extra bed linens and clothing. The lack of handle on the drawer is what helps it blend effortlessly into the bed frame, not impacting the overall design of the bed at all.

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Mercury Row Cletus Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed Frame

Here’s another simple and sleek upholstered pick we love. The low-profile bed features a neutral grey linen channel headboard, as well as four storage drawers where you can store everything from bulky bedding and pillows to off-season clothing and shoes. Sizes available: Full, queen, and Eastern king beds Star rating: 4.6 out of 5Customer review: I have had this bed for about three months, and I couldn’t be happier! This was a great purchase. The bed is beautiful, the drawers are so spacious and easy to use, and it’s comfortable I can read in bed while my head is supported on the padded headboard. I would recommend this bed to anyone. I love, love, love it! ! This is a great bed. It’s easy to put together and functional. Shirlee

Most Versatile Queen Size Platform Bed: Riley Platform Bed By Urban Outfitters

Pulse White Queen Platform Bed With Storage from NE Kids

The clean and cozy look of the Riley Platform Bed by Urban Outfitters is sure to impress. This platform bed features an upholstered frame and headboard and comes in three color options: grey, taupe, and pink. This makes it a great option for adults and kids rooms alike.

The Rileys short legs and slim frame give it a sleek look that contrasts well with the knit upholstery, and its low headboard is perfect for those who like minimalist style.

The thick slats in the platform frame assemble with ratchet straps for extra security as well as quick and easy setup.

Riley Platform Bed by Urban Outfitters

  • Available in grey, taupe, and pink
  • Knit upholstery

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Living Spaces Riley Greystone Queen Panel Bed With Storage And Usb

This elegant bed frame has no shortage of rave reviews, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only is it a beautiful frame, it was designed with functionality in mind: In addition to the duo of storage drawers at the foot of the bed, it’s also got USB outlets on each side of the headboard. Talk about useful.

This bed is available with and without drawers, but we don’t know why anyone would want to pass on such a great feature. If you want to deck out your room in the complete set, you’ve got options: the Riley Greystone line features matching end tables, dressers, and mirror. Living Spaces offers free shipping on all purchases, but you can also upgrade to full service delivery for $119that includes the very convenient unboxing and assembly of all the items in your order.

Best Wingback Queen Size Platform Bed: Mellow Peekaboo Wingback Storage Platform Bed

The Mellow Home Peekaboo Wingback Storage Platform Bed is a great option for those looking for more subtle decor than the DHP Rose storage platform. The Peekaboo Wingback features a built-in ottoman storage bench rather than drawers, meaning the actual bed has a lower profile and more minimalist look.

The wingback headboard has 2-inch density foam cushions and three separate cushioned sections. The bed itself boasts sturdy straight slats and a center support rail and legs for extra lift under the middle of your mattress. It can support a full 1,000 pounds of weight.

This sturdy bed frame is built to last, and it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty to show for it.

Mellow Home Peekaboo Wingback Storage Platform Bed

  • Built-in ottoman storage

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Most Affordable Queen Size Platform Bed: Vaya Platform Bed

The Vaya Platform Bed is another great option for those looking for the minimalist modern design of a low-profile platform with no headboard or footboard. Like the Amerisleep Platform Bed, the Vaya Platform Beds rails are upholstered in charcoal polyester-knit fabric and it has black legs.

This platform was designed with optimum airflow and durability in mind. It has oversized, sag-resistant slats reinforced with two hardwood beams for additional support, but each of these slats has a gap of sufficient width to allow for circulation under the mattress.

The Vaya Platform also assembles in minutes with no tools. It comes in sizes twin through California king, and its backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Vaya Platform Bed

How Much Should A Platform Bed Cost

How to Build a Queen Size Bed With Drawer Storage

Platform beds have a huge range of prices, depending on their materials, construction, brand, and extra features. A basic metal platform bed might cost as little as $100. A well-constructed wooden platform bed can cost between $200 and $500. But a platform bed with luxury features like leather upholstery, storage space, or a tall headboard can easily climb into the thousands.

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Benefits Of A Platform Bed

Platform beds have lots of benefits over other bed bases and the floor. First off, platform beds can be more cost-effective than a bed frame/bed base combo simply because you only have to purchase a single piece.

This fact can also make it a lot easier to relocate your bed, as you dont have to deal with a bed frame and box spring set or foundation. Many platform beds come with a quick assemble/disassemble design. Some metal platform beds even have the ability to fold or collapse for easy transportation.

The rigid support offered by platform beds also helps extend the life of your mattress. The slats of a platform have little give, and some even curve upwards to offer extra support. This prevents soft spots and sagging, slowing the natural breakdown of your mattress.

The gaps in the slats also offer extra airflow underneath your mattress, helping prevent moisture issues that could lead to mold and mildew growth. The extra circulation also helps you sleep cooler through the night.

When paired with the right mattress for a platform bed, these frames provide comfort, support, and functionality.

Harriet Bee Edrock Solid Wood Daybed

This captains bed does double duty as a storage bed and a bookcase. The shelves in the bookcase are adjustable so you can place them to suit your needs. The storage bed frame is made with solid wood, and the interior has slats. No box spring mattress is required.

Sizes available: Twin and full

Star rating: 4.3 out of 5

Customer review: I was looking for a twin bed frame that would allow me to condense my current bedroom down to the essentials. Im planning on getting rid of my dresser and using the hatch space for out-of-season clothes storage. The assembly only took about two hours to do myself. The directions were good, and all the necessary parts came with the materials. Dominique

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Apt2b Hollyridge Full Platform Storage Bed

Made of solid Acacia wood, this button-tufted storage bed has two drawers hidden in the base of its platform. The basalt grey color palette adds a dose of Hollywood glamour to any room andwere not kiddingthe storage is basically invisible to anyone who isnt in the know.Sizes available: Full, queen, king, and California kingStar rating: 5 out of 5Customer review: I ordered the Hollyridge storage bed in the king size. I fell in love with it from the moment I browsed the various pictures. It arrived a few days ago, and it was setup carefully in my bedroom by the delivery company. I can say without a doubt this bed exceeded my expectations. Its very sturdy, and the wood is impeccable. It lived up to the pictures on Apt2B website. Hiral

How Can I Add Slats To A Platform Bed

Pulse Cherry Queen Platform Bed With Storage from NE Kids

If you need to put additional slats on your platform bed, the easiest way is to do it with plywood. If you already have slats, just measure the width, length, and thickness of your slats and have plywood planks cut to the same dimensions.

If you dont have any slats , measure the length between the rails of the bed frame. If the slats are going to go inside the railing, subtract of an inch and cut 1 by 4 plywood boards to fit those measurements.

If youre going to lay the slats on top of the frame, make sure you have sufficient space to secure both ends. Also, ensure the slats are long enough to support the entire mattress. You dont want to leave your mattresss edges hanging.

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How Long Will My Platform Bed Last

Well constructed platform beds should last as long as a bed frame. While you may need to replace the slats if they start to sag, a well-maintained platform bed should last you through several mattresses at least. Some may never wear outthere are still plenty of 100-year-old cast iron platform beds still in use today after all.

Storage Beds To Keep You Organized In 2022

When youre short on space , having an extra set of drawers on hand is a huge boon. Thats where the best storage beds come in. Were all about furniture that does more, so we gathered up a few of our favorite storage beds including sleek, streamlined designs with completely concealed side storage, luxurious daybeds with deep drawers, tufted queen- and king-size beds with pullouts at the footboard, and so much more. Each one is a packed with space-saving style that stows away while you sleep.

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